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    The Dares was pretty fun and funny😂😂😂

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    If only this was real in my school..I would bring my bunny there and my friends will just ASK and ASK to pet it

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    Eww the dog is horrible. ....

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    I have short hair like my mom but my grandma has long hair

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    Mc Donald wins

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    Troom troom is better than five minute craft

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    Like for diy ideas kawaii, unicorn, mermaid, fairy and more of halloween customes👍👍👍👍👍

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    I LOVE THE UNICORN because it's so colourful

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    Gross snails and bugs

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    No MacDonald shold win 😡

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    Who touches a pan when it's on what do you expect lol

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    Well I love it your videos and I also have my long hair and I love my long petty black hair 💖

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    Make this blue if your watching this video in October 👇🏼

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    I like the candy hairstyle and the ariel braid.

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    Dude can't u just wash a shirt and the grass stain will go away -_- (Edit) also how is a 12 year old boy have a freaking James Charles Palette

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  • Jayden's Random Stuff With Animals

    I wanna bring my leopard gecko to school but how?

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