Talking to Strangers

  • Publicēšanas datums 7 jūn 2019
  • I sure am glad I never have to talk to strangers :^)
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  • amber boo
    amber boo Pirms dienas

    "Other hands"

  • DrewLukeCaden
    DrewLukeCaden Pirms dienas

    7:13 the world is round

  • Arminas
    Arminas Pirms dienas

    1:55 *MORGZ*

  • Master Buldiers Mo
    Master Buldiers Mo Pirms dienas

    I feed off memes. :]

  • Master Buldiers Mo
    Master Buldiers Mo Pirms dienas

    Once I was on a bus and,and I was young and then,and then someone sat next to me. And they kept staring at me. I WAS SO SCARED. Btw strangers are people that you haven't hugged😊😊😊

  • ha truong hoang
    ha truong hoang Pirms dienas

    Fuck you what wrong with anime

  • GamingDZ- Extra
    GamingDZ- Extra Pirms dienas +1


  • majd alfozan
    majd alfozan Pirms dienas

    3:45 is that a jojo reference??

  • Duchi
    Duchi Pirms dienas +2

    *"Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet"*
    _-Jaune Arc (RWBY)_

  • Lil Whip
    Lil Whip Pirms dienas

    What animation software you are using?

  • Sugar Glider
    Sugar Glider Pirms dienas

    I found this video on the trending list

  • jloon huddon
    jloon huddon Pirms dienas

    3:46 a jojo reference ?!?! 😳

  • Darius Verdeti
    Darius Verdeti Pirms dienas


  • Hannah Nguyen
    Hannah Nguyen Pirms dienas

    H O W

  • Israel Gloria
    Israel Gloria Pirms dienas

    3:45 Oh boy a jojo bizarra adventure reference

  • Jamil Tang
    Jamil Tang Pirms dienas +1

    I just watch this and just subscribe to this channel

  • Wolfi Dragon Studioz
    Wolfi Dragon Studioz Pirms dienas

    Wow this came out on my birthday and I didn't even get a notification for it.

  • SSSRainbow Jonath
    SSSRainbow Jonath Pirms dienas +1

    1:11 i thought this was uncensored ugh gross

  • Chloe Allen
    Chloe Allen Pirms dienas

    Hey! May's my birthday month too!
    I'm May the 4th.
    Happy Birthday, James!

  • panggop jio
    panggop jio Pirms dienas

    ask "is this the way to Chicago?" Years ago I would have been like D: uuuuh but since I made myself basically do the same nowadays I was like "hmm yes it is!"

  • Mr. Seal
    Mr. Seal Pirms dienas

    Stranger: Touches james shoulder
    James: *Pulls out gun* touch my shoulder again i dare you

  • Lord Ch4nk4
    Lord Ch4nk4 Pirms dienas

    I remember one situation at the restaurant. I asked a random dude looking like a waiter if he give me the menu card. I was 11 back then and luckily with my parents cause else I wouldn't probably survive this wave of shame. At the end we both laughed and his gf laughed too but I still didn't get my menu card...

  • Christopher Springs
    Christopher Springs Pirms dienas

    I would have loved it if you drew one of the crows from a hat in time.

    NICHOLAS HONCHIN Pirms dienas

    To be totally honest when there are three urinals and only the middle one is free unless I’m busting I’ll wait for someone to move

  • Kermit the frog
    Kermit the frog Pirms dienas +2

    2018:strangers try to sell you stuff
    2019:talking to strangers
    2020:living with strangers
    2021:sleeping with strangers

  • Dean
    Dean Pirms dienas

    eyy May is my birthday month ;)

  • Huyen YT
    Huyen YT Pirms dienas

    Yesterday I got a Subway shirt and a Cub Scout shirt that my mom bought, nobody cares why am I still typing..

  • zoe rules09
    zoe rules09 Pirms dienas

    hi james

  • Olivia Wolfe
    Olivia Wolfe Pirms dienas


  • Saifo’s Gaming
    Saifo’s Gaming Pirms dienas

    Your so funny

  • UnicornGamer Girl
    UnicornGamer Girl Pirms dienas

    orange shirts at home depo
    red shirts at target
    and green vests at SOUBWAY

  • Natalia Pow
    Natalia Pow Pirms dienas

    May is my birthday month tooooo

  • Palash Verma
    Palash Verma Pirms dienas +1

    7:13 Flat Earth😂😂

  • Samuel Lopez
    Samuel Lopez Pirms dienas

    your video is just quality

  • Hiên Đỗ Thị
    Hiên Đỗ Thị Pirms dienas

    Địt mẹ thg cặc lô w2w is the best . w2w forever

    • Huyen YT
      Huyen YT Pirms dienas

      wtf w2w is about reviewing animations, this is about drawing animations and tell stories don't bring patriotism here

  • black wolfs a stupid potato

    4:40 poor poor Adam

  • Rosvelino Ulep
    Rosvelino Ulep Pirms dienas +1

    Have love with jaiden

  • Nejj Azosreb
    Nejj Azosreb Pirms dienas

    And don't be really rude to people you don't know cuzz not all people are like a jellyfish

  • Nejj Azosreb
    Nejj Azosreb Pirms dienas

    Make a video about this and what I'm talking about people like you should have powers like courage

  • Phaux Redtail
    Phaux Redtail Pirms dienas

    When I was in 7th grade I used to were a poofy red vest, I used to get asked questions all the time at stores, always baffled me.
    Also I know how you feel about asking where something is so I say "you don't have to lead me there, just give me a rough idea where I'm going"
    I also find that just saying random stupid shit has helped me. If I forgot why I went to the store I'll ask someone "hey do you know what I came here to get? No? Well I guess it didn't hurt to ask"
    I had some guy come out of an aisle as I was walking past ask "is this the way to Chicago?" Years ago I would have been like D: uuuuh but since I made myself basically do the same nowadays I was like "hmm yes it is!"

  • Nejj Azosreb
    Nejj Azosreb Pirms dienas

    If I were you Dont be scared talking to people or don't be nervous becouse not all people are bad or a drug lord🤣 so people like you should have a courage power🤣🤣

  • Nejj Azosreb
    Nejj Azosreb Pirms dienas

    Do you have a girlfriend that you saw her in the bus

  • UrAverageHuman
    UrAverageHuman Pirms dienas

    Hi dad ❤😝

  • Cuteoctopi
    Cuteoctopi Pirms dienas

    Pause at 3:04 look at the back

  • Pedro Trejo
    Pedro Trejo Pirms dienas

    💀😂dam,we really do all live the same lives..

  • Aliza B
    Aliza B Pirms dienas

    Love you James nice video 💚💛🧡❤️💙💜

  • bee fan of trans-theory


  • Jack is back Green
    Jack is back Green Pirms dienas


  • Minch Dude
    Minch Dude Pirms dienas

    HEY I WEAR ANIME SHIRTS IN PUBLIC (this is not a hate comment I really respect you James)

  • Raisa Kozma
    Raisa Kozma Pirms dienas

    It's John doe from roblox!

  • Pirms dienas

    Pretty much yeah

  • Black Mafia
    Black Mafia Pirms dienas

    Hey james i think being furry is cool so dont be shy to make a video about you being a furry cuz we know you are OK

  • Elite
    Elite Pirms dienas

    Hey James, do you remember Georgie?
    If you do, I can help you see him again but only a night. If you want to know how reply on my comment

  • Freddy Fazbear
    Freddy Fazbear Pirms dienas

    2:59 that animated mouth is nice

  • IsabellaEnPointe
    IsabellaEnPointe Pirms dienas

    The solution to the bus issue: get up and pretend that you think that the bus is at your stop, then turn around and go to the aisle seat.

  • Robert lee Arnold jr
    Robert lee Arnold jr Pirms dienas

    Demoshits scramble to expand evesdropping laws

  • Bianca Cuer
    Bianca Cuer Pirms dienas

    Got your book!!!

  • SarahGalaxyStarz
    SarahGalaxyStarz Pirms dienas +1

    Wait..... Didn’t you say not to judge people on their looks on your Buying Clothes video?

  • The Sekiganz
    The Sekiganz Pirms dienas

    3:45 DIO

  • Dishan Geesara 10
    Dishan Geesara 10 Pirms dienas

    Do you watch the duck song?
    Haaa ◉‿◉

  • Dishan Geesara 10
    Dishan Geesara 10 Pirms dienas

    Make more vid

  • Stin YT
    Stin YT Pirms dienas +1

    how do i tell my crush i like her

  • Callistowo
    Callistowo Pirms dienas

    6:34 for the secret

  • Alejandro Amaro
    Alejandro Amaro Pirms dienas +1

  • Louise Schofield
    Louise Schofield Pirms dienas

    Do u think the worlds flat? Just asking not jujing

  • Nomad2001
    Nomad2001 Pirms dienas

    i actually say "Hao" to people all the time. OOF

  • Matt Foster
    Matt Foster Pirms dienas

    That's some hardcore social anxiety.

  • Артем Кузнецов

    Привет! Как ты видишь я из России. Я тебе и другим предлогаю аниматорам выполнить испытание - сделать 1 видео на русском! Помогите мне пожалуйста переслать это остальным аниматорам. Я буду очень благодарен если и ты примешь это испытание! Пока! Меня зовут Артем!

  • Wisp Draws
    Wisp Draws Pirms dienas

    You dont haveeee to my trick is thinking about something and zone out

  • Cade McDonald
    Cade McDonald Pirms dienas

    Can you do the spicy noodle challenge

    It’s Japanese spicy noodles

  • KnightTrain30
    KnightTrain30 Pirms dienas

    My busses only have to seats on either side

  • Radioactive Hallaway
    Radioactive Hallaway Pirms dienas

    I meant to say I saw your book and I loved it

  • Radioactive Hallaway
    Radioactive Hallaway Pirms dienas

    Hey I wall your book and read it and it was cool and funny loved it

  • Chris Vuong
    Chris Vuong Pirms dienas

    Or you can stand

  • Jack Vincent
    Jack Vincent Pirms dienas

    Like my comment like my commemt

  • Jack Vincent
    Jack Vincent Pirms dienas

    Like my comment lile my comment

  • Jack Vincent
    Jack Vincent Pirms dienas

    Hitler/Zombies/James Charles
    Kissed you
    Hitler/Zombies/James Charles
    Kissed you

  • Kathleen Macaraeg
    Kathleen Macaraeg Pirms dienas +1

    Angry at people wearing anime shirts wheres a Pokemon shirt 😐

  • KitKat kitty
    KitKat kitty Pirms dienas

    *H O W*

  • Pika Playsyt
    Pika Playsyt Pirms dienas

    You didn't feature my picture James I sent it to you on "Facebook???"

  • Mc_Lion
    Mc_Lion Pirms dienas

    hey you remembers your video on the dark crystals movie well they have announce a game about it here is a link to the teaser

  • Ethan Solo
    Ethan Solo Pirms dienas

    James there màkeing a dark Cristal show

  • guy with no iq
    guy with no iq Pirms dienas +1

    So wait... You're telling us that you don't like us? ;(

  • Raigan Pack
    Raigan Pack Pirms dienas +1

    1:37 til 1:40 had me dying

  • gay_gatcha_vids are_my_drugs

    1:04 XDDDD

  • Orin Mollerud
    Orin Mollerud Pirms dienas

    Don’t sneak that mob physco reference and think I won’t c it

  • roseblossommermaid T
    roseblossommermaid T Pirms dienas +1

    Everyone has embarrassing baby stories that your parents tell you can you do a video about your embarrassing baby story.

  • Cooldesplade
    Cooldesplade Pirms dienas

    Does anyone hear that he sorta sounds like Ceeday

  • Climmer
    Climmer Pirms dienas

    In the urinal you shouldnt be beside a person in the first place

  • Trungkien Le
    Trungkien Le Pirms dienas

    In Vietnam, we talk to every fucking people you called sTrAnGeR =)))) e v e r y o n e t h a t c a n t a l k :))

  • Rainbow Lion
    Rainbow Lion Pirms dienas

    can you sub to me erghhhhhhhhhhhhh ok

  • Teemu Mannila
    Teemu Mannila Pirms dienas +3

    James:Uploads a video
    Endigo:I'm Gonna *REMIX* This Man's Whole Career.

  • xd Kingz7777
    xd Kingz7777 Pirms dienas

    3:55 oh yes

  • Tsz Ching SIU
    Tsz Ching SIU Pirms dienas

    I am disappointed at you you left us for a month upload a videoAnd leave us for a month again so maybe don’t leave us in a month so often

  • Anna Gruber
    Anna Gruber Pirms dienas

    wow u seem xxxtra weak

  • Koko Ya
    Koko Ya Pirms dienas

    3:45-3:47 Is that? Can it be? IS THAT A JOJO’S REFERENCE?!?

  • Fary Tail
    Fary Tail Pirms dienas +2

    James: those people that wear anime shirts in public
    Me: James I thought we were friends!

  • Mima and the Caffeine buds

    I found your book at fully booked :D

  • vix smoke
    vix smoke Pirms dienas

    3:46 I had a meme but I’ll just leave the time stamp for someone to make it for me