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Game Theory: Minecraft, STOP Punching Trees!
Skatījumi 2,6 milj.Pirms 3 dienām
Game Theory: No More Games
Skatījumi 1,8 milj.Pirms Mēneša
Game Theory: We've Been Hiding Something From You...
Skatījumi 2,8 milj.Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
Game Theory: YouTube is Ruining Gaming!
Skatījumi 3,2 milj.Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
Game Theory: Trapped in the Machine (Petscop)
Skatījumi 2,6 milj.Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
Game Theory: Is This Video Game HAUNTED? (Petscop)
Skatījumi 3,1 milj.Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
Game Theory: How Does Kirby Fly?
Skatījumi 2 milj.Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
Addressing Game Theory's Biggest Problem
Skatījumi 2,3 milj.Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
The $1.7 Million Lie
Skatījumi 3,4 milj.Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
They stole $1.7 million
Skatījumi 6 milj.Pirms 9 Mēnešiem
Game Theory: Petscop - The Music and The Madman
Skatījumi 3,1 milj.Pirms 9 Mēnešiem
Game Theory: The Tragedy of Deltarune (Undertale)
Skatījumi 4,5 milj.Pirms 11 Mēnešiem
Game Theory: What is MatPat HIDING?
Skatījumi 2,4 milj.Pirms Gada
Losing the Battle
Skatījumi 13 milj.Pirms Gada


  • nickz1lla
    nickz1lla Pirms 4 Stundām

    No I don’t think I will

  • Epic Muffin Man
    Epic Muffin Man Pirms 4 Stundām

    Mat play rl craft and u understand why

  • shravan kannan
    shravan kannan Pirms 4 Stundām

    The real question is how the heck the boxer is supposed to gain any material from the broken, punched fragments.

  • Fireball006
    Fireball006 Pirms 4 Stundām

    Uhh well duh

  • Steathy K1tty
    Steathy K1tty Pirms 4 Stundām

    Welp I’m not moving to my Minecraft world.

    TRICKSTER GAMING Pirms 4 Stundām

    13:06 NUGGGETTT!!!!!

  • EntityX iOS
    EntityX iOS Pirms 4 Stundām

    As an Australian I can confirm that Tasmanian oak is gay

    GALACTUS S Pirms 4 Stundām

    Please make a destiny 2 video

  • original_true blue007
    original_true blue007 Pirms 4 Stundām

    Is steve transgender?

  • Do it for the Cringe
    Do it for the Cringe Pirms 4 Stundām


  • Sonic, sega, and puppets Fanner Cote

    when u said ash's worst opennet i thought u were going to say Red or Team Rocket

  • Freddy Dab gamer
    Freddy Dab gamer Pirms 4 Stundām

    I wish Scott was alive so he can make fnaf 7

  • Vincent Sinding
    Vincent Sinding Pirms 4 Stundām

    Matprat you are the best and the funnyest man ever

  • Ry Mo
    Ry Mo Pirms 4 Stundām

    The first time I ever used a enderpearl when I first got the game, an endermite spawned. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES

  • r/ whooosh
    r/ whooosh Pirms 4 Stundām

    And still...Dies from hunger

  • Conall
    Conall Pirms 4 Stundām

    7:02, As an Australian, I feel nostalgic for the days when Australia was a part of the Soviet Union, and how the trees were made of iron.

  • Mr.EggBoi
    Mr.EggBoi Pirms 4 Stundām

    Are you ok?

  • Dragon Fire
    Dragon Fire Pirms 4 Stundām

    Media: Video games cause violence. Me: Playing in a minecraft world where I made it a rule to not kill any animals (if I kill an animal, I have to burn a diamond)

  • Billy Alateras
    Billy Alateras Pirms 4 Stundām

    No that is not a Australia ascent

  • Aaro Salonen
    Aaro Salonen Pirms 4 Stundām

    Gosh, all those spaghetti arms make me cringe. It hurts to see them!

  • maxwell chang
    maxwell chang Pirms 4 Stundām

    I made a comment like this one back 2 years ago, Is it possible u can do a theory on Mario’s ground pounds? Like it has to break some bones right? Even on the different surfaces

  • Salty ChilliPepper
    Salty ChilliPepper Pirms 4 Stundām

    you forgot to add the fact that is was proved that steve is a creature with infinite strength, so *trees?*

  • original_true blue007
    original_true blue007 Pirms 4 Stundām

    Only if minecraft was realistic...

  • Austin Erickson
    Austin Erickson Pirms 4 Stundām

    Steve: punches tree, “ooh wood.” Matthew: punches tree, “AAAAAAAAAH”

  • cager-playz
    cager-playz Pirms 4 Stundām

    7:00 i think im the only one who saw the face inside the tree

  • Meriam Mussa
    Meriam Mussa Pirms 4 Stundām


  • Samuel Nevarez
    Samuel Nevarez Pirms 4 Stundām

    Yo what’s this yellow on the logo about

  • Travis Aldrich
    Travis Aldrich Pirms 4 Stundām

    yuh yuh live oak trees represent

  • eliz w
    eliz w Pirms 4 Stundām

    When he tried to punch through the ceder plank, I felt that pain in my wrist and knuckles damn

  • Epic Ness
    Epic Ness Pirms 4 Stundām

    Noice JoJo joke👌

  • Lifey-Rifey- Boi
    Lifey-Rifey- Boi Pirms 4 Stundām

    Remember when draw my life was a thing in 2013 to 2014?

  • Sunshine Matienzo
    Sunshine Matienzo Pirms 4 Stundām

    Game Theory:Can Steve kill Saitama?

  • Krispz
    Krispz Pirms 4 Stundām

    Woah unrealistic game is unrealistic, time for a video! Durdurdur

  • Plays_steaks _
    Plays_steaks _ Pirms 4 Stundām

    Soviet Australia

  • Para DemiK_17
    Para DemiK_17 Pirms 4 Stundām

    Retroplooza go-ers over the weekend in Dallas, Tx?

  • Gold Groudon
    Gold Groudon Pirms 4 Stundām

    hey that's cool man, but i have a burning question... how does digistruct work from the borderlands series? was that every talked about in game lore, and or is there (hides face in shame) a possibility of similar constructs considering we now can bounce light off of air particles (or have been able to for a long time and just haven't gained traction?)

  • Robbie Morgante
    Robbie Morgante Pirms 4 Stundām

    Hyrule warriors changes it up a bit Botw- pathetic

  • Sad Engineer
    Sad Engineer Pirms 4 Stundām

    3:13 The best Яussian accent I've ever heard!

  • Ethan  Godfrey
    Ethan Godfrey Pirms 4 Stundām

    Soviet Australia huh..... im australian... FOR THE MOTHERLAND! 'Proceeds to bash a tree down with a bottle of rum'

  • 50k subs with no videos?
    50k subs with no videos? Pirms 4 Stundām

    1:43 Master Builders

  • FoxyPlayz •
    FoxyPlayz • Pirms 4 Stundām

    MatPat: WE HAVE A COMPLETE TRIOLIGY (idk how to spell it) Me in 2019 with more Fnaf games: haha, you fool 😂

  • arch Skeptic
    arch Skeptic Pirms 4 Stundām

    I'll give you the short answer. They don't.

  • Farouk lol
    Farouk lol Pirms 4 Stundām

    What if he instead of FISTING it, he instead fingers it (PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT OFF CONTEXT!), It will probably save more energy and maybe time? Or just energy.

    REWIND WITH US Pirms 4 Stundām


  • normito hibay
    normito hibay Pirms 4 Stundām

    did anybody saw that springtrap's head broke? .-.

  • HistoryBuff
    HistoryBuff Pirms 4 Stundām

    I actually like these scary Minecraft disc's

  • Drop King
    Drop King Pirms 4 Stundām

    Can you calculate Steve's durability?

  • Vemron Slice
    Vemron Slice Pirms 4 Stundām

    I have a question if if the Endermen run super fast then. Why can they go through blocks?

  • CrimsonJester
    CrimsonJester Pirms 4 Stundām

    Ask we can tell if Game Theory is going to cover punching though things you need to hire a Kyle

  • Logan Woodward
    Logan Woodward Pirms 4 Stundām

    Hey mattpat can u do a theory on shadow of the collosus

  • nicky davani
    nicky davani Pirms 4 Stundām

    It's just a theory, a society game theory!

  • James McEwan
    James McEwan Pirms 4 Stundām

    well he is the most powerful video game charachter

    HÅŽÏM ÅRÏF Pirms 4 Stundām

    Haih , idiotic therapists

  • Leigh Robinson
    Leigh Robinson Pirms 4 Stundām

    I Live in Australia and man those trees hurt when you hit them

  • Dank Meme Master
    Dank Meme Master Pirms 4 Stundām

    His first Game Theory is on my bday :D

  • Neptune_
    Neptune_ Pirms 4 Stundām

    You can stop making Minecraft videos now, the game is finally dead again

  • Jack'O 'Shadow
    Jack'O 'Shadow Pirms 4 Stundām

    You fugin muppet ruined minecraft for me

  • the blackswordsman
    the blackswordsman Pirms 4 Stundām

    not stronger than saitama though

  • Bryan Arcilla
    Bryan Arcilla Pirms 4 Stundām


  • Everyday Skills
    Everyday Skills Pirms 4 Stundām

    Dark Souls is like... Minecraft. No real purpose, or ending. However years, nay decades later you'll have a cult following. Dark Souls may be anger provoking by it's difficulty or lack of direction. The same can be said about Minecraft. You start off knowing next to nothing. Slowly you stumble into greatness. Not to mention they're both set in high fantasy medieval times in a non existent land with very similar premises.

  • wightboi22
    wightboi22 Pirms 4 Stundām

    mat didn’t consider that days are sped up in minecraft, and that in-universe, it could very well take more than a few seconds to mine one block.

  • Salty Son
    Salty Son Pirms 5 Stundām

    Stacks two piles of dirt on each other Breaks the lower dirt block My dumbass: *IeT mE tRy ThAt*

  • Gammahack Br0'2
    Gammahack Br0'2 Pirms 5 Stundām

    this video's gonna age the WORST because of the announcement of the nether update

  • Dragolith Steel
    Dragolith Steel Pirms 5 Stundām

    0:12 I SAW THAT RUPEE!

  • laila Lupita
    laila Lupita Pirms 5 Stundām

    Buen video

  • Pepsi Richard
    Pepsi Richard Pirms 5 Stundām

    With real world physics with a full inventory of golden apples Steve can hold roughly twelve million tons with no difference in run speed or jump height...

  • Dana Catherine Lee
    Dana Catherine Lee Pirms 5 Stundām

    Charmander Champions. D U H !

  • Albino Cake
    Albino Cake Pirms 5 Stundām

    *Watch Minecraft video* Me:Achievement Unlock:Getting Wood

  • LiK
    LiK Pirms 5 Stundām

    Blue balls as your desktop wallpaper. Is that how you feel every time Scott adds something else to mess up your theories? 😏

  • donald and douglas
    donald and douglas Pirms 5 Stundām

    Oh crap indeed internet ! 😂😂😂😂

  • ManOhMan R
    ManOhMan R Pirms 5 Stundām

    Honest opinion: original Rainbow Six was the best, although they’re still all really good

  • 101rehsa
    101rehsa Pirms 5 Stundām

    Please tell me I'm not the only person to watch this in 1978.

  • Manoj Cc
    Manoj Cc Pirms 5 Stundām

    I'm like this is not a theory it's a fact

  • Edwin Cruz
    Edwin Cruz Pirms 5 Stundām

    so steve is a boxer

  • Nathan Stafford
    Nathan Stafford Pirms 5 Stundām

    "Soviet Australia" 🤣🤣

  • Bonathan
    Bonathan Pirms 5 Stundām

    Steve: *can break every tree in 3 hits* Also Steve: *dies from hunger*

  • Jehu Manuel
    Jehu Manuel Pirms 5 Stundām

    In Minecraft, you punch tree In Minecraft Soviet Russia version, tree punches you

  • Soybean 194
    Soybean 194 Pirms 5 Stundām

    So... Steve is too OP for Smash.

  • StarStruck140 :D
    StarStruck140 :D Pirms 5 Stundām

    Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait wait. So your saying that Mario and Peach are the parents of Rosalina!? When could they have possibly had a child!? Also, how is she already an adult? Like, how old are they!? Also also, how would Mario not recognized HIS OWN DAUGHTER! He BLANTENTLY SEES HER in Super Mario Galaxy.

  • Dcc357
    Dcc357 Pirms 5 Stundām

    How strong is bedrock?

  • Magnaboss Prime
    Magnaboss Prime Pirms 5 Stundām

    Do you have any theories planned for boarderlands 3 or is there not enough meat on that bone to start gnawing like an animatronic boris in the 30's?

  • Naina Noor
    Naina Noor Pirms 5 Stundām

    I want to spot My chanal plzz visit And like subscribe 🙌

  • NegsterArchive
    NegsterArchive Pirms 5 Stundām

    Appreciate the Tool reference

  • Josh Ford
    Josh Ford Pirms 5 Stundām

    How does this compare to One Punch Man?

  • Yoghurt FuntimeFreddy
    Yoghurt FuntimeFreddy Pirms 5 Stundām

    Can you survive FNAF, Me: OH REALY

  • shyguygamer turtle
    shyguygamer turtle Pirms 5 Stundām

    game vs other people is a little bit harder undertale all the games we had to soft reset to get the our wanted outcome skyrim and its chaos factor. what about blizzard games. tell me

  • skyler_the patato
    skyler_the patato Pirms 5 Stundām

    I like the new intro but i kinda liked the old one 😍 I love you and good job on this new video!!

  • Jmkassassin
    Jmkassassin Pirms 5 Stundām

    Lol maybe I should not watch these at Night

  • SuperPaltos23
    SuperPaltos23 Pirms 5 Stundām

    This video was the first time I heard Schala's theme. Hearing this in Chrono Trigger was just a big whoa moment for me. And after seeing Schala's tale, I think her theme is a very fitting one for this theory about Rosalina; it's so sad and beautiful.

  • William Hopcott
    William Hopcott Pirms 5 Stundām

    Isn't it weird that the animals in sonic willingly attack you when they are in the robots but when you bust the bots they run away

  • Minoxiis
    Minoxiis Pirms 5 Stundām

    Even if the theory isn't true. I enjoy entertaining the idea that I am a Harbinger of Death while I extract the souls of families of aliens.

  • Your boy TIDAL
    Your boy TIDAL Pirms 5 Stundām

    0:03 every Minecraft fan is triggered

  • Marsablaze
    Marsablaze Pirms 5 Stundām

    Then how come he cant one punch a mob?

  • Neil Angelo Molleda
    Neil Angelo Molleda Pirms 5 Stundām

    Well he can carry shulkers worth of solid gold.. Trees are no match

  • Guardian 500
    Guardian 500 Pirms 5 Stundām

    The first video was on my birthday

  • LiK
    LiK Pirms 5 Stundām

    Henry is a robotics genius. Should’ve been super rich.

  • Mason525
    Mason525 Pirms 5 Stundām

    Ok now I’m wondering how powerful the mobs are, they can survive 20 of those punches

  • subscibe to me
    subscibe to me Pirms 5 Stundām

    i dont think that we need to be strong to punch a tree i think trees are aliens set up by the goverment

  • Martin Mikeš
    Martin Mikeš Pirms 5 Stundām

    Well, when you can swim with more than 2370 cubic meters of solid gold... you probably can pinch the tree to pieces... much less punch it down...

  • that 161
    that 161 Pirms 5 Stundām

    Can we get an f in the comments for animated MatPat?