Things to do for FREE with your friends!

  • Publicēšanas datums 31 mai 2019
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  • Ryland Adams
    Ryland Adams  Pirms Mēneša +21372

    Hey guys. I hear you and it breaks my heart that the idea of this video hurt anyone’s feelings. The goal of my video was to show that you don’t need money to have fun with your friends and I wanted to show that in a fun way. I changed the thumbnail and title because I completely agree that it looked intensive and I should have thought that through much better. Ive gone through financial struggles myself and I didn’t even know what Gucci was for most of my life. I never want people to think that having money makes you happy because it doesn’t. I’m grateful and proud that I was able to work hard and afford things I never could as a kid but that doesn’t equal happiness. Spending time with my friends for free was the most fun I’ve had on my channel in a long time and I hope that message shines through. I’m so sorry for offending anyone and I really do just wanna make you guys happy with my videos. Looking back I should have focused more on the message rather than trying to make it funny. Please know my heart is always in the right place.

    • Mythical beast
      Mythical beast Pirms Mēneša


    • Allyson Diane
      Allyson Diane Pirms Mēneša +1

      And as someone who has been homeless twice. This was not even close to offensive. People need to calm the eff down.

    • Allyson Diane
      Allyson Diane Pirms Mēneša

      Ryland. People will always complain. Please don’t apologize every time you make a video now. Your real fans know your hearts in the right place and you are trying to entertain us. Live your best life. I enjoy the craziness.

    • Adriana Berlanga
      Adriana Berlanga Pirms Mēneša

      Who the heck is offended jeeeez people.

    • Raven May
      Raven May Pirms Mēneša

      Awwww 💜 I'm kinda a broke bitch tbh lmao & I didn't get offended. Some ppl will purposely look for reasons to get "upset" with others

  •  Pirms 5 Stundām

    You could of got free water at Starbucks

  • brooklyn roper
    brooklyn roper Pirms 7 Stundām

    Not even Garrett:

    Ryland: WELL GARRETT LIKES men

  • brooklyn roper
    brooklyn roper Pirms 7 Stundām

    Garrett is me being crazy all around work

  • nathalhices
    nathalhices Pirms 9 Stundām

    28:19 Ryland omg, actually you guys could go out to buy a lot of groceries and COOK SOMETHING COOL AND NOT SO EASY like some recipe from Tasty or idk but I would love to watch you guys trying to cook real meal, like a dinner, from zero! You guys don't cook at all, right? I've never seen it before.

  • nathalhices
    nathalhices Pirms 9 Stundām

    OMG Morgan's house is LIT

  • DD_Unicorn
    DD_Unicorn Pirms 13 Stundām


  • Johnny Ray
    Johnny Ray Pirms 13 Stundām

    If I wanted to get free coffee I would go to our hospital which they serve free coffee with big cus

  • Jordan Hubbard 1.0
    Jordan Hubbard 1.0 Pirms 16 Stundām

    21:40 I love 7 11 pizza but me so gassy

  • Chloe Kim
    Chloe Kim Pirms 19 Stundām

    Idk why andrew saying no way brother made me like him even more😂😆😍

  • Chloe Kim
    Chloe Kim Pirms 19 Stundām

    Why am I actually garrett😂

  • It's Fabulyss
    It's Fabulyss Pirms dienas

    I love Garrett with all my heart. I wish he was my uncle

  • Kenziex
    Kenziex Pirms dienas

    *garret being mood*

  • Patshhi4
    Patshhi4 Pirms dienas

    Ryland, anyone who takes the time to know you knows that your heart is in the right. I enjoyed this video, especially seeing Garrett. Too bad he only likes men. ☹️

  • Patshhi4
    Patshhi4 Pirms dienas

    I love Garrett !

  • Im JaeBum
    Im JaeBum Pirms dienas +2

    Ryland: Makes a video about doing something for free.
    Also Ryland: “This is a sponsored video.”

  • grrrystal
    grrrystal Pirms dienas

    When you live in a mansion, eat a free donut in your G Wagon, then make your poor friend buy you food.

  • Sturnidae
    Sturnidae Pirms 2 dienām

    Why is Ryland so cute?

  • Kiara Smith
    Kiara Smith Pirms 2 dienām

    11:36 that's no Andrew

  • Mimi Jito
    Mimi Jito Pirms 2 dienām

    Garret lost it

  • Random Overload
    Random Overload Pirms 2 dienām +3

    You have to pay to get into Costco?!?!
    I’m from Canada and you don’t have to do that....
    Someone tell me if this is true

    • Ashley Meloche
      Ashley Meloche Pirms 12 Stundām

      Random Overload I think he means you have to buy a membership to get in

  • Jackelyn Morales
    Jackelyn Morales Pirms 2 dienām

    Omg Jack Avery from why don't we has the same blue Gucci jacket 😄😄😍❤️❤️😂

  • llama girl ss
    llama girl ss Pirms 2 dienām +1

    Ok love Rylan and Shane and others been watching Shane and rylan for years but next time you see rubbish around town please pick it up not just walk past it I hope he picked it up after he cut the camera he said something about it but I hope he picked it up 💕 but if Not hope he'll do it next time or who ever sees this picks up some trash

  • Heather Mullins
    Heather Mullins Pirms 2 dienām +1

    Garett is my favorite he’s the best person

  • Eden Mac
    Eden Mac Pirms 2 dienām +1

    garrett is the epitome of chaotic good and i love it

  • oh frankie
    oh frankie Pirms 3 dienām +1

    I'm a month late but whatever:
    I'm poor. It sucks being poor, but the people getting mad are clearly not poor. Ryland is doing nothing to hurt anyone in anyway. People always find the littlest thing to hate on.

  • Kayden R
    Kayden R Pirms 3 dienām

    is no one going to mention shane?

  • Evie Heun
    Evie Heun Pirms 3 dienām

    garret is me

  • Painter's brush 16
    Painter's brush 16 Pirms 3 dienām

    I think this is a great video and its obvious no offense was intended. Stop being so sensitive people. ❤

  • Deathly Hallows Hufflepuff4
    Deathly Hallows Hufflepuff4 Pirms 3 dienām +1

    When he said Jake Paul I remembered when I was at the store today I saw a Team 10 sticker and I literally threw it behind the shelf at Walmart 😂😂😂

  • evelyn murrell
    evelyn murrell Pirms 3 dienām

    Is that andrew or shane in the back round

  • Ven amu
    Ven amu Pirms 3 dienām +3

    I need a friend like Garrett

  • Bente Koehof
    Bente Koehof Pirms 4 dienām

    Out of all Ryland's videos people find this one offensive? Not the videos where you see the g wagon, new house, Vegas hotel or Shane's make-up vanity room!? I actually thought this video was very insightful and fun to watch, realising once again that enjoying yourself with your friends is not something you need to be rich for. Loved the video 🔥

  • Ashley Evans
    Ashley Evans Pirms 4 dienām +1

    They should have went to Starbucks and said I don’t have money I left it at home ;;)

  • Nessa Snow
    Nessa Snow Pirms 4 dienām

    Some banks have coffee

  • I AmLeena
    I AmLeena Pirms 4 dienām

    13:18 she literally sounds like Andrew 💀

  • Valerie Valle
    Valerie Valle Pirms 4 dienām +1

    Morgan: If I went to a guy's house and it was just this I would marry him THAT NIGHT
    Ryland: Well, Garrett like's men.

  • Tiana Barajas
    Tiana Barajas Pirms 4 dienām

    Pay days are my favorite!!!!!

  • Danna’s Channel
    Danna’s Channel Pirms 4 dienām +7

    Garret is so sweet, he really got excited to invite his friends for lunch

  • Slime 102
    Slime 102 Pirms 5 dienām

    Who is that behind Morgan at 16:35

  • Cj Burgos
    Cj Burgos Pirms 5 dienām

    Thank you Ryland for brightening up my day as always

  • Bianca
    Bianca Pirms 5 dienām

    Ryland: Garrett left his show here 😂

  • Lil Meow Meow
    Lil Meow Meow Pirms 5 dienām

    You’re literally allowed to sample things in ulta

  • elle
    elle Pirms 5 dienām +1


  • Koch
    Koch Pirms 5 dienām +2

    in other words, you're living as a 2019 kid?

  • skippykipper101
    skippykipper101 Pirms 5 dienām

    23:44 At least Morgan is telling it like it is

  • Elizabeth G.
    Elizabeth G. Pirms 5 dienām +1

    andrew getting confused by making ryland a pb&j was so cute

  • stella ShOOk
    stella ShOOk Pirms 5 dienām +1

    *Who else saw shane's comment and almost cried?*

  • Unicorn Girl 2000
    Unicorn Girl 2000 Pirms 5 dienām +1

    Garrett is adorable i love him

  • Jules Uriegas
    Jules Uriegas Pirms 5 dienām

    18:59-20:41 poor Garrett is so stressed😂

  • McKenna Baker
    McKenna Baker Pirms 6 dienām

    I freaking love ryland

  • Jessicafire Beauty
    Jessicafire Beauty Pirms 6 dienām

    Ulta has a clearance, for returned items

  • Christyan Godinez
    Christyan Godinez Pirms 6 dienām

    Awww Garrett's hugs look so warm and i need him

  • Stacie Plummer
    Stacie Plummer Pirms 6 dienām

    Sprouts also has free coffee samples 😊

  • Life of Lex
    Life of Lex Pirms 6 dienām +2

    Ryland:Here's some water from the gym a few days ago.
    Morgan: Eww! Eewww!!!
    Also Morgan: Ehh I would've done it.

  • Clararuth Hughart
    Clararuth Hughart Pirms 6 dienām

    anyone else annoyed with Ryland's pronunciation of donit....

  • JuJu
    JuJu Pirms 6 dienām

    Garrett is so ADORABLE!

  • Yvette Edwards
    Yvette Edwards Pirms 6 dienām

    Why doesn't Shane post any more videos
    Is he having a break from youtube

  • Father Lucifer
    Father Lucifer Pirms 6 dienām +1

    Idk if all Krispy creams are the same, but if their hot light or whatever its called is on. You can get a free donut.

  • britney m.
    britney m. Pirms 7 dienām

    when ryland said “donaat” i didn’t feel that 😂

  • Shirley Pugh
    Shirley Pugh Pirms 7 dienām

    If its $0 then what about 100 cents for a day?

  • Trevor Michael
    Trevor Michael Pirms 7 dienām

    He deleted my comment.
    You people are still out of touch and it didn’t take long for Morgan to become this way. This isn’t a challenge in America. Spoiled brats.

  • buttermeuplikeabreadroll
    buttermeuplikeabreadroll Pirms 7 dienām +1

    My mom gets the free coffee from Trader Joe's all the time and I kept telling my phone to go there AND THEN YOU DID BLESS AHAH

    • Patshhi4
      Patshhi4 Pirms dienas

      Publix has the free coffee, but I think it’s only on the east coast. Too bad. It’s good coffee.

  • Kaylie Voss
    Kaylie Voss Pirms 7 dienām +1

    garret is me with endgame

  • riley
    riley Pirms 7 dienām +1

    20:10 *manor lmao

  • Haley Straka
    Haley Straka Pirms 7 dienām

    Who is rylands camera man??? No tea here. just wanna know if theres a new squad member that we might not know about?

  • Sam Malarken
    Sam Malarken Pirms 7 dienām

    Andrew is the cutest oh my god

  • ateabob
    ateabob Pirms 7 dienām

    You mean my friend?

  • Diego Ortega
    Diego Ortega Pirms 8 dienām +1

    I feel like Garret's only comfortable around Shane and drew

  • K James
    K James Pirms 8 dienām

    Preach to Garrett’s prayer