I Tried Unique Japanese Vending Machines In Tokyo

  • Publicēšanas datums 6 jūl 2019
  • So we traveled to East Asia to film a six-part series about beauty, style, and shopping and we’re kicking it off with a tour of some of Tokyo's most interesting vending machines! Japan has a TON of vending machines that you can purchase a variety of goods from, and we visited 4 different machines all over the city to investigate some of the strange ones we had heard about. We got some canned bread, hornet larva, spicy snacks, hot soup in a can, and mystery box items from a ~creepy~ vending machine corner!
    A huge thanks to RinRin for helping us! You can check her out here:
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  • Safiya Nygaard
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    HELLO FRIENDS!! happy friday! here is part ONE of our asia series, we had so much fun roaming around the city finding these vending machines and i hope you enjoy it as well! which machine was your favorite?? xoxo, saf

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      I have come to tell you that... Nerdecrafter turned you into a bat!

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    NerdECrafter turned you into a GORGEOUS BAT, go look!!

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    Hahaha she's so brave I wouldnt be able to do this

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    I wanna see you react to nerdycrafter making you into a sculpture creature!

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    It’s been about 4,967 years and I’m still waiting for that wedding dress video.. : P

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    5:50 I can't believe I'm only ten and I get that parks and rec reference

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    NerdEcrafter turned you into a bat

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    This makes me think I should be practicing my Japanese more often but.. *sigh* oh well
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    just so you know, you're a bat. not gonna explain

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    I like how she never says anything about her being into joey graceffa show.

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    Do you still know Freddie and all them or no sorry if I spelled her name wrong

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    Chris Traeger!!!!!

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    Larva snack... Hmmmm PROTEIN!!!
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    Could you react to kpop groups like Blackpink or twice? I feel like that would be a fun video

  • Hi Peeps
    Hi Peeps Pirms 22 Stundām +1

    Can you react to kpop groups like Blackpink or twice !?

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    Do you feel batty? I hope you like NerdEcrafter's sculpture of you as a bat. We do.

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    You are now a bat due to nerdecrafter

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    Just here to give you another NerdEcrafter Bat comment. (And watch your video - been watching since you left BF)

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    I didnt think canned bread existed out side of spongebob either 🤣🤣😋

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    Safiya's Indian tongue protected her from the spicy snacks!

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    you should go to the unicorn cafe in Bangkok

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    "only eating out of Japanese vending machines for 24 hours"

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    Safiya since the color of the year is pink coral I think you should dress pink coral for a day

  • Ellianna Weir
    Ellianna Weir Pirms dienas

    Safiya since the color of the year is pink coral I think you should dress pink coral for a day

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    When Safiya was going to the creepy vending machine and said "known for being a center for anime, gaming and tech culture" i immediately thought "oh shit they gonna buy worn panties"

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