Endgame Directors Reveal How Chris Hemsworth Reacted To Fat Thor

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  • Thor's new look in Avengers: Endgame has been a hot topic amongst Marvel fans since the moment the film dropped in theaters. People have been bickering back and forth over whether the god of thunder gaining a noticeable amount of weight, letting his hair grow long and his beard get scraggly, and settling into a routine of beer, chips, and video games was a cheap attempt at laughs or an accurate depiction of the effects trauma and grief can have on a person. Amongst all this chatter, one person who has remained pretty quiet about "fat Thor" in Endgame is Thor himself, famously fit actor Chris Hemsworth.
    Thanks to Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo, we know how Hemsworth reacted to the news that his hammer-swinging hero character would sport a different physique in the film.
    Speaking in a recent interview with Sirius XM, the Russos shared that Hemsworth was totally on board for chubby Thor and was ready to take the character in a new direction. As Joe Russo put it,
    "Hemsworth is up for anything. He likes to take risks."
    "That's a nice way of putting it."
    Anthony chimed in from there, explaining that he and Joe gave Hemsworth a call to discuss where Thor's personal journey would go in Endgame and how his character arc would wrap up. The initial conversation took place quite a while before Endgame and its predecessor Infinity War, which were shot back-to-back, began filming, meaning the Russos and Hemsworth knew well in advance what Thor would look, feel, and act like in the epic ensemble movie. Anthony Russo said,
    "Before the script was ready, when we called him to pitch the character arc, he was either still finishing or had just finished Ragnarok. But he was so energized by the work he had done with Taika [Waititi] in that movie in terms of coming up with a comedic and irreverent Thor."
    Anthony's brother Joe finished the thought, saying,
    "And we were like, 'Wait until you hear what we've got for you.'"
    Hemsworth couldn't open up much about what happened with Thor in Endgame or offer explicit details about the hero's transformation until the movie premiered in theaters in late April, but he did offer a tiny tease to USA Today ahead of the pic's debut. The Aussie actor told the outlet that he and the Russos had multiple, in-depth talks regarding Thor's change from the god of thunder with lightning coursing through his veins to a self-conscious guy that his fellow Avengers tease has Cheez Whiz flowing through him instead. Of course, Hemsworth had to keep mum about the specifics at that time, though he did explain that he, quote, "wanted to do something different" and push Thor to his limits in Endgame. He told USA Today,
    "[The Russos] were on board and we sat for many hours and days and discussed kind of how far we could push it and what we could do different."
    "Fat Thor" certainly is different to any other iteration of the hero fans have seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before. It was a bold move on the part of Hemsworth and the Russo brothers, and definitely caused a rift in the Marvel fandom, but it's evident that there was no ill intent behind the decision. Rather, it sounds like the Endgame team wanted to depict Thor in a brand-new light while making a point about how everyone handles feelings of grief and guilt in their own ways and how there isn't just one right way to be a hero.
    One of the most prominent takeaways from "fat Thor" in the film is that he never underwent a fat-to-fit transformation in order to boost his confidence or to prove to himself and others that he is worthy of being a superhero. Instead, Thor was able to summon his hammer Mjolnir and fight the brutal battle against Thanos at the end of Endgame, while keeping on the extra pounds he gained over the five years post-Snap. He may not look the way he used to, but he's just as powerful, and that's an important message to send to audiences.
    Like Avengers: Endgame screenwriter Christopher Markus once explained,
    "We leave him in that state at the end of the movie. Even though he's emotionally resolved. We fix his problem, and it's not his weight… And I think he is the ideal Thor at the end of the movie, and he's carrying some weight."
    And as Anthony Russo stated in a recent interview,
    "We find 'fat Thor' as inspiring as any version of Thor because he's so relatable. It's a very human version of the character."
    Thor appears positioned to make a return in the MCU with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, given where he wound up at the end of Endgame. The Russos did note in their Sirius XM interview that it's ultimately up to director James Gunn whether Thor plays a part in the upcoming film, but if he does, it seems his big belly and bushy beard might be coming back, too.
    Watch the video to see the Endgame directors reveal how Chris Hemsworth reacted to Fat Thor!
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    Homer: I’m fat
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    Fat Thor was like Homer Simpson with hair...LMBO!!!

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    That's like the Meryl Streep character in The Devil Wears Prada calling the size 7 character "the fat girl." Talk about a dystopian vision of the body. If this Thor is fat then more guys would gladly be fat!

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    "But he's Just as Powerful."
    Everyone, Literally *EVERYONE*: "That is crap."
    Infinity war Thor Plus a new Mjolnir would have slaughtered Thanos's entire army himself Thanos along with it

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    Cap: not bad, ok

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    Stark: smartest of all

    Banner: very weak, but super smart

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    Antman: uncatchable, but not so strong

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    Iron Man 3 showed Tony fully in the grips of PTSD and an anxiety disorder leading to panic attacks. I was impressed and pleased with Marvel's decision to show Thor, the mighty goldren retriever of the MCU, in the depths of depression due to his perceived failure.

    And that Moljnir still deemed his worthy, that was an amazing message to send to people with depression.

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    Thor in the norse mythos is fat as well, now, and also a ginger.

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    *1 week later*
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    Personally, I feel the filmmakers made the right call in making Thor's weight gain and PTSD a running joke, because if they had played it mostly straight, it would've just been too damn heartbreaking for fans of MCU Thor.

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    Thor 2013: Six Packs Abs
    Thor 2019 : Six packs Beer.
    Much more like me in younger years. Now me becomes Thor. Im still worthy though got love of my life :)

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    I never watched marvels or sh2t like these but my friends forces me to watch these because they said its the last marvel movie so ye i went with him watch the whole end game was beautiful but the must inspiring part and funny is thor when they found thor become fat the whole crowded audiance watching the film were burst out laughing and clapping and there, at all marvels ive seen thor is the must inspiring one and funny and i think i become hes fans for that 1 single clip, and i like the way hes a mama's boy very relatable, cuz im fat.

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    Fat or fit, funny Thor is great. The last 3 movies he's been in, he's been quite entertaining. I hope he continues to show up in the MCU, he's so fun to watch!

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    You look like a melted icecream

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    YEAH, BUT WHAT HASN'T been discussed is whether Hemsworth put on the extra weight or whether it was polyethylene and glop (or a little of both). No one has discussed it or shown it being added. Another issue is that Chris Evans was shown as being an elderly Captain America. But many people grow old and stay remarkably fit, even lifting remarkable amounts of weight and moving quickly. Just because he's elderly doesn't mean he had to be "old." You ought to cover such things...and do searches on LVclip to see elderly guys who can do amazing things.

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    Thor at Any Weight is Undeniably Good, Sexy and, a Norse God. Point: I don't care about his slobby weight gain when all went to hell in his world. It made him more human, lovable, a big Teddy bear. Who hasn't been 'perfect' ever? God Bless the almost human Thor, luvable, and at chubby, more Thor to cuddle!

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    Thor fat will be Chris Hemsworth 15/20 years older.

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    Hulk 2014: I'm always angry!
    Thor 2019: I'm always hungry!

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      Unless it's Zombie Hulk.

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    "We fix his problem - And it's not his weight." Wow. Thor is now an icon for bodypositivity. For those who don't understand the movement: Watch Endgame. And finally you might.

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    I think it was quite refreshing. Cause it was real. If you get depressed, mostly, you're not going to the gym and work for your sixpack. You drink one.

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    If anyone of the Avengers deserved a mental breakdown it was Thor.

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    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly
    He got Mjiolnir bacc/He needs abs bacc

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    Okay, so I've just realized he looks like a blonde Hagrid...

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    me:hold my beer
    everybody: BUT THOR IS TOO FAST

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    ......what do you mean James Gunn is directing guardians 3? Didnt he get fired over 10 year old jokes on Twitter a few months ago

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    Volstagg would be proud...

  • JD
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    Watching end game and seeing fat Thor was like looking in the mirror. Not saying I see myself as the god of thunder, but seeing him in his spiral, drinking beer and gaining a ton of weight really hit home. People do grow comfortable in their misery. But it gave me so much motivation to change myself.

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    Lebowski god of thunder and thor lord of beer

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    It was good choice to make Thor become fat because

    He went even, or dominant using Stormbreaker over Thanos with all 6 stones.
    If Thanos went hand to hand with Thor who has both stormbreaker and mjolnir while Thanos doesn't have single stone would've been instant death.

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    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly he get his life bacc

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    Hemsworth does not need to work out or take roids anymore, so of course in some ways he’s happy with that.

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    After Tony passed away, chubby thor is now my favourite avenger.