Eating A 3D Printed Steak

  • Publicēšanas datums 8 feb 2019
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    Old Lady:
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    - Production: EIT-Food (
    - Footage: Víctor Luengo film maker of enerofilms (
    - Startup: Novameat (
    Up Above by Pyrosion
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    Lightness by Nomyn
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    Confused (Afternoons LP) by Loxbeats
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  • casey pullin
    casey pullin Pirms 9 Minūtes

    2:05 location?

  • Gerardo Marin
    Gerardo Marin Pirms 3 Stundām

    For poor coledge students

  • Play_ Sensejunge
    Play_ Sensejunge Pirms 14 Stundām

    I was Finnland in the same hotel

  • Matthew Henry
    Matthew Henry Pirms 22 Stundām

    Now THAT'S man made food lol

  • Can I get 300 subs without Any vids?

    *victims: he kidnapped my daughter*
    *cops: we are working on your case and we will try everything we can to find her.*
    *cops: **2:55*

  • Ethan Thai
    Ethan Thai Pirms dienas

    How many times he said this company in this vid!

  • Akira Kush
    Akira Kush Pirms dienas

    it looks like fucking dog shit

  • последствия твоего эгоизма

    1:45 The lion king,roar scene in the end

  • Po Ol
    Po Ol Pirms dienas

    Am am I the only one that hears dookie dookie dookie 1:06

  • Ashley Correa
    Ashley Correa Pirms dienas

    is no one gonna talk about 0:32

  • Angelz
    Angelz Pirms dienas +1

    What have we come to

    JACQUELINE GARCIA Pirms dienas

    1:20 oops

  • 1000 subs with no video Challenge

    Me:Mom can we have steak?
    Mom: We already have steak at home
    Steak at home

  • bear Frease
    bear Frease Pirms 2 dienām

    We're dying because of that stupid plastic stuff

  • Berton T 2
    Berton T 2 Pirms 3 dienām +1

    When the person touched the dog and made the noise wtf dogs dont make dat noise

  • Jared Gabriel
    Jared Gabriel Pirms 3 dienām +1

    2:36 when i just started and dont have a house while its night time in minecraft

    • Malikie
      Malikie Pirms 2 dienām

      2:43 the next night when you built a house out of dirt

  • Lewis Channon
    Lewis Channon Pirms 3 dienām

    I wish cops were like this were i live

    BLANKS Pirms 3 dienām


  • anurag bista
    anurag bista Pirms 3 dienām

    Vegans have entered the chat.

  • Raven the fox
    Raven the fox Pirms 3 dienām

    0:33 thank me later

  • Zenji Rex
    Zenji Rex Pirms 4 dienām

    2:01 where is that!?

  • Jack Man
    Jack Man Pirms 4 dienām

    He looks like a brutes

  • Kid3D
    Kid3D Pirms 4 dienām


  • xxd_ 900
    xxd_ 900 Pirms 4 dienām

    1:46 me and my friends acting like popular kids

  • Jdiggs 123
    Jdiggs 123 Pirms 4 dienām +3

    My parents when they see my grades

  • David Gold
    David Gold Pirms 4 dienām +1

    It bothers me that the guy who jumped was wearing shoes

  • Swamp Bomb
    Swamp Bomb Pirms 4 dienām

    Meat meat meat not meat

  • Amotekun
    Amotekun Pirms 5 dienām

    Being a vegan myself the idea of eating printed food sounds disgusting to me. How would they make it taste like food? Would it not taste like whatever material it’s made out of?

  • • Fursoniia •
    • Fursoniia • Pirms 5 dienām

    The dog though...

  • Phuong oanh Nguyễn
    Phuong oanh Nguyễn Pirms 5 dienām

    Daily Dose of Internet: This company found a way to 3D print a steak made of plant base resources. The objective is to make food that taste and feel like meat without being meat
    Non vegan people: *confuse screaming*

  • VicVictory Meepers
    VicVictory Meepers Pirms 5 dienām

    0:28 you know he wants to spit that shit out lmao

  • Navin Davoodi
    Navin Davoodi Pirms 6 dienām +2

    That one clip was literally just lions roaring. what

    • Navin Davoodi
      Navin Davoodi Pirms 2 dienām

      Malikie lmao

    • Malikie
      Malikie Pirms 2 dienām

      Of you close your eyes it's someone trying to start a car that's been sitting in -10° weather

  • Left Nut
    Left Nut Pirms 6 dienām

    3:11 that guy got shot

  • Sam Koster
    Sam Koster Pirms 6 dienām

    Minecraft irl

    1 million views.

  • Favorite Mustard
    Favorite Mustard Pirms 6 dienām

    @ 1:51 Lions: Hey that cheetah tryin ta steal our turtle!

  • Christoph Kalensky
    Christoph Kalensky Pirms 6 dienām


  • Ah REEE
    Ah REEE Pirms 6 dienām

    72 yr old woman:
    Goes to Gym
    Me at 72:

  • neo malapane
    neo malapane Pirms 6 dienām


  • Im Shook
    Im Shook Pirms 6 dienām

    3:10 Oof

  • Hey You
    Hey You Pirms 6 dienām

    2:18 If you do that again Im going to tell my momma.

  • Aleks Ignjatovic
    Aleks Ignjatovic Pirms 7 dienām

    That looks nothing like real meat. WTF they talking about, it looks more like green 💩 from a pet once it's stepped on.

  • Gillian Marshall
    Gillian Marshall Pirms 7 dienām +1

    0:16 And the future is Pancake Meat!

  • Holliday Cox
    Holliday Cox Pirms 8 dienām


  • Daddys Fastest Swimmer
    Daddys Fastest Swimmer Pirms 8 dienām

    0:28 That guy looks like he just tasted a steak that was made out of plants or something.

  • Shree Nation
    Shree Nation Pirms 8 dienām

    No offense but that steak looks disgusting

  • Serra Rojen
    Serra Rojen Pirms 8 dienām

    Need back up. Cup down cup down i repeat cup down

  • Hob Nob
    Hob Nob Pirms 9 dienām

    This station is the definition on "simple genius" props my guy

    • Hob Nob
      Hob Nob Pirms 7 dienām +1

      @Stephon TheDon my boy? No i mean simple genius

    • Stephon TheDon
      Stephon TheDon Pirms 7 dienām

      STABLE genius....... like your boy trump

  • Stxtic
    Stxtic Pirms 9 dienām

    Everybody that liked this video is a vegan... 🤷‍♂️🤔

  • DampyDan
    DampyDan Pirms 9 dienām

    Make. Plant resource meat lies and I’ll freaken buy

  • stubby Goat
    stubby Goat Pirms 10 dienām

    0:34 HURRY!! CALL 911

  • Dach1Ko
    Dach1Ko Pirms 10 dienām

    Infinite Food!

  • PierrotBolnezify
    PierrotBolnezify Pirms 10 dienām

    Look at how hard that man tried to not spit whatever he just put in his mouth. Look at his expression of sheer disgust and self loathing.
    That's why fellas, eat REAL food.

  • WiKD Orthrus
    WiKD Orthrus Pirms 11 dienām

    Yall remember that one episode of spongebob when plankton ate a hologram of meatloaf? That’s exactly what I thought of from the thumbnail.

  • _ • * M i n t y_ L o c o * • _

    Guess it doesn’t matter if ur vegan or not

  • Kat Alday
    Kat Alday Pirms 11 dienām

    I do wonder what a 3D printed steak would taste like? I cannot even imagine what it would taste like, & I have a pretty vivid imagination. 😞😒

  • DivanDan
    DivanDan Pirms 11 dienām

    3:10 Officer down, I repeat, officer down!

  • Veldtian1
    Veldtian1 Pirms 11 dienām

    3:11 We gotta man down!

  • •Flürry Wølf•
    •Flürry Wølf• Pirms 11 dienām

    Is it just me or do those lions sound like minecraft cows?-

  • Dan Wally
    Dan Wally Pirms 11 dienām

    Where does he get the amazing music ??!!!

  • Taco Robbie
    Taco Robbie Pirms 11 dienām

    That is no steak

  • Francisco Vaca
    Francisco Vaca Pirms 11 dienām

    Plankton thought of it before all you hoes

  • A Boy Plays
    A Boy Plays Pirms 12 dienām

    To all the criminals out there now remember to always carry a pocket knife around with you 😊

  • yennifer diaz
    yennifer diaz Pirms 12 dienām

    Leo"s trying to have the las wor..roar :3

  • yennifer diaz
    yennifer diaz Pirms 12 dienām

    Leo"s trying to have the las wor..roar :3

  • ftnwo
    ftnwo Pirms 12 dienām +1

    Please don't show anything with cops ( I am a criminal yet I have no victims)

  • Turtle
    Turtle Pirms 12 dienām

    It looks disgusting

  • banna bread
    banna bread Pirms 12 dienām

    I would rather die than eat that

  • J S
    J S Pirms 12 dienām

    1:45 what your stomach feels after eating McDonalds

  • Gïtu Gacha
    Gïtu Gacha Pirms 12 dienām


  • Lupe V
    Lupe V Pirms 12 dienām

    So this is the source of mac donalds food

  • Malicious Dolphin
    Malicious Dolphin Pirms 13 dienām

    Waiter: ok sir and how would you like you're steak cooked.
    Customer: 3D printed

    P.S I know this is copied just didnt see it and found it extremely hilarious

    • Dqlly
      Dqlly Pirms 12 dienām

      Malicious Dolphin, you didn’t even edit your comment so you just straight up stole my pinned comment lmao

  • The Unpopular Opinion
    The Unpopular Opinion Pirms 13 dienām

    Cops: Nobody can run from us now!
    Person: (Has arms in T-pose and legs spread apart when running)
    Cops: o_o

  • Demonitizer
    Demonitizer Pirms 13 dienām

    I truly hate vegans

  • turbo's adventures
    turbo's adventures Pirms 13 dienām

    That snowball fight is my life goal😂

  • пиздец
    пиздец Pirms 13 dienām