Film Theory: What is the Bird Box Monster? (Bird Box Netflix)


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  • Bluebarrie Gaming
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    Maybe the directors dont even know what the monster is so thats why you dont get to see the monster is or know what it is

  • Superriley’s Adventures
    Superriley’s Adventures Pirms 5 Stundām

    What if the monster is just Charlie’s ghost?

  • Minimeow06 M
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    6:10 narutos Jinchuriki

  • Jacob Francisco
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    The monster was Matt from wii sports they killed them self's because they didn't want to face him

  • Aether Veilborne
    Aether Veilborne Pirms 5 Stundām

    So we basically just have a case of plagiarism with a few minor tweaks...

  • jaytherogue
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    I get that you are saying that some concepts of the rapture could have influenced the creation of the monster, but you took a lot of the ideas about the rapture out of context and misapplied them here.

  • Nelly Anaya
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    You should do a theory on bandersnatch

  • 祝KookieDough
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    You mean like Naruto?

  • Mason AKA Crash
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    It was metaphorically about depression.
    But this works too I guess.

  • Oh Snap!
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    Ur going to hell


  • Gwen Who Doesn't Really Care
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    It could also be inspired by the Nachtkrapp and the wendigo. The nachtkrapp is a south German bird man, who if you look in its eyes you quickly die (not really specified how), but if you see the holes in its wings you get infected with a sickness. This explains the two effects. It is also shown in the movie that the creature started in the Northern Europe area and moved east through Asia and then into America. The wendigo is the ultimate hunter, able to mimic voices of others and move faster than humans can see. Although you can also see it as there is no myth it is based on, but rather a creature of his own design, that simply has elements inspired by various creatures. It seems to also be inspired by vampire lore, unable to enter a building without permission, for example.

  • fredz
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    Guys guys you're all wrong it was clearly Kim Kardashians ass only the insane ones think it is nice

  • LazR Alycs
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    Its just a prank bro

  • Jason Bolter
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    bruh...the guy the treid to kill them all draws the monster I wached this

  • Tony Sewell ll
    Tony Sewell ll Pirms 6 Stundām

    What if the monster is god and the light

  • M1MillFL
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    ''horny'' 😂 7:42

  • Sir Tueur
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  • Lmonkey115
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    It’s not a quit place rip off it’s a the happening rip off

  • Bonnie Samuelson
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    Can you do....
    It And Jason Vorhee?

  • eleni lucid
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    It could be slenderman

  • 99slacker999999999
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    The monster is the TRUTH about Zionism.

  • kyliespencer-schell
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    Does anyone know about professor hatekraft from Scooby Doo mystery Incorporated char Gargatha car the beast that has no name

  • happy duck
    happy duck Pirms 7 Stundām

    Can you make a theory on a series of unforchent events

  • FaDe AwAy
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    Or it’s just another different monster... maybe? Just maybe?

  • ya boy lucario
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    If I saw it I won't go insane or commit suicide I'd just say f**k you monster

  • SaymynameYT
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    I know who the monster was..

    Mr. Beast

  • Precious Cases
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  • Tuezdie Garcia
    Tuezdie Garcia Pirms 7 Stundām

    So like... has no one noticed the similarity between Skyline (2010) and Bird Box?
    I mean for no particular reason, creatures not of our kind come to us, control our mental desires, fears, and confusion into a trance towards the object. Thus, the creature killing people.
    The alines used in Skyline shine off light into the exposed eyes of the human putting them into a trance moving close to the alien. Once close enough the alien kills the human and rips out their brain using it for power.
    In the movie, it follows a couple inside a group of survivors. The girlfriend of the leading male role is two months pregnant. Skipping somewhat ahead, the leading male role was one of the first to get abducted, however, the girlfriend gets to him soon enough to pull him away and, wait for it... CLOSE THE BLINDS. Now, while being in the trance, the male's eyes changed along with the surrounding skin. An intense smoked out ring around the eyes onto the temples with dark veins exposed and the eyes clouded over.
    Skipping ahead a few deaths, the leading male and his girlfriend are finally abducted. In the mothership, the long tentacles of the aliens come up to the girl and before killing her, it hears the heartbeat of the fetus in her. The alien sends her to a separate part of the ship with other pregnant women for early delivery. The movie pans over to another part of the ship that is taking the brains and show a red glowing brain. An alien replaced the old brain which was in its head previously and goes AWOL. Turns out that was the brain of the leading male and he now has taken over the alien's body. Before the aliens could force the baby out of the leading female he crashed through the walls of the ship and rips apart the tentacles of the other aliens. Then a heartwarming scene of the tow recognizing each other.
    [I don't really feel like typing it all out since we get the gist of it lol]
    Now, if you don't follow that get this. The movie Skyline ends with us assuming that the leading male kills the aliens and setting those who are alive free. Now with the traumatic events that had to happen, you'd think they'd go insane. So, say do.
    Years later after the events of Skyline, a creature of the unknown appears and starts showing people their mental desires, fears, and confusion... sending them into a trance and doing the only thing that they would find acceptable in a time of unfathomable stress. Suicide.
    People who were not affected by these creatures were to have previously experienced some type of trauma... how about abduction...
    Personally, I believe that these two are somehow connected, though I love the theory of Cthulhu and I do also believe it. I still come back to this. I am open to discussion on this but I just thought that I would put this out there. Again, wonderful video!

  • SquishyWatermelon
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    I have a theory
    (WARNING: This may not make any sense, nor connect to the evidence given, NOR be correct. I am not saying that they are so plz dont bash me for it)
    What if there are multiple monster thingies. Think about it, Gary had several drawings of all different shapes and sizes. Even so, they were all different. What if they all were the true minions of Mr. Cthulu himself and they were sent on a mission to "cleanse" the world. Look at what he said about the 9 tail guy. What if the Cthulu decided "Hey, I want souls!" and used the humans. But that still leaves questions. What about the birds? Did they truly see the creatures or just sensed it? Would other animals do the same thing? If they truly saw it, would they also lose their minds and kill themselves and/or others? In the movie, the birds also went insane when Charlie's friend began calling out and tried to get the door opened. So, they go insane whenever there's a person who "worships" the creatures. Or, were they just sensing mere danger? We'll never know. Bounce back to my theory, our theorist mentioned that the creature ain't got time for us puny humans, which points back to the fact that he has minions to do his everloving bidding. Idk, what does everyone else think?

  • Snowed Wolf
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    I can't wait to see Us mansssssssss!!!!

    (Tbh I thought it was called U's ((Ik I'm retardedd)))

  • Kay yay Reacts
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    It can’t be Christ because the Bible said that suicide is a sin and you can’t go yo heaven with a sin or u will go to hell

  • Kevin the Lemon
    Kevin the Lemon Pirms 8 Stundām

    Lets call him *horny*

  • Ed Taylor
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    Cthulu is mah dad

  • Kelly V
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    Which was the monster you said everyone wasn't

  • Ana Feleti
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  • TheFlammableMinecart//JohnTFM

    Is it more confusing than fnaf

  • Karter Harris
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  • Lord Splynter
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    *Everyone ask "who is the monster?" but no one ask "how is the monster?"*

  • JC130676
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    5:02 Holy crap, Trump is actually Aka Manah!

  • John B
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    very dumb movie.

  • Bojko
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    Wrath from fma

  • Aidan Michael
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    "Tentacle Face" looks like a Mindflayer from Dungeons & Dragons.

  • miranda madeling
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    Wasn’t it the drawings the crazy Guy drew?

  • Pagliacci
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    This movie was nothing more than a anti white male movie. Notice every single bad guy was WHITE. This was no accident.

  • kaan özşahin
    kaan özşahin Pirms 9 Stundām

    For me, this bird box monster is more likely an eldritch being than a celestial or divine being(like god, angels, saints souls etc...)
    But, cthulhu is WAY MORE POWERFUL than this bird box monster. The prayers of cthulhu are driven so mad that, they are chanting in an old and almost impossibly hard to spelling language. The language of great ones. And, cthulhu's madness effect is so powerful that, when he stands on a middle of the street, i guess entire city would... maybe not instantly, but really fast go mad. People would not have a chance to run away. It is the great cthulhu himself for gods sake!... He would corrupt peoples minds with just simply standing there... Forget the blindfold... You would need the protection of spear of the destiny, a prophet's divine aid or something to withstand... Cthulhu has his servants. A fish-frog like race and they are actually interacting people. Bird box monster, for me, is not the great and almighty cthulhu himself. Sounds more likely nyarlathotep. A be,ng, looks humanoid, wonders in the realms, earth, dreams, and realm of old ones, but creates a madness that anybody in earth that "interacts with" or maybe "sees" him. You can "hide" from nyarlathotep. Some of the followers of eldritch beings call this madness "illumination"... You know... Something divine. Nyarlathotep is... a bit of an arrogant b*tch that does not bother opening doors, following people, not not certainly the blindfold... His ability effects people on a different level and he can control it. THose voices that mimicks people might be a thing that he learned in his journeys that just "spice up the things" etc... He will just simply walk over the place, and enjoy the show. And people would do the job for him. This explains both the drawings, requires to "look", being able to hide, and followers that can actually think, make plans, and can hide in the popularity. Why criminals? Because they have more potential than other innocents. They already commited bad actions. They can always do it again. Before saying anything about second chance, nyarlathotep is the judge. So, if he doesn't give a f*ck, than nothing else matters...

  • doctor mash
    doctor mash Pirms 9 Stundām

    I thought ut was a siren

  • Jase Lephiew
    Jase Lephiew Pirms 9 Stundām

    The Monster was Racism in America and the blindfolds were peoples' unwillingness to acknowledge it.

  • Imani Jalalzai
    Imani Jalalzai Pirms 9 Stundām

    Octopus Jesus

  • Chuyeanne •
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  • Siege Deadshot
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    The monster was me okkk

  • jerzey deville
    jerzey deville Pirms 10 Stundām

    At least it isn't about some crazy curse ritual.

  • D M
    D M Pirms 10 Stundām

    conclussion: The movie sucks

  • Do Plan
    Do Plan Pirms 10 Stundām

    What if there’s more than one monster

  • lolwut .
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    Welcome to bible theory

  • Awesome Donut
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    It’s DEFY media.

  • Furtuna
    Furtuna Pirms 11 Stundām

    Yeah, see, the thing is - the knocking door verse refers to non-believers accepting Jesus as their Lord. It's the person's decision to "open the door" to Jesus.

  • Adam Korzeniowski
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    Its taxes. The IRS. Those bastards lol

  • 616
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    So you are the monster?

  • JackJackKcajify
    JackJackKcajify Pirms 11 Stundām

    the monster is true reality. not that which is thought to exist, but that which is known to exist. philosophically, other people cannot be known to exist, and the movie further implies they do not exist. only your own self exists, and other people are copies and representation of your own self.
    when faced with this truth, some choose to deny it as false, and some choose to accept it as true. the ones who deny go to the oasis. the others live in insanity and depravity, because only nihilism follows logically.
    see, principle of explosion ( logic)

    • JackJackKcajify
      JackJackKcajify Pirms 11 Stundām

      an indian sage was once asked by his pupil, " where is god?"
      the sage replied,
      " he is under this rock, behind that door, and over those trees."

    • JackJackKcajify
      JackJackKcajify Pirms 11 Stundām

      the monster is satan, the grim reaper, or the devil.

  • فيصل اللعاب
    فيصل اللعاب Pirms 12 Stundām

    Hey Matpat can you make a skitzo the bear theory,please

  • Lucky Guy
    Lucky Guy Pirms 12 Stundām

    I think it is a Basilisk because watch Harry Potter you die when you look in his eyes

  • MoekaLovesGaming
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    My friend said the monster was the sunlight 😂

  • austin johnson
    austin johnson Pirms 12 Stundām

    This has nothing to do with Christianity

  • Cameron Baber
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    Wait cathulu is the great dreamer,it is said that one look at him can melt your brain,and he has a octopus head dragon wings claws and a giant human body

  • Elijah Pelito
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    Of course we werent allowed to see them,
    *cause we'd die*

  • Kgvoid Gaming
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    18:04 that actually shocked me 😂🤣🤣😂 dammit

  • BloxerPanda 1
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    it is a bird in a box obviouslly

  • AcidBeats 17
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    feel like it’s a video that jus leaves you with another question with the one in the title unanswered

  • C h a n n e l 5
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  • Blan The DJ
    Blan The DJ Pirms 13 Stundām

    Pretty sure they just saw a *bird* .
    Like a very *big one*

  • Cosmic Dxniel
    Cosmic Dxniel Pirms 14 Stundām

    The monster was the kid saying ‘look fortnite’

  • Zuper Zack
    Zuper Zack Pirms 14 Stundām

    I actually thought it was Cthulhu before this video was made

  • Just stop
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    ... 🕶️....

  • UniTheUni
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    You get one shot of it, it's like a person, invisible, but grey particals

  • H3L L0
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    Its the light

  • Neelam Rai
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    So a vilgax jesus is the monster

  • StykBoi
    StykBoi Pirms 14 Stundām

    Just watched it yesterday and it was so good and I kinda got angry because I wanted to see the monster

  • Samuel Job
    Samuel Job Pirms 14 Stundām

    The cthulu is the only monster because it forced them open its because its hanucilation

  • A1 B2
    A1 B2 Pirms 14 Stundām

    Was the monster bulletproof :D ?

  • LaHelaena
    LaHelaena Pirms 15 Stundām

    I Watched it on the TV and a got SO SCARED!

  • Emma Coward
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    Matpat: The worst thing other than the monster is the second storey
    Me, living in a one storey house: heheeheee

  • Hercule Holmes
    Hercule Holmes Pirms 15 Stundām

    The monster in Bird Box is right-wing and conservative political thought. It is an SJW propaganda movie (which is standard Hollywood fodder these days) whose message is _"do not look at right-wing messages, because their information will make you believe a lie and drive you insane"._
    At this point, leftists - and I don't just mean extreme leftists, I mean regular leftists - are literally advocating for shutting their eyes and ears to facts, truth, and reality in favour of _feelings._ This is rather exasperating:

  • Gelong 01
    Gelong 01 Pirms 15 Stundām

    the criminals are inffected they are lying that they are having a blindfold

  • Gelong 01
    Gelong 01 Pirms 15 Stundām

    its 2019 now sooo im panicing of year 2020

  • Gelong 01
    Gelong 01 Pirms 15 Stundām

    the inffected people can lie or see when they have no Blinfold maybe they met the monsters and do a spell do not affect them to kill thereselfs

  • pinka mena
    pinka mena Pirms 15 Stundām

    I trick ya

    *read more*

  • Larissa Brady
    Larissa Brady Pirms 15 Stundām

    I've done Irish for 14 years and I always learned that puca meant ghost. I have never heard that legend. U really did me a learn.

  • Steven Mabazza
    Steven Mabazza Pirms 15 Stundām

    All hail cthulhu

  • Rabie RBILY
    Rabie RBILY Pirms 15 Stundām

    SCP wasted an episode

  • Swarnalatha Pai
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    If it takes the form of our deepest fear ... shouldn't they reveal the monster...because after sometime...... people's darkest fear would be coming face to face (or sighting) the birdbox monsters

  • Cammy Peck
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    The monster has to be Donald rump

  • Breach 'N' Clear
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    Movie sucked

  • Huey Iroquois
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    The monster was the kind of person who calls birdhouses bird boxes.

  • bArRy AlLeN
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    If you see the monster you subscribe to t-series

  • HentaiMaster 9000
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    Aren't angels described as, well, eldritch abominations in the Bible anyway? I mean, the Cherubim is described as having 4 heads and being covered in eyes.

  • Bede Carrigan
    Bede Carrigan Pirms 16 Stundām

    Its about seeing reptilians

  • Luke Tymerski
    Luke Tymerski Pirms 16 Stundām

    Auto generated captions are with the read. Especially when you skip to 4:20 and it reads, "you got the poo coat from Celtic"..
    Oh how I love technology

  • Pisau Poket
    Pisau Poket Pirms 16 Stundām

    1.Talk no Evil=A Quiet Place
    2.See no Evil=Bird Box
    3.Hear no Evil=???

  • Jo Pike
    Jo Pike Pirms 17 Stundām

    I just found a way to tell my blind friend a reason that it's good thing to be blind

  • -Dom1n1cツ
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