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Patriots Release Antonio Brown!
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Week 3 Power Rankings Reaction Show!
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Week 3 Power Rankings!
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Daniel Jones Named Starter!
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Top 15 Plays from Week 2 | NFL 2019 Highlights
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Every Touchdown from Week 2 | NFL 2019 Highlights
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Top Catches from Week 2 | NFL 2019 Highlights
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Julio Jones Gives ATL the Lead w/ 54-Yd TD
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Bears vs. Broncos Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019
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INSANE Ending to Bears vs. Broncos!
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Jared Goff Marches Downfield to Setup Gurley's TD
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Tyrell Williams Snags 4-Yd TD Catch
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49ers vs. Bengals Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019
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Mike Williams Goes UP for Huge 47-Yd Catch!
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Deshaun Watson Leads 2 Minute Drill Scoring Drive
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AB Grabs 20-Yd TD Pass & Leaps into the Stands!
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Redskins Tipped INT Sets Up AP Touchdown!
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Colts Convert Big PI Call to Eric Ebron TD
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Marquise Goodwin Is WIDE OPEN for a 38-Yd TD
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Packers Orchestrate Beautiful TD Drive
Skatījumi 180 tūkst.Pirms 7 dienām
Antonio Brown's 1st Catch as a Patriot!
Skatījumi 247 tūkst.Pirms 7 dienām
Saquon Carries the Giants Downfield for a TD!
Skatījumi 140 tūkst.Pirms 7 dienām


  • Goobweyn Media
    Goobweyn Media Pirms minūtes

    This is like Bledsoe getting injury and Brady taking over.

  • Benson Saavedra
    Benson Saavedra Pirms 5 Minūtes

    From a Pats fan, Ill be rooting for this guy!

  • Samsquanch
    Samsquanch Pirms 7 Minūtes

    I may be a Cardinals fan but I always had a soft spot for the Jaguars. Three games into the season and he is quickly became one my favorite players.

  • IPokeEyesOut
    IPokeEyesOut Pirms 7 Minūtes

    Not a patriots fan. No favorite team actually. But he’s saying Tom Brady is handling all them. Hating because he’s better than the rest? Open hating 😹

  • krunkjuice2069
    krunkjuice2069 Pirms 8 Minūtes

    1:28... that’s a ridiculous play. I swear baseball players make the best QB’s

  • Brian Cheng
    Brian Cheng Pirms 9 Minūtes

    Minshew will lead the Jags to Superbowl victory. It will be one of the greatest sports story ever told.

  • krunkjuice2069
    krunkjuice2069 Pirms 12 Minūtes

    Russell Wilson’s better

  • gme213la
    gme213la Pirms 12 Minūtes

    what a joke of divsion patriots are in 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • D Fimbrez
    D Fimbrez Pirms 15 Minūtes

    Super Vocals on this performance 💖

  • Ty Banks
    Ty Banks Pirms 15 Minūtes

    Steve said "i told you i wasnt wearin it"😂😂😂

  • coolero80
    coolero80 Pirms 19 Minūtes

    Cool, now I know how a bad NFL team plays defense.

  • Rafael Berger
    Rafael Berger Pirms 19 Minūtes

    Ravens are going to get slaughtered.

  • howdy folks
    howdy folks Pirms 20 Minūtes

    thank you..

  • Logan Roark
    Logan Roark Pirms 22 Minūtes

    Lots of people are about to be back to this video after they watch the NFL’s top 100 plays, I think beast quake was #13

  • Good Bye
    Good Bye Pirms 23 Minūtes

    Funny how the announcers started getting excited when the patriots took the lead. And how by the last play when the giants won, dudes voice was cracking

  • NCB12
    NCB12 Pirms 26 Minūtes

    If u think the steelers are gonna win ur on something

  • Ya Boii Gibbyyツ
    Ya Boii Gibbyyツ Pirms 26 Minūtes


  • E C
    E C Pirms 30 Minūtes

    Orange juice natural Pepsi.🤑

  • Magical Kolby
    Magical Kolby Pirms 30 Minūtes

    What would everyone think if the cowboys win the super bowl

  • RhaShaWn Alvarez
    RhaShaWn Alvarez Pirms 31 minūtes

    Vick for life📢 I love watching Green Bay loose. Coming from Bears Fan🐻

  • Taprman
    Taprman Pirms 31 minūtes

    I love how the comments are loving the lions, very unexpected

  • Jesus Flores
    Jesus Flores Pirms 32 Minūtes

    I think that the browns are going to struggle because of Aaron Donald

  • Ephemis Priest
    Ephemis Priest Pirms 32 Minūtes

    For the braaaaaaand!

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis Pirms 33 Minūtes

    I think Payton doesn’t even know how to run a RPO offense that’s why he won’t start Taysom. I can’t think of any other reason

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez Pirms 33 Minūtes

    And she probably makes 3 figures, put me on this mthr fckr i guarantee I'll make more believable score predictions

  • B_ Glizzo
    B_ Glizzo Pirms 34 Minūtes

    I’m not surprised he played great because... His name itself is legendary!!

  • the77
    the77 Pirms 36 Minūtes

    He may be what folks thought baker mayfield is supposed to be !

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez Pirms 36 Minūtes

    This is GARBAGE!!!!!!

  • duane moore
    duane moore Pirms 39 Minūtes

    Detroit Lions gets NO respect damn sucks Smh!!

  • Lane Ross
    Lane Ross Pirms 39 Minūtes

    Leonard's block at 6 05 tho

  • Ethan Scofield
    Ethan Scofield Pirms 40 Minūtes

    Best nickname ever....

  • K S
    K S Pirms 41 minūtes

    I've watched him at washington state and now hes making a name for himself, fear the stache

  • Cae B
    Cae B Pirms 42 Minūtes

    lets go Lions beat those Eagles lol..and I live mad close to Philly 😂 #OnePride

  • Jonas Jelich
    Jonas Jelich Pirms 42 Minūtes

    QBs will always get most of the glory but the best football player that ever put on a set of shoulder pads was Lawrence Taylor. Just my opinion but in the 80s this man was unstoppable

  • Tarence Hicks
    Tarence Hicks Pirms 43 Minūtes

    Rams are ass the took an entire half to score 6points foh y’all wont beat 49ers

  • George Avelar
    George Avelar Pirms 47 Minūtes

    Fd up my fantasy league TEAM piece of shhhht

  • Matthieu mabille
    Matthieu mabille Pirms 49 Minūtes

    Where is dj Law

  • Amezy
    Amezy Pirms 49 Minūtes


  • Scott T
    Scott T Pirms 49 Minūtes

    Ray Finkle laces out!

  • Todd P
    Todd P Pirms 52 Minūtes

    McDonald’s is hiring.... ....but unfortunately AB doesn’t meet their qualifications.

  • Mind of Gemini
    Mind of Gemini Pirms 52 Minūtes

    Browns fans better show tf up to this one. It's gonna be one of many *real* tough W's to get!

  • MrSuperFly87
    MrSuperFly87 Pirms 53 Minūtes

    EDP not gonna be happy

  • DJDonkeytron
    DJDonkeytron Pirms 54 Minūtes

    Cynthia looking good 🔥

  • Jesse Evans
    Jesse Evans Pirms 55 Minūtes

    Bengals win after that disgusting performance last week. If we had a real kicker we would’ve beat Seattle in Seattle. 27-17 Bengals

  • il Magnifico
    il Magnifico Pirms 56 Minūtes


  • Garbage Time Videos
    Garbage Time Videos Pirms 58 Minūtes

    Tim Cedar>Emmit Smith Go Cowboys

  • IAmSirZak
    IAmSirZak Pirms 58 Minūtes

    Bills 31 Bengals 16

  • Kansas City Chiefs
    Kansas City Chiefs Pirms Stundas

    Chiefs would win bro Jared Goff sucks

  • Jhon Lewis
    Jhon Lewis Pirms Stundas

    What is it with WRs and egos? Like your job is to run a route and catch a ball. Compared to a QB or most of the defense, it’s not the hardest job on the team.

  • Dark Demonik
    Dark Demonik Pirms Stundas

    Seattle Dragons look good for the XFL

  • Domonta Leverette
    Domonta Leverette Pirms Stundas

    When his mustache fell I lost

  • Nog Op
    Nog Op Pirms Stundas


  • Gray
    Gray Pirms Stundas

    Love how most of these are short range FG fakes and then there’s Jeff Hayes, bang in the middle, takin’ it 61 yards.

  • Luna Scrub
    Luna Scrub Pirms Stundas

    He was really good but he was kinda slow. He could have been the best if he were a little faster. He had a good initial burst and used blockers better than anyone I've ever seen, though. Solid running back. He was smart to retire when he did. His lack of speed would have gotten him hurt if he tried to keep playing past 30. He knew it though. Smart man.

  • McFrisko
    McFrisko Pirms Stundas

    👀 Who came back after he got CUT BY THE PATRIOTS?

  • David Groth
    David Groth Pirms Stundas

    Once Steve Smith spoke, it became unwatchable. What is he doing on TV?

  • Qube Squared
    Qube Squared Pirms Stundas

    Kraft: “Hey, Antonio Brown are you willing to help the New England Patriots?” Antonio Brown: “Sure”. Kraft: “ Don’t need you to help us win, but your going to help the (me) owner clear his name because your character is so messed up, the media will only talk about you from now on, don’t forget we’re the standard”. Antonio Brown: “Well boss, since I convinced everyone I’m ignorant that shouldn’t be hard”. Kraft: “ Good boy, now go play in traffic.”

  • MrQ000000
    MrQ000000 Pirms Stundas

    And the Giants traded him for a nose tackle?

  • PushNTrees
    PushNTrees Pirms Stundas

    49ers hater over here 😂😂😂

  • Josh Richards
    Josh Richards Pirms Stundas

    Not only do they need a better defense they need more passing options and run the ball more and I'm a vikings fan

  • Jon Cheshire
    Jon Cheshire Pirms Stundas

    Jane Slater or no one

  • Jason Peters
    Jason Peters Pirms Stundas

    Upset of day

  • Jason Peters
    Jason Peters Pirms Stundas

    28-26, Den on a late drive win

  • iLikeChocolats
    iLikeChocolats Pirms Stundas

    *Thomas Had Never Seen Such Bullshit Before*

  • Itzzz Wavey
    Itzzz Wavey Pirms Stundas

    Where’s the Vikings raiders?

  • IAmSirZak
    IAmSirZak Pirms Stundas

    One letter... F

  • Skuba Steve
    Skuba Steve Pirms Stundas

    Horrible horrible play calling especially on that 3rd down by Atlanta when they were on the 35 on 3rd & 1 and took that sack to knock them out of FG range which would have sealed the game. Looks like shanahan is doing good things in SF tho.

  • Jackson Parker
    Jackson Parker Pirms Stundas

    I wonder if there is similar Tom Brady-Drew Bledsoe situation brewing in Jacksonville

  • Lil Recluse
    Lil Recluse Pirms Stundas

    Next Case Keenum

  • zack zjr
    zack zjr Pirms Stundas

    6:32 that was very cool

  • BIGMAN7917
    BIGMAN7917 Pirms Stundas

    Cowboys 100 Dolphins 0 Sorry motherfuckers. The dolphins always sorry. Ever since Marino retired...they've been plagued by sorry ass white quarterbacks

  • UnX Format
    UnX Format Pirms Stundas

    2019. GO HAWKS!

  • ezMaq
    ezMaq Pirms Stundas

    Deshone Kizer was gonna make the 20 point comeback but Aaron Rogers said no way Jose.

  • Chris Daniels
    Chris Daniels Pirms Stundas

    I’m hoping Casey keenum plays the Vikings in the nfc championship. I’m a redskins fan now and I hope they make the postseason.

  • Jason Peters
    Jason Peters Pirms Stundas

    Terrible playcalling in 4thQtr by Falcons. Should trusted run game and ate in2 the clock.

  • Jason Peters
    Jason Peters Pirms Stundas

    Please Please PLEASE NFL..... Change the rules on overtime. Its absolutely ridiculous that both offenses don't get at least one drive a piece. The game is decided by a coinflip. So whoever wins coinflip? Thier QB is extremely relaxed. So there for prob goes down and scores a td, game over.

  • Huginn und Muninn
    Huginn und Muninn Pirms Stundas

    Love Mostert! All about that special teams

  • Travis Hoover
    Travis Hoover Pirms Stundas

    His human highlight career is over. He always said he would not date because he designed all his time to be the best at what he does, getting sacks. He got engaged and hasn't done a thing so far.

  • John Brewer
    John Brewer Pirms Stundas

    I would feel better with Joe Staley starting and Ben instead of Rudolf lol. But still niners advance 3-0 🤞

  • Sean Scholes
    Sean Scholes Pirms Stundas

    Jets get him

  • Maximilion Pegasus
    Maximilion Pegasus Pirms Stundas

    Saints lose to the hawks 42-9 lutz gets a few field goals and Teddy throws 3 picks then gets benched for Hill.

  • Benjimayn Vai
    Benjimayn Vai Pirms Stundas

    Why is a college game on here? Makes me want to unsubscribe. I subscribe to NFL for NFL content. 👀

  • A_gwyn96
    A_gwyn96 Pirms Stundas

    Dude 6’5 running a 4.35 40 wit great hands is crazy.

  • A Thao
    A Thao Pirms Stundas

    upset Lions win over Philly

  • MaDwOrLd365
    MaDwOrLd365 Pirms Stundas

    XFL is where he will go !

  • Brownish Sage
    Brownish Sage Pirms Stundas

    Damn I really miss that D-line...

  • Stephen Leavitt
    Stephen Leavitt Pirms Stundas

    This didn’t age well

  • billygowhoop
    billygowhoop Pirms Stundas

    Last Year: N/A 2019 Rank : 4 There's something really cool about that.

  • Andrew Rand
    Andrew Rand Pirms Stundas

    Big game coming in tomorrow

  • StyleMo
    StyleMo Pirms Stundas

    Green Bay was the better team for the first 56 minutes of the game and then they forgot how to play football for a few minutes

  • 808bboarder
    808bboarder Pirms Stundas

    Lmao did he just act like he hit a joint? 3:15

  • Tarence Hicks
    Tarence Hicks Pirms Stundas

    I’ve never kept such a close eye on division opponents, I’m just waiting for the rams to slip up, and Seattle to drop 1. Especially against teams we obliterate.

  • 808bboarder
    808bboarder Pirms Stundas

    Idk the business or legalities behind it all but if The NFL ever expands I think Alabama and Oklahoma should be states considered for getting a Pro Team.

    • krisdaschwab912
      krisdaschwab912 Pirms Stundas

      There are plenty of more deserving options that could/should get a football team. St. Louis should get theirs back. San Antonio, Memphis, both better options.

  • Jeremiah Anderson
    Jeremiah Anderson Pirms Stundas

    Last time DJ picked the saints to win: 2001

  • 808bboarder
    808bboarder Pirms Stundas

    That first TD by Param was beautiful

  • gkzmo second
    gkzmo second Pirms Stundas

    The madden curse is real

  • El Nino
    El Nino Pirms Stundas

    Brady is the GOAT but I don't think I've ever seen a QB with as much talent as Mahomes. The throws he pulls off are just downright ridiculous

  • Tyrece James
    Tyrece James Pirms Stundas

    The good times

  • mark hessel
    mark hessel Pirms Stundas

    8:35 "I love you Bart"... Caught me really really deep inside. Thank you Brett. RIP Bart.

    • mark hessel
      mark hessel Pirms Stundas

      And for how Brett cared so little about being in the spotlight and not wanting to deal with the stardom that comes with what he earned, his love and caring for Bart Starr is just tear jerking. I think we need more of this now because the nfl has started to change from a game of passion to a game of dollar signs and twitter followers. Brett played for/with passion and I don't know if we'll ever see that again.

  • Dak 4
    Dak 4 Pirms Stundas

    This man has DJ Chark leading the league in receiving yards