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  • Luciditi
    Luciditi Pirms dienas

    Thousands of case studies have shown that global warming is real.
    John F. Kennedy’s murder was fucking witnessed by hundreds of people.
    The Flat Earth isn’t fucking real. The government literally has NO reason to say that it’s round. The fact you actually believe this shows how stupid you and your impressionable fan base is.

  • Darth Qiza
    Darth Qiza Pirms dienas

    flat earthers: THE EARTH IS FLAT
    non flaters:WATCH NASA THEN
    flat earthers: NO

  • DespecT
    DespecT Pirms dienas +1

    Kid: Cuz if the earth wasnt flat we would all be falling
    Gravity: Am i a joke to you?

  • BBlaze TTV
    BBlaze TTV Pirms dienas

    Anyone from Pyro's video??

  • SuperJuanTV1
    SuperJuanTV1 Pirms dienas


  • utlxutee utmm
    utlxutee utmm Pirms dienas

    M A V E R I C K

  • Thomas Perez
    Thomas Perez Pirms dienas +1

    Okay calm down Shane Dawson

  • Ownyou25
    Ownyou25 Pirms dienas

    Oh no he’s been diagnosed with down syndrome

  • Malik Golden
    Malik Golden Pirms dienas

    I made a review on this trailer please watch and let me know what you think :)

  • Aki123
    Aki123 Pirms dienas

    dumbest shit ever

  • Nona the cat
    Nona the cat Pirms dienas

    The earth is a turtle

  • Dank memes
    Dank memes Pirms dienas

    what the hell is this oh i know logan pual logic

  • smelly homosapian
    smelly homosapian Pirms dienas

    This is legit a copyright strike waiting to happen by Shane Dawson

  • Jankalung
    Jankalung Pirms dienas

    You sure you're not getting confused with an omelet or something?

  • JuliaMichelle2
    JuliaMichelle2 Pirms dienas

    Omg.. go home.

  • Valentino Olsson
    Valentino Olsson Pirms dienas

    Fuc flat earthers.why is the moon round huh or why does lunar eclipse happens huh logay paul is just stupid but hes brother is better hes not as dum as logan paul

  • Gm_ BravoLollo
    Gm_ BravoLollo Pirms dienas

    Is this a joke?? Because if it is its a good one

  • Chanel Roe
    Chanel Roe Pirms dienas

    Love this new Logan

  • SlimJim Dave
    SlimJim Dave Pirms dienas

    When you can't make fun of a dead body for views, so you go to the next best thing.

  • Ghostly Gamer
    Ghostly Gamer Pirms dienas

    The earth is round the reason why we are not falling off is because we have something called gravity but that is a theory.also we have also been to space but people still say that is a hoax well I can prove that wrong because actors in or the props in the 70’s were not very good they were not as good as the ones we have now.

  • Gabby Carlton
    Gabby Carlton Pirms dienas

    Logan it’s NOT good to copy Shane;also dot be dumb the earth is ROUND NOT FLAT DUHHHHHH

  • Gabby Carlton
    Gabby Carlton Pirms dienas

    Bruhhhhhhhhhhhh Shane we’re are you?

  • Stella Frances
    Stella Frances Pirms dienas

    Please don’t be like Shane Dawson trying to get more views off of conspiracies (I don’t hate Shane or Logan :) )

  • Foxxely
    Foxxely Pirms dienas

    If the earth is flat

    Then why some people still think that earth is round

  • Dark Wolf224
    Dark Wolf224 Pirms dienas

    OK look I don't hate the people that belive the earth is flat but my personal OPINON is that earth is round but that's just me and out of all the things you can refer to in Australia you pick TOILET WATER I mean can it get any groser than THAT.

  • Miles Green
    Miles Green Pirms dienas


    YOUNGDAGGER Pirms dienas

    Wtf is this

  • God queen
    God queen Pirms dienas

    Here's my idea.
    ~You have money
    ~Stop wasting it on crap and bets
    ~If you can buy a multi million dollar house you can save up for a rocket
    ~Buy a rocket
    ~Go to space
    ~Then you will know

  • Zombie Terrorist
    Zombie Terrorist Pirms dienas

    How much of a brain dead fucktard can you be to believe the Earth is flat?
    More videos like this just confirm the fact your a failed abortion...

  • RMG-Horizon Cak
    RMG-Horizon Cak Pirms dienas


  • Jf Rabs
    Jf Rabs Pirms dienas

    Damn you're fucking dumb.

  • AliDreamer
    AliDreamer Pirms dienas

    Okay. Shane wanna be loll

  • Jaycee Stanek
    Jaycee Stanek Pirms dienas

    Uh fake Shane dawsone hi how are ya.

  • astohe
    astohe Pirms dienas +1

    there is a WAY better netflix movie that is already out based around this without a dead body recording, dead rat tazing person in it!

  • YouTubeHotdog
    YouTubeHotdog Pirms dienas

    Fucking brainlet

  • randy butternubs
    randy butternubs Pirms dienas

    honestly, i gotta give it to Logan. i hope and pray this is all sarcastic. if he really is parodying Shane’s conspiracy videos, that would truly be the only good move he’s made in his whole career. dare i say... i *actually* look forward to a Paul’s video...?

  • Emi Lulu
    Emi Lulu Pirms dienas

    Shane ??

  • depressed sandwich
    depressed sandwich Pirms dienas

    Logan in the woods

  • Orbity
    Orbity Pirms dienas +1

    Stop brainwashing children

  • TheLegitEpicBoss
    TheLegitEpicBoss Pirms dienas

    The earth is flat?..... y'all ever heard of hills?

  • Laurence Sundberg
    Laurence Sundberg Pirms dienas

    if you think the earth is flat you were born with no brain

  • Tummy Ogy
    Tummy Ogy Pirms dienas +1

    i lost half brain cells watching this

  • Morgan Pfingsttag
    Morgan Pfingsttag Pirms dienas

    Bruuuuh you ever hear of GRAVITY

  • manxmaniac
    manxmaniac Pirms dienas

    Logan Paul-🦀🦀MY BRAIN IS GONE🦀🦀

  • Teisenberg
    Teisenberg Pirms dienas +1

    Shane is definitely laughing at this

    THE FBI Pirms dienas

    Ya know what else is even crazier ya daft twat

    Showing a mans dead body for your own monetary gain

  • Jadenislive again
    Jadenislive again Pirms dienas

    Logan Paul needs to go to space

  • Top Vidz
    Top Vidz Pirms dienas

    mE taRdeD AfteR WAtchIng tHis

  • Whisper Mint
    Whisper Mint Pirms dienas

    Just wait until you hear about the moon..

    *spoiler alert*

    It can change shapes. Crescent moon? Whole moon? Sometimes bigger than usual.. Yeah. let that one sink in.

  • lmaochillandrew
    lmaochillandrew Pirms dienas

    I’m not a fan of Logan Paul but I am actually kinda interested in this

  • Subject
    Subject Pirms dienas

    most retarded thing in ages

  • Gaming boiboi
    Gaming boiboi Pirms dienas +1

    Hahaha and I thought you were dumb, but boi your fucking autistic.

  • fuck
    fuck Pirms dienas +1

    Dense motherfucker

  • quaking
    quaking Pirms dienas

    Logan wants views and money by copying Shane NOBODY WaTCH HIS VID PLEASE

  • Rogo
    Rogo Pirms dienas

    “Because if it wasn’t flat, we’d all just... fall off.”
    **Logan gives inspirational look at camera**

  • McJackerson
    McJackerson Pirms dienas

    Wait Logan is a flat earther. He is retarded

  • HoashiesToashies
    HoashiesToashies Pirms dienas

    I never thought Logan could get dumber

  • Aryn Cross
    Aryn Cross Pirms dienas

    Logan: *watches Shane Dawson’s conspiracy video/documentary* *looks at views*
    Logan: Flat Earth the truth that let you free
    Shane Dawson: 🤦‍♂️

  • Tanner Martin
    Tanner Martin Pirms dienas

    What do you mean we'll fall off. "Gravity gravitates us towards earth which means we wont fall off STUPID"

  • Clueless
    Clueless Pirms dienas

    WTH are they thinking the earth is obviously a doughnut 🙄

  • Vago
    Vago Pirms dienas

    Everything is a hoax

  • Tristan the Live Guy
    Tristan the Live Guy Pirms dienas

    Well I am unsubscribing

  • Xxrocketkiller MonkeyxX

    Running out of LVclip ideas?

  • Mr Elias
    Mr Elias Pirms dienas

    A straight line when I the solar eclipse happening Hmmmmm

  • damiyan smith
    damiyan smith Pirms dienas

    If the Earth was flat you would float in space the world is not flat because just because you think it's flat it's not flat and it's not round actually9% of it is a circle the other is cut off and another fact that the world is a circle because the mountains and if the world was straight if you swim in the ocean you will fall off and nobody falls off so the Earth is not straight it's 9% round

  • CMDR Muricaball
    CMDR Muricaball Pirms dienas

    Do us all a favor and jump off the edge.

  • Alfredo Hall
    Alfredo Hall Pirms dienas

    If Hollywood has Bollywood, is this Shane Bawson?

  • Robert Munson
    Robert Munson Pirms dienas

    nasa is lying

  • Parsa Yazdani
    Parsa Yazdani Pirms dienas

    This has to be a joke 😂

  • Asarck
    Asarck Pirms dienas

    he dum

  • LGamerr
    LGamerr Pirms dienas

    LOL I quit the internet

  • HRGM333
    HRGM333 Pirms dienas

    Check this>>>Gravity is real yet all the ponds in the world are no affected only the trillion gallons of sea water (tides) lol

  • Jay Owens
    Jay Owens Pirms dienas

    Thanks for teaching our children lies, prove to me that the world is flat, then i will change my mind

  • Jacbiggio
    Jacbiggio Pirms dienas

    I learned this new word in class is called atmosphere pretty cool right

  • casey
    casey Pirms dienas

    my brain cells

  • Eggs Bacon
    Eggs Bacon Pirms dienas

    What? There are millions of evidence that the Earth is flat?
    naw bruh i think earth flat because we no fall off - Flat Earth Society

  • Queen Green Bean
    Queen Green Bean Pirms dienas

    Do you actually think the Earth is flat?😅 or are you just speaking out for others beliefs? Because theres nothing wrong with that

  • A Heart Demon
    A Heart Demon Pirms dienas +1

    Showing kids corpses and giving stupid conspiracies, thanks Logan, autist

  • 2ULikePIZZA 42
    2ULikePIZZA 42 Pirms dienas

    The earth is not flat or round. The earth is a doughnut

    • Bill Keith
      Bill Keith Pirms dienas

      tiny url com /D13EzekielWheel
      It is called a Torroidal field.

  • Jose Muniz
    Jose Muniz Pirms dienas

    The truth is the Earth is round no we do not fly off in to space because of gravity keep use on the ground y'all are stupid

  • TTV Ace_gaming1301
    TTV Ace_gaming1301 Pirms dienas

    The earth is not flat people

  • Kataze
    Kataze Pirms dienas

    Here he is desperate for views again

  • J W
    J W Pirms dienas

    Damn.... Those missing parts of his brain are really showing

  • Erik Finck
    Erik Finck Pirms dienas

    Mike is the biggest retard on the planet

    • Jay Owens
      Jay Owens Pirms dienas

      Logan Paul is the biggest retard on the planet. Change my mind

  • westworld
    westworld Pirms dienas

    The only thing this brat ever did for man kind is prove that a human soul is worth about 18M LVclip subs

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah Pirms dienas

    Other planets: Spheres

    • Jay Owens
      Jay Owens Pirms dienas

      Nah mate, ya got it all wrong, ya see, the sky is a hologram

  • Fortnite Fan
    Fortnite Fan Pirms dienas +1

    Tom: draw the 🌍
    Jason: (draws straight line)

  • Horror Moon
    Horror Moon Pirms dienas


  • john gillon
    john gillon Pirms dienas

    They are afraid to send a flat earther to space. why do you need proof. the earth is flat.

  • Truth seeker
    Truth seeker Pirms dienas +1

    This is it big step, right? But, Flat Earth doesn't explain why the North and southern hemispheres rotate in different directions! Its concave. The Earth is concave! I started as a flat earther. I built my whole Channel around it, but I don't think it's true.

    • Jay Owens
      Jay Owens Pirms dienas

      this will make you angry but just here me out, Is god actually real?
      Is He?
      Think about it

  • Bradleh
    Bradleh Pirms dienas

    i had the most shiteating grin this whole video

    • Jay Owens
      Jay Owens Pirms dienas

      why? I had a giant facepalm

  • Felicity Ocarol
    Felicity Ocarol Pirms dienas

    Because if it was flat it would be Day in all countries

  • Felicity Ocarol
    Felicity Ocarol Pirms dienas

    We love you but the earth is literally round

  • Kylee Grace
    Kylee Grace Pirms dienas

    Srsly can you not copy Shane like come on man also he’s coping the Netflix show

  • Sniperbrie No scopes
    Sniperbrie No scopes Pirms dienas

    U wanna know the truth go ask a astronaut who’s seen earth (round earth person)

  • Lea Nicole
    Lea Nicole Pirms dienas

    This has to be a joke

    • Jay Owens
      Jay Owens Pirms dienas

      nah he stupid and begging for views

  • Robert Leavitt
    Robert Leavitt Pirms dienas

    I'm pretty sure we can see the earth is not flat when we have footage of the earth from space and its pretty much not flat? 😂

    • Jay Owens
      Jay Owens Pirms dienas

      (Being a retard) NAH BRO THATS CGI

  • Professor Wumbo
    Professor Wumbo Pirms dienas +1

    He thinks the earth is flat because he fell off the trending tab

  • Jesus Villeda
    Jesus Villeda Pirms dienas

    How is logan coming out with so many things in lil time he is working on impailsive,choch tales and more

  • Martha Garcia
    Martha Garcia Pirms dienas

    U dmd bro are yo good?