First Image of a Black Hole!

  • Publicēšanas datums 10 apr 2019
  • The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration observed the supermassive black hole at the center of M87, finding the dark central shadow in accordance with General Relativity, further demonstrating the power of this 100 year-old theory.
    To understand more about why the shadows look the way they do, check out:
    I will continue updating this description with more links.
    Event Horizon Telescope collaboration:
    Animations and simulations with English text:
    L. R. Weih & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
    Video of observation of M87 courtesy of:
    C. M. Fromm, Y. Mizuno & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
    Video of observation of SgrA* courtesy of
    C. M. Fromm, Y. Mizuno & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
    Z. Younsi (University College London)
    Video of telescopes in the array 2017:
    C. M. Fromm & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
    Animations and simulations (no text):
    L. R. Weih & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
    Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
    Donal Botkin, Michael Krugman, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd, Penward Rhyme
    Scale animation by Maria Raykova

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    To think about space and the ocean are the two most wondering topics

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    wonder what's on the other side of that nigga hole.

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    when you are one of the most powerful cosmic entity in the universe but some memers make a meme out of you

    *dissrespect anti-gravity noises*

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    Rather explain in layman's term

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    Did they try to zoom in with a Canon P900?

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    Black Hole........

  • Telo gantong
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    Orang barat buat teori ngawur, itu bukan lubang hitam seolah2 berlubang, tetapi itu matahari/bintang yg sdh membatu, enrginya habis, maka akan membatu menjdi hitam, tapi di masih punya energi penghisap, bukan lubang ... goblok

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      Lisu Patients orang bule itu ateis bung, kalo otaknya gk sampai puncaknya, pikiranya berkhayal, sambil minum arak, mana ada orang ilmuwan tau blekhol belum pernah kesana apalgi menyentuhnya, hnya hayalan gombal mereka. Tdk ada fakta ilmiyah mereka bisa membuktikan blekhol, klo blekhol itu berlubang, ngawur tngkat tinggi, makanya orng bule kalo stresss suka minum alkohol arak, agar bisa brmimpi berkhayal haha

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      Jgn malu maluin orang indonesia dsr otak kompos.

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    There really is nothing science can't explain...

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    Finally, some proof that the black hole is real.

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    Just 1 year and Stephen hawking would see this

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    Its not true .

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    Ya bir siktirin gidin... Donut o donut

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    I watched a doco on this, and one thought came to mind. While the team were formulating the image from the data with various algorithms, they kept coming up with images that looked wrong, or not what they were expecting and finally tried a variation of one algorithm that produced an image that looked like what they were expecting. This is not so much a photo in the normal sense (photo = light + graph = image), rather a visual representation of enormously processed and correlated data fed through an algorithm with human biased selection criteria.

  • PureShores
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    Is there any chance that the singularity could be a smaller superdense piece of matter, or element that we might not have discovered yet that causes such immense gravitational pull that it strips plasma into corks hence the reason why can't see into it?. I say this because of the magnetic field. Wouldn't something of ferro magnetic matter need to be there to cause such a field or does the active spinning plasma fit the bill. Magnetars and neutron stars are hard to find and I know they arise from huge supernovas as well. Could this be the same process with a newer element from a much bigger explosion?. I'm all for brain theory and the 4th dimension, interstellar is my favorite movie.

  • The Heroes Of Technology
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    Is it possible there are many black holes in universe

  • Steve Crothers
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    Crothers, S.J., Time Warps And The M87 ‘Black Hole’,

  • Steve Crothers
    Steve Crothers Pirms 3 dienām

    Stephen Crothers on the Synthetic Imaging of EHT’s “First Image of a Black Hole” in M87,

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    Damn They took the photo with samsung j2 or something

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    Need all died scientists reborn to find the secret of this universe. Like Nikola Tesla.

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    Why they did not use this technology to give us pictures of another planet like Mars? .. I really want to know why

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    Greetings Folks. The blackhole is a big machine runned by E.T. it's a machine that sucks galaxies. Wana know more you know where to text me.

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    This image was rendered using Python programming language.

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    Just how much money went into this? Good job America people are dying of starvation and you are speending billions of dollars on something that humanity will never have any use of.

    • Leopoldo Vaquera Jr.
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      Pukii stfu our economy is doing great! Also this is much more important than the insignificant lives of homeless people :) (Sorry for being brutally honest...but it’s the truth.

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    Look at all those black African scient- oh...

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    I am not schooled but can someone tell me if we know Cygnus to be a black hole at a distance of 6000 light years, why where observations made toward M87 at 55 Million light years, why was it 'easier' to observe at such a vaster distance?

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  • प्रियंका राऊत

    Hubble finds a mysterious black hole that challenges Einstein's theory of relativity

  • VocalFry
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    imagine this mutherfuker decides to pull a Galactus on us and straight up eats the earth

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    It looks like a small moon solar eclipse

  • djdkdjd6553s 352
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    I wish a block hole did swallow the world

  • Hoorich Mundo
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    I’m not really educated on this subject but from learning about space, I’ve learned when we look into space were actually looking into the past so since this black hole is 35 millions light years away wouldn’t it be possible that this black hole doesn’t even exist??

    • Leopoldo Vaquera Jr.
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      By the time this black hole dies... the entire rest of the universe will be gone. Soooo it’s still here

    • Lünkel
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      Oh do not fret, black holes live for a *very* long time.

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    Black hole sun won’t you come and wash away the rain Black hole sun won’t you come won’t you come

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    That could be someone's colonoscopy!

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    Scientist:takes a picture
    Weebs:makes a sexy woman like black hole

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    It's only theory, it could be wrong

  • Jithender K
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    At 02:40 the angle of observation description

  • iuxbkman
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    I have a question, what happens to galaxies when their supermassive black holes died due to hawking radiation?

    • PureShores
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      Black holes die when they stop having matter to suck in. Some black holes suck in so much matter that they can have accretion disks and quasars. The most potent blast of energy in our known universe !

    • iuxbkman
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      @Leopoldo Vaquera Jr. oh so i guess by the time of the supermassive black hole's death, the galaxy does not exist anymore am i correct? Thanks for responding.

    • Leopoldo Vaquera Jr.
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      iuxbkman that galaxy would most likely not exist since it takes a long and i mean VERY long (longer than humans might be capable of understanding) time to die.

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    Science is amazing and terrifying

  • Ayke van Laethem
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    4:27 "confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt"
    This pun.

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    Let me stick it in your black hole

  • Geo Digital
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    The logic of light being absolutely trapped, would indicate a gradual fade of light getting closer to the core, yet we only see pitch black at the very core, this would mean the stars are being distinguished as it smacks the compressed core (even gas escapes) and everything recycles into a stream of energy light at the polar ends recreating the galaxy that is vs the " big bang" law act, or that Black Holes became the evolution act alternative to an entire universe imploding and forcing itself back into the "big bank effect"

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    Bro...TECHNOLOGY is fuc*ing awesome!!!!!

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  • Ravi Kumar Soni
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    Showing the real photage, and practical theory it's totally different, imagination also can be wrong and right also so it's cannot be considered the truth.

    NILKANTH MAHADEV Pirms 10 dienām

    Theory dismissed....
    It is not a black hole...
    Don't jump into conclusion in the basis of fake propaganda spread by NASA...

    MEME MEME Pirms 10 dienām

    *officer Earl running out black hole*

  • Thotti22
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    If I want to see a black hole closely I only need to spread my legs in front of a mirror. No need for an expensive telescope!

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  • Robert Hartman
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    3 months after the photograph of the black hole came out, scientist discover another black hole that challenges everything that they thought they knew about black holes..thus making their approach to translating the data here irrelevant..aaand, we're back to "umm, we don't know yet".. maybe the real science in astrophysics is tricking millionaire investors in to funding a nice desk job allowing those involved to play with telescopes in the a/c for a living. "Ummm, I don't know"..

  • adnan ul haq
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    Wow finally they took a actual black hole picture after very long long time and to much struggle ..😂 Wich is completely look like a sh**😒

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    • Reaper CLAN
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      Leopoldo Vaquera Jr. if they think they found this there saying they can find heaven and scientists are liars they don’t know jack

    • Leopoldo Vaquera Jr.
      Leopoldo Vaquera Jr. Pirms 3 dienām

      Reaper CLAN And what do you consider to be real???

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    I'm on the internet?

  • truth and lies
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    Black hole is myth

  • Omar Maher
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    My friend said that the black hole is a dimension to the real black people's world

  • Omar Maher
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    Year 2098: We took the first image of inside the black hole!
    Inside the black hole

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    Eye of demons

    TRUTH HOLDER Pirms 13 dienām

    Actually, still we have not taken any picture of any black hole , we just got the image of the light ring around the black hole. We will never get a picture of a black hole because black holes are black dots in the black space. And black holes leave no light outside to capture them.

  • Jack the Gestapo
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    2018: stephen hawking died
    2019: “guys we finally took a photo of a real black hole”

    Hawking: am i a joke to you?

  • Enzhou Zutzut
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    It's really sad to think that most of the people here are really glad that there was a blackhole sited nearby our galaxy yet this would also mean that this might be the end of our humanity once it's done cosuming everything that surrounds it and start consuming our whole galaxy.. RN, it is feeding itself and continue growing

    • Leopoldo Vaquera Jr.
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      Are you dumb? This blackhole is soooooo far away from us!!! ITS NOT EVEN IN OUR GALAXY!! In other words, this blackhole is harmless to us

    • Omar Maher
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      Well...... If that is really correct and it might consume us then I hope I die before this happens

  • Official Colors
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    • Joshua Waring
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      Official Colors the Bible isn’t proof, sorry. I’ll ask again: prove it.

    • Official Colors
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      @Joshua Waring the black hole in the bible is called "outer darkness".

    • Official Colors
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      @Joshua Waring the image is fake

    • Joshua Waring
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      Official Colors prove it.

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    For those wondering how a picture was gotten even though Black Holes absorb light:

  • Brandon Dinh
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    2019: humans finds black hole!!

    2099: nothing happened

  • Ranajit
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    Not gonna lie it's so much trippy that I can stare at it for hours...... Same here bro......

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    Why is the title German?

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    Here cause this young thug cover

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    Cool background music + blackholes + veratasium = best video ever

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    ek black hole h jo bhut important h har ladko ke lie bhi 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Roman
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    One thing I don't understand about black holes is why is there an accretion disk, but not an accretion sphere?

  • Josh R
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    so what happens when sagitarius a star becomes active? end of earth? i have so many questions

    • Leopoldo Vaquera Jr.
      Leopoldo Vaquera Jr. Pirms 3 dienām

      Josh R It IS active. Just not ALL the time. Dont worry you will die before black holes EVER even get CLOSE to becoming a threat to humanity.

  • Gabriel Afonso
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    70% of American’s believe that Angels are real.
    We’re truly the dumbest fuckers in the history of infinite galaxies.

    • Gnome Ann
      Gnome Ann Pirms 11 dienām

      D B, a Chapman University survey into American fears:

    • D B
      D B Pirms 11 dienām

      Gnome Ann where’d you get those stats?

    • Gnome Ann
      Gnome Ann Pirms 16 dienām

      Gabriel Afonso, I don’t think belief in angels should be considered “dumb,” as it ties heavily into coping with grief, spiritualism, and religion. If anything, Americans are (perhaps naïvely) optimistic.
      However... There are some beliefs that are simply silly. Such as 57% believing in precursor civilizations like Atlantis, 35% believing aliens came to Earth in modern times, 26% believing that some people have telekinesis, and 21% believing that Bigfoot exists.

  • King Queen
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    I wish my english teacher become the first person who been sent off in black hole

  • adfasdfas sdfasdfsadf
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    if time was manipulatable wouldn't someone had already manipulated it. The fact that no one has ever come back to change history proves time travel is never accomplished. Tell me the sense in never coming back to tell us "hey we learned to manipulate time. Here's a cure to cancer, space colonization, and a recipe to end world hunger." The word spacetime belongs in science fiction. Oh you see light bending around an object, congratulations. Same thing happens when you look at images through a drop of water, or bubble in water. One might protest h2o is clear, congratulations, you've proven other molecules at a great distance may resemble what water appears to us up close and personal. Refractions and light glares come on you're looking at images through a lens zoomed in thousands of times.

    • Gnome Ann
      Gnome Ann Pirms 16 dienām

      adfasdfas sdfasdfsadf, I’m not sure if you heard correctly what spacetime is. Under our current understanding of physics and spacetime, it is not possible to travel backwards in time. So that question you raised does not necessarily devalue the viewpoint.

  • adfasdfas sdfasdfsadf
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    its a giant dustball overlapping a sun and the light beam is a glare on the telescope's lens. you're welcome.

    BAMF RECON Pirms 16 dienām

    Wow congrats. Now let’s see these scientists stop global war and global warming.

    DJBATMANGOLD Pirms 18 dienām +1

    _Cool! it looks terrible._

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    i thought this was impossible!!! ;o;

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    I am glad that I was born when I was

  • Plastic Kruat
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    Based on computer simulation which cross referenced with an assumed data base.

    Yea right, they just want to provide results for those who give the money and grants.

  • a very compact man
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    this sounds very much like the music from halo reach

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  • aspenrebel
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    Can you imagine what people like Ben Franklin, Isaac Newton, Leonardo DaVinci, et als would think about all of this. "Please Mr. Columbus turn the boat around. Why you tell Isabella that the world is round? Please Mr. Columbus turn the boat around. I want to fell both feet back on the ground.".

  • I'm a Wascar
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    Ass photo

  • Kouz GR
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    Eisai ellhnas

  • balaji sahu
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    That black hole is so far , we dont even know whate its present state is 😅

  • CJLAKE1234
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    Congrats! Thank you for bringing us this amazing discovery 🙂

    • aspenrebel
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      Now which is more amazing? The discovery of the black hole or the discovery of Kim Kardashian?

  • Mike Ash
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    Now maybe they can get a picture of Jesus moving around out there. HaHa!

  • Nabila Mustafa
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    What amazes me is the holly Quran had mentions this

  • Mintie Moo
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    Isn’t it incredible that we can take a photo of something light years away?

  • Mintie Moo
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    I literally cried when I saw the photo. I remember not a year ago thinking, will I ever see a photo of a black hole? Maybe in a few years...
    Then like 2 months later the photo was released.

  • Aaron Seet
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    I guess then it begged the question why not record a black hole that's closer by for higher resolution. (e.g. Andromeda)

    • Lump
      Lump Pirms 8 dienām

      Andromeda Is Far Very Far you would need a big ass telescope to see that far

    • aspenrebel
      aspenrebel Pirms 19 dienām

      ????????? I dunno, ask the scientists.

  • Meme World!
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    Why it's shines so much than a normal Black Hole?

  • Tête à-tête
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    Black hole photograph! Come photograph my black ass - at least the image won't be a composite!

  • Leon Sukhram
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    Wait could those black hole ya know KILL US!!!! Sorry just wondering

    • aspenrebel
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      @Leopoldo Vaquera Jr. When and If it does, you won't know it.

    • Leopoldo Vaquera Jr.
      Leopoldo Vaquera Jr. Pirms 3 dienām

      No it can’t.......At least not in our lifetime. :)

    • aspenrebel
      aspenrebel Pirms 19 dienām

      WAIT!!! ..... LIKE!!!! ...... YEAH!!!!!!!! Duh!!!!! There is one just 26,000 light years away from us at the center of the Milky Way. I thought we were farther out than that from the center.

  • Bertrand de Born
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    The best challenge in regards to the black hole

  • Majed Jastaneiah
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    NO, earth is not a ball shape =) and there is no such thing is space

  • Albert Hutabarat
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    enigma ult..

  • Reaper25
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    I wish Stephen hawking could see the first picture o father black hole but he couldn’t make it