How The Beauty Industry Took Over The World

  • Publicēšanas datums 10 aug 2019
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    The beauty community is always full of drama, but controversy has always been closely tied to the cosmetics industry, long before people like Kylie Jenner, Jeffree Star or James Charles were even born. Today we take a trip back in time to study the history of makeup - by studying people like Madam C.J. Walker, Max Factor, brands like Clinique and Revlon, we can get a better understanding of how the industry works today. Also, Wilfur has a makeup palette now apparently.
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    Andrei Terbea - Lead Animator
    Nicoleta Toader - Producer
    Assistant Animator - Stefan Popa
    How Ancient Egypt shaped our idea of beauty
    Ancient Egyptian cosmetics

    When Charlie Met Estée

    Enterprising Women: 250 Years of American Business

    Cosmetics market to reach USD 805.61 billion by 2023

    How Rihanna Became The World’s Richest Female Musician

    Delusional - spring gang feat. King Sis
    Outro song: Joakim Karud - Loudness & Clarity
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      I love how you mentioned EVERYWHERE but Africa, the place where all humans started - biased much, please don't be "that" typical in a bubble white guy. Nefertiti & Cleeoparta were Black and from Africa. Come on kid.

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      ummmm....Kylie is no way nowdays Madam C.J Walker. Pls don't say that. Kylie is soooo overrated.

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      your animations are legendary, work of artistry, bellisimo

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      Veeeeeeeeeeerrrrrryyyyyy good as usual

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    you draw very nice, but I need noses, please.

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    As a straight man, I can say the beauty community is the most confusing community on LVclip.

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    "1920 n 1930" crash or the great depression. 1929 to 1939

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    Are u romanian?

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    When some talks about Greece and the ancient world and you're a huge geek about that.

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    Beauty industry and WIX ads took over the world lmaooaoaoaoaoa

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    3:50 Hentai

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    this is literally the only channel where i don't skip the ads because WTF! this is what i call QUALITY CONTENT and i think you totally deserve every single penny for it!!!

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    Before: magazines
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    Great video! 💯

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    I liked your video but the 2 months free trial is weird, it asks for more than just email, so I'm gonna hate that stuff👍

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    I recommended skill share and I got 25 people to use because of Andrei so uh your welcome

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    Everyone's a gangsta in beauty until Wilfur's makeup pallet steps in !

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    When someone puts acid on thier face😆

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    Take a breath sometimes dear Andrei ;) nice job,,!

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    In America they teach u that Europe is a continent? Here they teach us that Eurasia is a continent

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    I thought that an actual wilfur makeup palette would be made 😂

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    Fun fact: the toxicity of lead and mercury was known for centuries but women considered that is was more important to be married than to have a long life

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    Pfft i got a netflix ad when you said "better than anything on netflix"

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    Although the beauty industry has simply exploded over the past few years, with online influencers and celebrities producing products, alongside traditional brands - the market seems so incredibly saturated that I wonder what is the next “big thing”? It’s clear that media for media’s sake isn’t really what propels these things forward but the ability for viewers to purchase a product - thus producing large returns and propelling the industry forward by funding its momentum. But what’s next? What will be the next industry to profit from this social media insanity? What industry will put their products on everyone’s lists, capitalizing on social media and influencers? This is the question I’ve really been wondering.

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