I Stunk Like A Skunk In Front Of A Hunk!

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    On one cold night in January, when she was a freshman in high school, Caroline was fast asleep in her bed. Even though she lived in the South, her family had to leave the heat on in her house, as it was an especially chilly night.
    Suddenly, at 3:00AM, she woke up to an AWFUL smell in her house. The smell was SO bad that it woke everyone in her family up. They were afraid that it could be a gas leak or electrical fire, so they all got in their car and left the house - just to be safe. As any good Southerner knows, the only place that's open in the middle of the night is Waffle House. So, Caroline and her family drove to Waffle House to wait for a professional to come over and make sure their house was safe.
    After checking the whole house, they determined that the source of the smell was a SKUNK - a skunk that had sprayed the heater! It wasn't the worse case scenario, of course, so Caroline and her family went back home to try to get some more sleep before the next day.
    Caroline slept for a few more hours, woke up, took a shower, and got ready for school. But because she had been in the house with the skunk smell, she had become NOSE BLIND to the odor. She didn't realize that she smelled like a skunk, so she went to school without a care in the world.
    While she was at school, a REALLY cute, older boy said, "Oh my gosh, what is that smell?" Right away, Caroline realized the truth - SHE was the source of the smell! She had to act fast, because soon enough, she was going to have to attend an all-school assembly where the entire school would be able to smell her! She texted her mom and begged her to pick her up. She went to the office for help, and as she walked in the hallway, everyone could smell the skunk! Not even the office administrators knew how to handle the smell - it wasn't exactly a standard, every day problem for them!
    Caroline's mom eventually picked her up, and they had to head back home to spray down the entire house. The smell finally went away, but when she looks back at the experience, Caroline can hardly believe that she can say to herself, "I stunk like a skunk....at high school!"
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    The stench was like a rusty wrench sitting on a old bench
    The power of the shower didn’t help the stench it stunk for more than a hour
    Finally I don’t stink it was gone in a blink so i end this store off with a wink
    By Dr.Seuss

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