NHL Highlights | Sabres @ Sharks 10/19/19

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  • Extended highlights of the Buffalo Sabres at the San Jose Sharks
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  • stevie ray genoch
    stevie ray genoch Pirms 21 dienas

    Wait if ya put joe Thornton, brent burns , evander kane, kevin labank and tomosh hertel.... there should be a goal. Let's me see the line again....

  • stevie ray genoch
    stevie ray genoch Pirms 21 dienas

    All star team here@ san jose sharks
    Even with out joe Pavelski* which is now on dallas stars closer to me...
    Its Stanley cup this year this sharks year this is sharks time and sharks are hungrier than ever!

  • Shoresy 69
    Shoresy 69 Pirms 22 dienām +1

    Baby shark shark shark

  • Shreddie Krueger
    Shreddie Krueger Pirms 22 dienām +1

    A lot of love for my sabres here but they haven't played Boston, Tampa, or the leafs yet. I love em so far but they gotta prove it against the class of the division.

  • Connor Jo
    Connor Jo Pirms 22 dienām +2

    SJ has the absolute WORST goal horn and music in the arena ive ever heard

    • b blue
      b blue Pirms 22 dienām

      They also have the worst commentators and pathetic fans×

  • optimine
    optimine Pirms 22 dienām

    4:43 - anyone know what's written on his helmet?

  • Austin Caza
    Austin Caza Pirms 22 dienām +2

    I really hate watching Erik Karlsson play. So useless defensively. It's actually painful to watch, some Jr B players play better defence than him.. Good god.

  • Tom Squish
    Tom Squish Pirms 23 dienām

    Wild game,really exciting. GO SABERS!!

  • Devvin Peterson
    Devvin Peterson Pirms 23 dienām

    I hate Randy Hahn!!!!

  • DansXe
    DansXe Pirms 23 dienām

    2 Brits 1 Puck ep 86
    Guest Paul Campbell joins us to talk
    Price/Bob deals, Sleeper Goalies,Superstitions. Also-Canes good-Devils bad-Taylor Hall goes where?-Blues White House-Sens attendance figures

  • Jojo deguzman
    Jojo deguzman Pirms 23 dienām

    What is Wrong with the Sharks? Every year no defense no offense!!!

  • Alex
    Alex Pirms 23 dienām

    hahahahah karlson sucks

  • Zdoge61
    Zdoge61 Pirms 23 dienām

    The Sharks aren't a playoff team without Pavelski. they will miss the playoffs. The Coyotes will probably make tje playoffs because they are on fire so far.

  • chris campbell
    chris campbell Pirms 23 dienām +4

    karlsson was a waste of money... guy gets beat like a rented mule... gives the puck away more then any defender i have ever seen! cut him and thornton... get pavelski back and you got a team!

    • Northface123100
      Northface123100 Pirms 22 dienām

      That’s fucked up haha kinda of scary to think how good that team would have been

    • b blue
      b blue Pirms 22 dienām +2

      I've heard vegas almost got him in 2018. Vgk really dodged a bullet.

    • Northface123100
      Northface123100 Pirms 23 dienām +1

      full on waste of money and the give away that costed the game!

  • Keith Winter
    Keith Winter Pirms 23 dienām

    Strange times...

  • Dodgerules Chevycrap
    Dodgerules Chevycrap Pirms 23 dienām


  • Outbreak
    Outbreak Pirms 23 dienām

    If Hutton and Ullmark can keep playing good this team will be really really good! All comes down to the goalies in buffalo

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    59rd comment 🚽🚪

  • Doe Boy
    Doe Boy Pirms 23 dienām

    I gotta say not great defense by the shark but damm Martin Jones is horrible need a different goalie embarrassing to say the least

  • Eric Brewer Guitar
    Eric Brewer Guitar Pirms 23 dienām +2

    Buffalo has so much push back this year. Wow!

  • Untouchable Buffalo
    Untouchable Buffalo Pirms 23 dienām +6

    Ralph Is Out Here Having The Time Of His Life ' He's A Kid Again #GoBuffalo

  • Mueen Q. Al-Jayousi
    Mueen Q. Al-Jayousi Pirms 23 dienām

    The sabers will eventually chock
    They are not for real

    • GoalHornFanatic
      GoalHornFanatic Pirms 23 dienām

      That's some expensive bait, guy.

    • Crynzd
      Crynzd Pirms 23 dienām +1

      Yes, that's exactly what he means

    • 30 And Hating It
      30 And Hating It Pirms 23 dienām

      Chock, like what I put behind the wheels of my car when I'm doing an oil change?

    • singingchef23
      singingchef23 Pirms 23 dienām

      There had to be one. I'll check back in around January last year we knew pretty early.

  • xczechr
    xczechr Pirms 23 dienām +2

    That turnover by Karlsson for the go ahead goal. Oof.

    • How Dew You Dew?
      How Dew You Dew? Pirms 21 dienas

      Wasnt so bad , Kyle Orkposo with some very strong checking...that line is tenacious this year!

  • matthew champagne
    matthew champagne Pirms 23 dienām

    Still haven't showed stats you guys are lazy

    • dopey
      dopey Pirms 22 dienām

      i warned you that if you kept complaining, there'd be punishment...

      nothing personal, boy. this is just how we do things here.

      if you get things in the mail, you know where to find me.

  • JT 91
    JT 91 Pirms 23 dienām +11

    Damn Buffalo showing alot of heart this year love it

    • JT 91
      JT 91 Pirms 23 dienām +1

      Sabres hockey is exciting to watch, good to see.

    • GoalHornFanatic
      GoalHornFanatic Pirms 23 dienām +3

      A good chunk of the Division games are gonna be goodies this season.

  • Billy Feral
    Billy Feral Pirms 23 dienām +1

    Sabres are looking tough this year fun to watxh

  • UGkerto
    UGkerto Pirms 23 dienām

    Sabres are rockin rollin right now!!!! Fun team to watch as well

  • Snap Guy
    Snap Guy Pirms 23 dienām

    Hope your watching all these highlights of the Sabres this season Phil hourly.

  • David Young
    David Young Pirms 23 dienām +4

    As a life-long Sabres fan (58-years old!), had you told me that Buffalo would be 7-1-1 at the start of the season, I wouldn't have believed it. But Krueger has them playing as a team, and not like a collection of individuals. SABRES RULE, OTHERS DROOL!!!!!

  • DaveDahuh
    DaveDahuh Pirms 23 dienām +8

    McCabe is a very underrated Dman. All 6 of them are playing well this year.

    • Mandalorian Legion
      Mandalorian Legion Pirms 23 dienām

      LionMountain his offensive ability balances it out

    • William May
      William May Pirms 23 dienām

      @DaveDahuh he'll learn he's still a teenager

    • LionMountain
      LionMountain Pirms 23 dienām +1

      @ChunkyBannanaMan No he has a point. Dahlin is pretty sloppy on defense, that's why Kreuger benched him the last 8 minutes against the Panthers bc of poor defensive play. For being a defenseman, it isn't Dahlin's strong suit.

    • ChunkyBannanaMan
      ChunkyBannanaMan Pirms 23 dienām

      @DaveDahuh Dahlin is once again only 19. Hes a very good offensive player so he ain't going anywhere. It'll be a tough just when montour comes back

    • DaveDahuh
      DaveDahuh Pirms 23 dienām +1

      @HaHaIKiLLedu716 I feel bad saying this but Dahlin doesn't look up to par imo. It could be teams just keying on him and pressuring him right away.

  • Swaggy McTrollmeister
    Swaggy McTrollmeister Pirms 23 dienām +4

    Erik Karlsson is a defensive liability every game. Whatever he generates in offense, he negates on defense. Can't believe Doug signed him for all that money. Should've let him walk and kept Pavs

  • Stu W.
    Stu W. Pirms 23 dienām +1

    Good solid game Buffalo.

  • Yuri S
    Yuri S Pirms 23 dienām +1

    Sabres, it was a great job! Your start at the season real awesome.
    P.S. of course, anybody understand that Coyotes win.

  • Steel Republic
    Steel Republic Pirms 23 dienām +9

    Please put the box score and game summary at the end of the video like you did last season. Thank you.

  • Noah Jellani
    Noah Jellani Pirms 23 dienām +2

    Why is a shot between the legs called 5 hole? 🤔

    • Jim Again
      Jim Again Pirms 22 dienām +1

      1 top left 2 top right 3 left low 4 right low 5 between the legs. It’s used by statisticians to track weak areas for goalies and shot placement analysis

    • RawZuccSauce420
      RawZuccSauce420 Pirms 23 dienām

      Los Trem below the arms is 6 and 7 hole

    • LindysRuffians
      LindysRuffians Pirms 23 dienām

      @Los Trem Obviously, you're not a golfer.

    • 30 And Hating It
      30 And Hating It Pirms 23 dienām

      @Los Trem That's why they asked.

  • Hugo Lalumiere
    Hugo Lalumiere Pirms 23 dienām +46

    Buffalo's fighting for every inch this year, like they finally have a concrete game plan. That definitely translates to success so far. They're actually fun to watch.

  • Jordan Perepolkin
    Jordan Perepolkin Pirms 23 dienām +1


  • Yari Az Quran
    Yari Az Quran Pirms 23 dienām +18

    As a Sharks fan I realllly wanted Doug Wilson to get Marcus Johansson when he was a UFA this summer. Sabres and Avs are for real this year, both so deep.

    • Howey JR
      Howey JR Pirms 23 dienām

      @Greg Malcomb no they haven't the kings & Panthers outplayed us I think this team is solid but it's still only 9 games in

    • Greg Malcomb
      Greg Malcomb Pirms 23 dienām

      @Howey JR the way the Sabres have played so far, there is no question mark. They have been SOLID every game

    • Howey JR
      Howey JR Pirms 23 dienām +1

      Na Avs are serious sabres still a Question mark

  • Wyeth Earp
    Wyeth Earp Pirms 23 dienām

    All I have to say is holy freaking rebounds. Sharks could have won this if Jones quit giving up so many damn rebounds.

    • Wyeth Earp
      Wyeth Earp Pirms 20 dienām

      @Malicious Clouds I don't have an excuse, I'm not a sharks fan by any means. I just enjoy analyzing games. This game Jones did play better. The sharks let buffalo take control of the crease. Two goals were allowed because there were no sharks defensemen standing tall down low.

    • Malicious Clouds
      Malicious Clouds Pirms 20 dienām

      And what's the excuse for tonight's game? 😂😅🤣

    • Wyeth Earp
      Wyeth Earp Pirms 22 dienām +1

      @why 33664 lvclip.com/video/VroqQQlhshY/video.html I put probably the only good save he had in the clip.

    • why 33664
      why 33664 Pirms 23 dienām

      Karlssons showboating keeps giving the other team amazing chances, fans blame jones for giving up rebounds on amazing saves. sharks fans are a unique type of stupid

  • R. H. Kingpin
    R. H. Kingpin Pirms 23 dienām +10

    Sabres' relentless fore-checking and back-checking provided a huge helping hand towards this victory.

  • GoalHornFanatic
    GoalHornFanatic Pirms 23 dienām +95

    I give the Sharks commentator credit. He's a good commentator for both sides.

    • 30 And Hating It
      30 And Hating It Pirms 23 dienām

      @respectthechemistry1 He sang the praises of one of the opposing goaltenders just the other night.

    • GoalHornFanatic
      GoalHornFanatic Pirms 23 dienām

      @respectthechemistry1 He was good for both sides before he got too old.

    • respectthechemistry1
      respectthechemistry1 Pirms 23 dienām +5

      Paul Gonzalez RJ is definitely a “homer” tho. Nothing wrong with that but he’s a great commentator for Sabres not both sides

    • Paul Gonzalez
      Paul Gonzalez Pirms 23 dienām

      @Joey no better than RJ

    • Joey
      Joey Pirms 23 dienām +14

      Randy Hahn is the best

  • DubNation
    DubNation Pirms 23 dienām +12

    I was at this game, the sharks did all they could to bounce back but Buffalo was just the better team tonight

    then again the sharks have a record for losing to Buffalo

    • Andrew Colvin
      Andrew Colvin Pirms 20 dienām +1

      @Malicious Clouds lol we have their number. Just like Florida usually has ours. Eichel was a madman

    • Malicious Clouds
      Malicious Clouds Pirms 20 dienām

      Sorey bud, got ya again.

    • Andrew Colvin
      Andrew Colvin Pirms 23 dienām

      That's like us vs the Panthers and blue jackets for the most part. We never beat them. We usually beat you guys. It's weird like that with certain teams.

  • Sand Man
    Sand Man Pirms 23 dienām +4

    It's a good day whenever Sharks lose.

    • juan Carlos
      juan Carlos Pirms 23 dienām +2

      Sand Man you turbo virgin

  • kidthump
    kidthump Pirms 23 dienām +14

    Ooh, Ahh Sabres on the war path

  • Mandalorian Legion
    Mandalorian Legion Pirms 23 dienām +33

    Buffalo is for real. Far different team from last season

    • Santiago
      Santiago Pirms 22 dienām


    • 30 And Hating It
      30 And Hating It Pirms 23 dienām

      @William May I'm shocked we've got a second line now, but also the checking/grinder line is doing a lot of good work. In fact, they won the game for us last night.

    • Contrastedd
      Contrastedd Pirms 23 dienām

      William May lots of depth up front

    • William May
      William May Pirms 23 dienām +1

      @30 And Hating It also the only line that was producing was the eichel Skinner line. This year every line is contributing

    • 30 And Hating It
      30 And Hating It Pirms 23 dienām

      @Josh Kramer Last season's winning streak ended and they collapsed because of coaching, defense and secondary scoring. Items addressed this summer: coaching, defense and secondary scoring. Results: they're better.

  • Anthony Fashona
    Anthony Fashona Pirms 23 dienām +7

    Die by the blade! Go Sabres!

  • Cheetahs Are Cool
    Cheetahs Are Cool Pirms 23 dienām +45

    I think Ullmark did better than some people give him credit for, considering 2 of the goals against were bounced off skates which is hard to defend against

  • f6ri6tz6y
    f6ri6tz6y Pirms 23 dienām +2

    Sharks Rule!!!

    • Shoresy 69
      Shoresy 69 Pirms 23 dienām

      I suppose. they lost though... does that make the other team the Rulers?

  • John Thomann
    John Thomann Pirms 23 dienām +6


  • Tom Gillotti
    Tom Gillotti Pirms 23 dienām +15

    Go Sabres!