FIA World Rallycross Championship
FIA World Rallycross Championship
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World RX Final | 2019 FIA World Rallycross of Canada
Skatījumi 142 tūkst.Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
Q1 and Q2 Highlights | 2019 FIA World RX of Canada
Skatījumi 17 tūkst.Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
Saturday Press Conference | 2019 FIA World RX of Canada
Skatījumi 1,4 tūkst.Pirms 2 Mēnešiem


  • Rez Kiy
    Rez Kiy Pirms Stundas


  • American Motorsports Gaming
    American Motorsports Gaming Pirms 6 Stundām

    <Goes back and selects a plain white livery for my Mk. 7 in Dirt Rally 2.0>

  • mjchmara1
    mjchmara1 Pirms 10 Stundām

    God, Gronholm was acting like such a baby at the end there...

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali Pirms dienas

    I <3 "Dirt Rally"

  • Tristan Cooper
    Tristan Cooper Pirms dienas

    Commentators need more cocaine.

  • deedei 1996
    deedei 1996 Pirms 2 dienām

    Hansen mantap

  • grease monkey
    grease monkey Pirms 2 dienām

    I think either the marshals didn't want anton to win, or gronholm winged, and moaned to the officials, and they caved in, and gave gronholm the win.

  • Karlito
    Karlito Pirms 3 dienām

    Nice drive for audi & red bull 😂

  • Rizki Delfianto
    Rizki Delfianto Pirms 5 dienām

    I fell bad for the others because the Hansen duo have advantages to cooperate like this...

  • ีธีรภพ มาลาสาย


  • Corey Wharton
    Corey Wharton Pirms 9 dienām


  • Maimo Moline
    Maimo Moline Pirms 9 dienām

    This is why eurobeat is considered illegal by the F.I.A

  • Maimo Moline
    Maimo Moline Pirms 9 dienām


  • Scott Stewart
    Scott Stewart Pirms 10 dienām

    why can't the semis be posted sooner?

  • Juancito Mariani
    Juancito Mariani Pirms 10 dienām

    2:12 "vos tranqui,usa los pianos"

  • Josh Berry
    Josh Berry Pirms 10 dienām

    This is old

    • Josh Berry
      Josh Berry Pirms 10 dienām

      Jose Ferreira must be nice lmao 😂

    • Jose Ferreira
      Jose Ferreira Pirms 10 dienām

      @Josh Berry sorry mate didnt know about that bet on Kevin Hansen to win in South Africa

    • Josh Berry
      Josh Berry Pirms 10 dienām

      Jose Ferreira I know I lost money betting on Dorian 😂😂😂

    • Jose Ferreira
      Jose Ferreira Pirms 10 dienām

      Josh Berry it was only last months race

  • MuratCan Tanış
    MuratCan Tanış Pirms 10 dienām

    bakkerud come turkey king

  • vijay stan
    vijay stan Pirms 10 dienām

    All hail RX CARTEL

  • vijay stan
    vijay stan Pirms 10 dienām

    All hail RX cartel

  • vijay stan
    vijay stan Pirms 10 dienām

    All hail RX cartel

  • Its me Kuya Panda
    Its me Kuya Panda Pirms 10 dienām

    What a brotherly love.

  • Choke_jakob
    Choke_jakob Pirms 11 dienām

    Yes sure

  • Mavius Mvs
    Mavius Mvs Pirms 11 dienām

    Almost a month after the event has ended they post fucking semis and final, this whole organization is a joke

  • terje halle
    terje halle Pirms 11 dienām

    World rallycrash championship

  • ATK Petites
    ATK Petites Pirms 15 dienām

    The commentator must have exceeded the daily limit on energy drinks

  • Buddy14
    Buddy14 Pirms 16 dienām

    the more and more you look at this final the more apparent it is that kevin screwed up rather than niclas

  • fixer10091994
    fixer10091994 Pirms 16 dienām

    F* the hansens

  • Danyon Lummus
    Danyon Lummus Pirms 17 dienām

    great pass by larsson

  • dylan aktas
    dylan aktas Pirms 17 dienām


  • Stevie Jo
    Stevie Jo Pirms 17 dienām

    This is tame compared to euro rally tracks

  • burak s
    burak s Pirms 17 dienām

    omg Bakkerud! come on dude.. you're the one who deserves it :) anyway, good luck next time

  • Adrian Liviu
    Adrian Liviu Pirms 18 dienām

    Stinchy man,, Duran

  • jean-marc richard
    jean-marc richard Pirms 18 dienām

    Got into watching this sport 3 years ago likely the last year i watch this has gotten pathetic

  • Danyon Lummus
    Danyon Lummus Pirms 18 dienām

    23:58 can u hear the christmas music

  • Miquéias Silva
    Miquéias Silva Pirms 18 dienām

    Come to brazil please

  • wich
    wich Pirms 18 dienām


  • Robin Ocasio
    Robin Ocasio Pirms 18 dienām

    Hopefully Timmy or his team apologize for the shity thing that his “team mate” did to Mattias Ekström on grid line

    • Ahmd Al3edan
      Ahmd Al3edan Pirms 16 dienām

      Robin Ocasio Yeah man disrespect to matthias and bakkerud’s team

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez Pirms 18 dienām

    that start was a joke

  • Alfredo Vasquez
    Alfredo Vasquez Pirms 18 dienām

    Where can I watch this live?

    • Nico Pierik
      Nico Pierik Pirms 16 dienām

      Just too bad this old income model still existst for tv coverage.

    • TheDrLeviathan
      TheDrLeviathan Pirms 18 dienām

      Q 1 thru 4 are live on LVclip, via this channel. When it comes to the semi finals and finals, they lock them based on what country you're in. This is because the tv version of the coverage has the rights from the semis and final; if tv showed it all, it would kill their broadcast day, so they focus just on the end. This LVclip channel usually uploads the final some time way after the fact, but not the semis. As to internet packages which show the semis and stuff, I have no idea, it's all real confusing. Some people use a VPN. Others wait for just the final to come up.

  • hossam ahmed
    hossam ahmed Pirms 18 dienām

    if krisstoferson were still here he'd have beaten them

  • Ahmed Okasha
    Ahmed Okasha Pirms 18 dienām

    DDDDAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNN the Hansen twins are impressive!!

  • albert bahoogadin
    albert bahoogadin Pirms 18 dienām


  • ⰀⰎⰟⰀⰐⰄ20
    ⰀⰎⰟⰀⰐⰄ20 Pirms 18 dienām

    kevin wow... just wow

  • Josue Moller
    Josue Moller Pirms 18 dienām

    why block regions in the semifinals ? whyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Patryk Łucków
    Patryk Łucków Pirms 18 dienām

    Im overall happy with the coverage of the weekend. I can watch all Quali sessions live, but cant watch live semis and final, due to a location lock. Please it would be awesome to watch finals live too

  • Scott Stewart
    Scott Stewart Pirms 18 dienām

    can someone explain why it takes so long for the semis highlights? i'm past france - where is latvia? bush league crap right here

    • wich
      wich Pirms 18 dienām

      Jake S stupid tv rights

    • Jake S
      Jake S Pirms 18 dienām

      better question is... why cant they do semis live.... sucks going from q4 to the final....

  • Antomix Racing
    Antomix Racing Pirms 18 dienām

    as much as I like bakkerud... he is quite stupid. Literally no racekraft what so ever. Gifted that win to the Crying hansen guy.

    • wich
      wich Pirms 18 dienām

      And took Grönholm with him

  • Romas Marcinkevicius
    Romas Marcinkevicius Pirms 18 dienām

    Guy's common Riga semis please..

  • Mehdi Benbaha
    Mehdi Benbaha Pirms 18 dienām

    Heikkinen?? Well... Welcome back to WRX!!

  • ATK Petites
    ATK Petites Pirms 19 dienām

    Why Timmy hansen didnt have the wipers on?

  • Kendel Charles
    Kendel Charles Pirms 21 dienas

    How could I forget, congratulation to you Peugeot team and even a bigger bigger congratulation to you Timmy Hansen.

  • Kendel Charles
    Kendel Charles Pirms 21 dienas

    The races were mad sick intense!!! But when you have that kind of line up for the finals with : The Gunner>>>Timmy The Assassin>>>Bakkerud The Sniper>>>Gronholm The Demolition>>>Kenvin You know its all out war for the tops. "Man oh man my heart was racing with them I could not of kept quite." Really looking forward for South Africa. Truly impress with the races. MUCH LOVE From the Caribbean in Grenada the isle of spice.

  • Irvin Jack
    Irvin Jack Pirms 22 dienām

    Watching from Tulalip WA USA

  • Danyon Lummus
    Danyon Lummus Pirms 22 dienām

    something flew out of timurs car in q 3

  • John Holme
    John Holme Pirms 23 dienām

    Bakkerud is an amazing driver, but he always speaks of "we" as a team! Great driver, great guy and awesome team!

  • Ahmd Al3edan
    Ahmd Al3edan Pirms 24 dienām

    Btw look at Andreas Bakkerud’s time in Q4

  • No0dLz
    No0dLz Pirms 24 dienām

    Go Peugeot! Go!

  • Scott McKenzie
    Scott McKenzie Pirms 24 dienām

    Excluding the under 6' Manlet coverage, good show, that and excluding the facts, like, being a bunch of pussies, you cwould almost call this racing

  • quocphu01
    quocphu01 Pirms 24 dienām

    Are they meant to crash?, if not, this is a stupid setup

  • Ardi Ardi
    Ardi Ardi Pirms 24 dienām

    5:56 the guys in yellow behind the starting line are epic

  • Achmad Fadil
    Achmad Fadil Pirms 25 dienām

    Great feeling to know that he won the race after that amazing overtake.

  • Achmad Fadil
    Achmad Fadil Pirms 25 dienām

    That feeling when you finaly found the original source

  • Hadi Paris
    Hadi Paris Pirms 25 dienām

    Kristoffer dn solberg adl team yg solid dn saling kerja sama di team vw

  • T04STY
    T04STY Pirms 26 dienām

    Wow really Timmy? The Audis are all trying to kill you on purpose? Come on man, that's just childish.

  • T04STY
    T04STY Pirms 26 dienām

    Wow that Larsson dq is just stupid.

  • niko irjaya desmonda
    niko irjaya desmonda Pirms 26 dienām

    balapan bar bar nih! seruu!

  • Ondra 166
    Ondra 166 Pirms 26 dienām

    Me playing Dirt be like:

  • David Li
    David Li Pirms 27 dienām

    Why do the announcers speak so funny?

  • Артём
    Артём Pirms 27 dienām

    Thumbnail of this video shows the winner. It is stupid.

  • KineticGTR
    KineticGTR Pirms 27 dienām


  • KineticGTR
    KineticGTR Pirms 27 dienām

    Hansen boyz!

  • Anthony Bondu
    Anthony Bondu Pirms 27 dienām

    Win four time this year but still can be more high than 1 point 😂

  • Kon Fuzon
    Kon Fuzon Pirms 27 dienām

    Damn where's the guy posting the time tags

  • Kārlis Zars
    Kārlis Zars Pirms 27 dienām

    Crashsen :DDD

  • iansteelmatheson
    iansteelmatheson Pirms 27 dienām

    it's fixed now guys :)

  • The Butcher
    The Butcher Pirms 27 dienām

    PHENOMENAL! What suspense! It is going to be a true ordeal to wait for 8 bloody weeks to watch the final showdown. Aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!!!!

  • SlowDancer
    SlowDancer Pirms 27 dienām

    Learning to appreciate Grönholm's driving more and more.

  • Fedy Fedorov
    Fedy Fedorov Pirms 27 dienām


  • Jeremy S
    Jeremy S Pirms 27 dienām

    All 3 are class acts and great drivers, cant wait for Africa!

  • Random's YTB
    Random's YTB Pirms 28 dienām

    thank you for fixing the video . once again great rallycross event thank you

  • Romas Marcinkevicius
    Romas Marcinkevicius Pirms 28 dienām

    Semis please!!!

  • Blooper Trooper
    Blooper Trooper Pirms 28 dienām

    can someone advise where can I watch them live ?

    • Buddy14
      Buddy14 Pirms 24 dienām

      Also they post schedules on their fb page so you know what to expect and when during a raceweek

    • Buddy14
      Buddy14 Pirms 24 dienām

      you watch the qualis here on their channel on youtube or their facebook page. There are TV listings on their website which display which TV chanel broadcasts the semis and finals in which country, if your country isn't listed there you can watch them on youtube no problem, if it is you eather have to tune in on the mentioned TV channel or use a VPN to watch online.

  • Freddy Wöhlke
    Freddy Wöhlke Pirms 28 dienām

    Thanks for fixing the video :)

  • mcs1981
    mcs1981 Pirms 28 dienām

    Fucking cry baby Hansen.. I really hope Ekström and Kristofferson comes back full time.. Unfortunately Petter Solberg has retired, but everyone knows the crying Hansen brothers never had any chance against class drivers like Ekström, Kristofferson and Solberg.

  • Joseph Kaseram
    Joseph Kaseram Pirms 28 dienām

    It's a bit of an expected finish all the time in these races...the car that is first from lap one tends to 99% finish first.

  • RedlineShadow29
    RedlineShadow29 Pirms 28 dienām


  • Objective OBJ
    Objective OBJ Pirms 28 dienām

    Kristofferson is the best driver i ever see in wrx, talent, fast, precision,mental strength waht a champion... we miss you is this year championship

  • Tommy Berion
    Tommy Berion Pirms 28 dienām

    so excite to watch.... and here we are with something unwatchable :(

  • loogie01
    loogie01 Pirms 28 dienām

    Andreas 4 joker laps and still wins. Rubbish stream💩💩💩💩

  • Michael Perks
    Michael Perks Pirms 28 dienām

    WTF is this stream. What a joke. Ruined the race weekend for us wrx fans. Get it sorted!

  • Luke Wills
    Luke Wills Pirms 28 dienām

    Watch it on the Facebook feed no jumping

  • Chris Kennie
    Chris Kennie Pirms 28 dienām

    Boy the final race is gonna be the one to watch can't wait, hoping bakurred comes out with the championship!

  • M B
    M B Pirms 28 dienām

    Can you guys start these videos a few seconds earlier so we can hear the revs build before the start?

    • Spooky Squid
      Spooky Squid Pirms 24 dienām

      @GTLB302 He's just asking, no need to be a dick about it

    • GTLB302
      GTLB302 Pirms 27 dienām

      Talk about nit picking, be grateful

  • joko tingkir
    joko tingkir Pirms 28 dienām

    Tulisan mengganggu gambar vidionya bro.

    • MFI
      MFI Pirms 26 dienām

      joko tingkir katro

  • Luke Wills
    Luke Wills Pirms 28 dienām

    Can’t watch it keeps jumping 😭😭😭😭

  • albert bahoogadin
    albert bahoogadin Pirms 28 dienām

    Not watching this shit!!!

  • Brendan Wilson
    Brendan Wilson Pirms 28 dienām

    Still watched it 😏

  • นวชาติ เงารัตนพันธิกุล


  • albert bahoogadin
    albert bahoogadin Pirms 28 dienām

    NICE ONE!!!! Follow all the qualifying, looking forward to the finals for THIS SHIT???? WHAT A FUCKING FAIL!!!

  • Paul Feakins
    Paul Feakins Pirms 28 dienām

    WTF FIA - REUPLOAD!!!! Nobody is watching so we can see it properly :(