Stop This...

  • Publicēšanas datums 13 jan 2020
  • Seriously... this needs to stop
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  • Davie504
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    leave a comment if you have a big brain and *pp*

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan Pirms 8 Minūtes

    You look like Stallone’s father

  • 3lnix imperial
    3lnix imperial Pirms 28 Minūtes

    Bella favij dobbiamo superarlo

  • Ryan Lucca Marracini
    Ryan Lucca Marracini Pirms 39 Minūtes

    Not epic

  • Tony Hull
    Tony Hull Pirms 45 Minūtes

    You must slap an OCTOBASS. Now. OMG.

  • Kendall Wilson, II
    Kendall Wilson, II Pirms Stundas

    Rocky does look like davie504 almost. LMAO!!!!

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    _LightFury_ Pirms Stundas

    Keep calm and S L A P epic like right now

  • Страшила
    Страшила Pirms 2 Stundām

    я почти подписался, но святой шлепок остановил меня)

    OMGITSGADING Pirms 2 Stundām

    I want to see bass battle between davie and jeesoos

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  • Lunixi Astray
    Lunixi Astray Pirms 4 Stundām

    Why i hear canon q.q

  • Professor Yakumo
    Professor Yakumo Pirms 4 Stundām

    3:22 tylko Polacy zrozumieją
    E P I C

  • Eetu Leinonen
    Eetu Leinonen Pirms 4 Stundām

    I have big pp

  • johnlerry orias
    johnlerry orias Pirms 5 Stundām

    Who else waited the "OMG" at the every ends of his videos?

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  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez Pirms 5 Stundām


  • Rick Sanchez
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    10:15 he's maybe laugh in behind the scene this video

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  • Akshay Sadawarte
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    It's phineas and ferb btw 😂

  • yeah playZ
    yeah playZ Pirms 6 Stundām

    0:23 what about marzia??? CHECKMATE DAVIE504

  • Minecraft Pro 101
    Minecraft Pro 101 Pirms 7 Stundām

    This man is the only one who makes me subconsciously slap like

  • Máté Bodor
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    I don't understand I slap the like 2 times and the subscribe button 2 times!

  • System Incorrect
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    who could slap dosloke on this video wtf

  • System Incorrect
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  • Fernando Ando
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    Hello Davie i'm back

  • ISH 14
    ISH 14 Pirms 8 Stundām

    Nobody noticed ..davie504 playing without headphones🤯

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    Can’t wait to 🅱️ass battle in 2025

  • Mopiya Das
    Mopiya Das Pirms 9 Stundām

    Comment because i have big brain and pp

  • hideto
    hideto Pirms 10 Stundām

    pewdiepie has become italian

  • The Black Lagon
    The Black Lagon Pirms 11 Stundām

    May I play bass tonight

  • Oneo Tuvalev
    Oneo Tuvalev Pirms 11 Stundām

    Finally an Italian Pewdiepie, my life is getting better

  • Rob Reiner
    Rob Reiner Pirms 12 Stundām

    I lost at the Microwave part

  • Daniel Stewart
    Daniel Stewart Pirms 13 Stundām

    haha C R I H N G E

  • wayu ganda
    wayu ganda Pirms 14 Stundām

    hahahaha tis guy is funny

  • Amiriscools
    Amiriscools Pirms 15 Stundām

    1:06 that is tanwin

  • იკო იკო
    იკო იკო Pirms 15 Stundām

    theguy suck?

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  • boogersculptor
    boogersculptor Pirms 16 Stundām

    pezzo di merda... makes me wish davie would do a cover of TOOLs message to harry manback. and then do an actual TOOL bass cover.

  • Trino Vergara-N
    Trino Vergara-N Pirms 16 Stundām

    My pp now
    My PP In 10 seconds

  • Taylor Antczak
    Taylor Antczak Pirms 16 Stundām

    When it's your first Davie504 therapy and you start off with all the crap and he says, "Sounds like an epic win for you, keep it up." So then you switch to the good stuff and he says, "That's not very good. Very sad."

  • Colton Boyd
    Colton Boyd Pirms 16 Stundām

    I sub cause you fucking slapping the competition...I slapped the the sub button 😂

  • player130 gaming
    player130 gaming Pirms 17 Stundām

    A comment now

  • Ana Rodríguez
    Ana Rodríguez Pirms 18 Stundām

    I don’t even play bass, but hey i like it xD

  • 櫻井崇了
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  • keithadams812
    keithadams812 Pirms 18 Stundām

    ok davie one more subscriber more bass basketball please...makes me cringe

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  • 《 furiku 》
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  • Eli Martinez
    Eli Martinez Pirms 20 Stundām

    I genuinely passed out during the therapy session. Thank you Davie for listening to me snore 😴

  • Cueto AA
    Cueto AA Pirms 22 Stundām

    Stallone doing a vid in youtube?

  • Cool beans
    Cool beans Pirms 22 Stundām

    I just learned 7 nation army on my bass

  • miguel angel andreu
    miguel angel andreu Pirms 22 Stundām

    is this a JoJo's reference? (1:47)

  • Trek
    Trek Pirms 22 Stundām

    dammi il tuo pp gigante

  • AliGuild _
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    2:51 Rick and Morty? Check mea!!!!!

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    small pipi

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    thanks for the terapy... and for the SLAPP!