The Universal S

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  • People from all over the world have been drawing this S-shaped symbol for decades yet no one seem to know anything about it. In this video I explore some of the popular origin theories and showcase my own findings after five years of on and off searching.


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    Fabien Tell - The Farmer

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  • dank charger
    dank charger Pirms dienas

    does anyone know what's the keyboard in the video he uses?

  • Jeff Zhang
    Jeff Zhang Pirms dienas

    Lmao the penguins

  • German Furman
    German Furman Pirms dienas

    Remember drawing this in school, we did call it superman s.

  • Chris B
    Chris B Pirms dienas

    The symbol is similar to the store at a mall (Galaxy Mall 3)at Surabaya lol

  • mintyglitches
    mintyglitches Pirms dienas

    imagine if this symbol was a key to unlocking the truth about life and our world. If by coming together and discovering the origin we can discover that this is a simulation and as a society we have to collectively decide if we want to stay or to break out and find the truth. What if we're the test run for a species and this symbol and it's mystery is our key to winning our freedom and right to live on, and if we fail we get eliminated? What if this symbol in in our mind from birth and a select few start drawing it out of nowhere and it spreads from those few because we're all drawn to it? What if I'm slowly going insane and kinda wanna write a story based on this concept?

  • Monique Major
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  • nefos
    nefos Pirms dienas +1

    i'm greek, and i remember drawing this since i was a kid, both alone and in the word Smile (with the palm tree). all of my classmates since 2010 are familiar with the symbol as well, and i remember older students drawing it too. even my parents used to draw this (80s). now im 16, in high school, and people still draw the S. now that i think about it, i have absolutely no idea where i learned to do it

  • JGdownunder
    JGdownunder Pirms dienas

    I remember i thought it was just a thing at our school and thought i was cool when i moved interstate and showed it to them, then they already knew about it so then I was like well it must be an australian thing then. Then the internet happened and it turns out everyone to have ever lived has drawn the fucken thing

  • Player One
    Player One Pirms dienas

    I used to put two parallel lines at the top and bottom and make a dollar sign.

    • Player One
      Player One Pirms dienas

      Between the middle two lines

  • Ezekiel Westwood
    Ezekiel Westwood Pirms dienas

    sponge bob?

  • jericho moral
    jericho moral Pirms dienas

    Looks similar to blackletter style of S, with the shape because of the slanted quill. :)

  • KudosK
    KudosK Pirms dienas

    Still waiting for Top 10 Facts about 2018 Lemmino

  • Bert N Ernie
    Bert N Ernie Pirms dienas

    5:05 That is unnecessarily ominous, and I'm here for it.

  • BarbarianGod
    BarbarianGod Pirms dienas

    Literally never saw it before we got broadband at home (cca 2005?), and I'm from Slovenia and 30 years old

  • cattyface Weber
    cattyface Weber Pirms dienas

    whats that bord of the keys you use

  • WorldsWorstBoy
    WorldsWorstBoy Pirms dienas +1

    My favorite LVclipr

  • shrtcvt
    shrtcvt Pirms dienas

    I stARTed this in kindergarten

  • Nick Gehr
    Nick Gehr Pirms dienas

    you know; back in high school, if you could write the S symbol, you were the coolest in the bunch.

  • Gabe
    Gabe Pirms dienas

    Anyone draw a v to make ppl look mad and then thought vlone was weird

  • Rosie207
    Rosie207 Pirms dienas

    You deserve the like and subscribe

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Pirms dienas +1

    *You weren't supposed to do that...*

  • Delarious Duck
    Delarious Duck Pirms dienas

    Jean micheal's cool S looks horrible. lol

  • Doez
    Doez Pirms dienas

    / \
    | | _|
    _\ \
    \ /

  • zimmerlicker
    zimmerlicker Pirms dienas

    at 4:51 a comment say that it was s for suzuki:-)

  • MV
    MV Pirms dienas

    Incredible work and video. Thank you!

  • yesmemekid k
    yesmemekid k Pirms dienas

    Who knew something we just drew as kids would be such a mystery

  • Mr. Bandity
    Mr. Bandity Pirms dienas +1

    "Dead Ends: Schutzstaffel" Now I am just imagining the SS lightning bolts being traded with the S symbol.

  • Supreme Assassin
    Supreme Assassin Pirms dienas +1

    I think he uses half of his time just to make these elegant, neat and beautiful thumbnails....
    These thumbnails are one of the most beautiful ones I've seen

  • Sample Text
    Sample Text Pirms dienas

    im calling it The Universal S now

  • Omni 101
    Omni 101 Pirms dienas

    Good video, I had to watch the entire video.Spray paint rattle can @ 18:28

  • P an
    P an Pirms dienas

    The S is drawn with the word "Smile" and a phoenix in Greece as it signifies summer, the season of the year which Greeks naturally love the most and which the country is associated with on a global scale.

  • ブランクBuranku
    ブランクBuranku Pirms dienas

    Could you consider updating your "Top 10 Facts - PewDiePie" video? When the video was published PewDiePie only had 24,000,000 Subscribers.

  • WobbleCat
    WobbleCat Pirms dienas +1

    I remember we used to draw this symbol to kill time at school. The idea was to populate the space outside the red line in a graph paper notebook with the chains of that symbol.
    I think the origin of those drawing came from carpet designs, because it's so popular in our culture. The "S-shaped" one is probably were inspired by Karabakh Carpet, 1813.

  • GunsIndustry
    GunsIndustry Pirms dienas

    The editing in this is so fucking good

  • Arif Shahriar Anik
    Arif Shahriar Anik Pirms dienas

    You're a legend 💪! Fuckkk man how do you make such good video!!!

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine Pirms dienas

    Omg... this symbol was all the rage when I was in elementary school. Pretty wild that kids all over the world also drew it! I wonder if it's still a thing today

  • Wafer Rolls
    Wafer Rolls Pirms dienas

    This guy has the power to make anything sound unnerving

  • Turkic Sayajin
    Turkic Sayajin Pirms dienas

    what do you think is on mars and in the pyramides bro

  • hillaryious usernerm:
    hillaryious usernerm: Pirms dienas

    10:10 and wallet

  • N0T YOU AGAiN!
    N0T YOU AGAiN! Pirms dienas

    I always called it the superman symbol even though it's not really.

  • ScrapinbyJR
    ScrapinbyJR Pirms dienas

    I always cut off the sharp tip and made it flat, to make it a msu Spartans logo because that where I live

  • Frank Marano
    Frank Marano Pirms dienas

    I used to draw it as a massive chain that kept continuing. Anyone else do that? Oh he just got to that

  • Tuks
    Tuks Pirms dienas

    Kinda like how the myth that Marilyn Manson removed some of his ribs just so he can suck himself. Years later and I was surprised that the myth was actually widely known all over the world.

  • Doge Wow
    Doge Wow Pirms dienas

    You really do upload videos for everyone who is not on our level of understanding

  • b badman123
    b badman123 Pirms dienas +1

    See ya next year guys! 🙋

  • Harley Matthews
    Harley Matthews Pirms dienas

    Good job

  • GrandGaming
    GrandGaming Pirms dienas

    This was actually bloody amazing man! The only complaint I have is WHY ARE THERE 1.5K DISLIKES

  • KeiFresh
    KeiFresh Pirms dienas

    I also used to call it the “Superman S”

  • tanmay yadav
    tanmay yadav Pirms dienas

    This channel is a favourate of youtube algoritham

  • Hydrospx
    Hydrospx Pirms dienas

    The painting "The Ambassadors" by Hans Holbein the Younger, painted in 1533, has a symbol within it that is similar to The Universal S.

  • FireBg Hero
    FireBg Hero Pirms dienas

    I'm from bulgaria 2018 my classmates started drawing it.

  • Trxsh Loner
    Trxsh Loner Pirms dienas

    Anyone call it studzy s?

  • sir yert
    sir yert Pirms dienas

    This is a god damn masterpeice

  • Stratos
    Stratos Pirms dienas

    It did originate from stussy. look up 'stussy old logo' and it'll come up as the first/second pic.
    i found multiple pieces of evidence that you missed as well.
    since the s has been used almost everywhere, we can't safely say where exactly it came from.
    all I know is that it maybe originated in California, the place where stussy was founded in the fist place.

  • T100
    T100 Pirms dienas

    I thought this was a thing only kids from the 2000's did. I also remember being told that this symbol was explicit and shouldn't be used at school.

  • Mildly Disgruntled TortillaWhisperer

    Not the hero we asked for but the one we needed

  • TheLunarElixir
    TheLunarElixir Pirms dienas

    Omg... this symbol was all the rage when I was in elementary school. Pretty wild that kids all over the world also drew it! I wonder if it's still a thing today

  • James Nutrin
    James Nutrin Pirms dienas

    Man I remember when me and my friends would think this was the coolest thing ever back in 2014

    • Etern4l Saiy4n
      Etern4l Saiy4n Pirms dienas

      "back in 2014" we're not in 2030 or something lol. That's not that far ago.

  • Larry the machine gunner

    It means savage

  • Slash ShØgun
    Slash ShØgun Pirms dienas

    Now I genuinely feel complete
    I always wondered where it was from, and now that it's awnsered, I feel kinda happy, but sad to a degree

    PREORDERED Pirms dienas +2

    *I know where it originated from!*

    I came up with it

  • charlie anastcio
    charlie anastcio Pirms dienas

    J U S T L E T M E K N O W

  • Dariel Solangon
    Dariel Solangon Pirms dienas

    how about letter Z nxt time 😂😂

  • Andrew Salerno
    Andrew Salerno Pirms dienas

    This guy has stamina like no other

  • sam browne
    sam browne Pirms dienas

    who else called this "super S"

  • Crisp R
    Crisp R Pirms dienas

    Snake letter

    AEC VIDEOS Pirms dienas

    Am I the only one who found this video creepy ? Idk why

  • Zaindotea
    Zaindotea Pirms dienas

    I don't remember from where did i learn to draw it, but my mom once told me that she drew the same when she got distracted in class

  • ConnorSWB
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    Top ten facts jojos bizarre adventure pleaaaaase

  • Codeine Captain
    Codeine Captain Pirms dienas

    What kind of keyboard is that? 2:02

  • Riasat202
    Riasat202 Pirms dienas

    Hoooly hell dude haha.

  • lane sunfallz
    lane sunfallz Pirms dienas

    when i was in elementary school kids used to say it was a gang sign, and not to draw it, but everyone did it anyways.
    also once my sister filled an entire page with that repeating pattern S thing.

  • Andre
    Andre Pirms dienas

    I compiled the list of your 13,359 (as of no comments) and deducted that your numbers, like mine, are bullshit. Also, it’s the Stussy S. Good video tho, great editing and work

  • the me
    the me Pirms dienas

    from making some of the best music to making the best top tens on the internet to making the best content on the entire, world wide web. you’ll never cease to amazing no matter what you do lemmino, and i can’t wait to see what you’ll do next

    SEVEN BEATS Pirms dienas

    Hey man, I would really like to see you make one of these documentaries on Megalodon, I’ve watched nearly every video on on LVclip covering it but I’m often left wanting more. In addition you always put the most effort, time and research into your videos and I think you’d find it quite interesting.