We Found Her Under The Bed..

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    In this episode, Parker and Chester investigate a situation for a girl (Bella), who has been seeing almost like a 'reflection' of herself in her house.
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    DISCLAIMER: These videos are produced with the intent entertain and promote online safety. Do not try to replicate the acts you see at home.
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    Who thought of that movie Us

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    wait something happened to my computer, is she doing that to... us?

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    That girl behind you is the creature, she actually can turn into some... I D K

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    Wow that freakin scream scared me xD

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    Was I the only one who had a bad vibe that the girl who answered the door wasn’t her?

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    Me: Checks under bed

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    0:13 when your Asian parents found out you got a B on your finals 😂😂

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    Oh my gosh,i screamed very loud when that doppleganger started to chase you guys,she's like a dinosaur or something.

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    I love your vidios

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    Now I will never sleep again 😟😟😬😬😖😖😭😭😭

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    What is this bloddy Mary?

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    The impossible dream has become reality!!!! Not 100k 101k!!

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    You guys made this on my birthday. Lol

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    She looks like the girl from the ring

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    OMG that wasn't her

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    Man why u gotta scare me like that with that #nothificationgang. Also nice video. I mean really good job bcs now I can't sleep Thx Luxury

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    Her hair gave it away too it looked like a tornado ran through it

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    101K! Next video!

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    The only thing scary is this crocs that “Bella” wearing 😐

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    6:49 the next Godzilla roar

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    Umm dis nobody see that their shirts changed

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    Ur both handsome 😚

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    Is Bella okay ?

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    Its like gollum

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    and Plus they teleport

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    I knew she was that demon!

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    6:43, She’s on cocaine 😱😱😱

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    your videos make my period cramps go away so thank you

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    i dont think that is the girl

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    JaMeS cHaReLs JuSt KiSsEd YoU LiKe To UnDo

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    I would hate this job

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    She is behind you like to undo!

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    Hi I'm new fan

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    Bro that was like the next version of granny. Like if u agree -------->

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    This is why you never live alone kids

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    What the hell

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    This bitch is weird

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    Im scired are you

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    She ratchet

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    How did they get the gopros back?????

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    Guy : asks questions

    Every person they've helped :

    S s so
    YeAH I SaW a GoSt

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    Me nope nope jump out widow

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    I sort of though that girl would be under their bed and would grab his leg cause it was hanging off the bed

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    James Charles kissed you...
    Like to undo.

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    I'm so sorry for what happened to you

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    Me at the very beginning: I'm SO ready. Nothing's gonna scare meh!
    Me after like ten seconds: *the bloody scream like*. HOLY SHIRT!
    I srsly fell of my chair cuz I had on head phones and they were loud

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    Next video we gonna see a girl turn into a boy FACTS with some horns too

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    Btw I love you guys!

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    I miss child predator videos so much

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    Bro I want to watch these vids but I know I won’t sleep

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    The the next dinosaur

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    Jesus Christ
    (No offence to religious people)

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    luxurypranks. And prettyboyfredo should make a collab on catching a child predator

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    6:49 Well their goes my ears...

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    This video is earrape

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    No hate but WHERE IS PT 2 OF THIS HUH?

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    That's scared me bad!!!!!!!!

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    I Loveeeee this this prank videos

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    you guys are lucky Bella called in time to tell you that was not her and you guys are lucky nothing happened to you guys who knows what would have happened when u guys were sleeping you guys got so lucky.Lucky bunnies

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    Da Fuck?