Were We Friendzoned?!

  • Publicēšanas datums 14 nov 2019
  • You know we’re bad at dating, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’ve dealt with the struggle of unrequited love and being in the friend zone.
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komentāri • 3 018

  • Robbe Hoyberghs
    Robbe Hoyberghs Pirms 11 Stundām

    I was kind of like shayne, i was too anxious to talk to my first crush, but with my second crush i was like f*ck it, i'll tell her what i feel. It's safe to say that it didn't work out for me

  • Nea Hyhkö
    Nea Hyhkö Pirms 15 Stundām

    You TWO are CC

  • Elijah Spangler
    Elijah Spangler Pirms 16 Stundām

    I think it's kyle

  • let's talk about harry potter


  • Adriannah Anderson
    Adriannah Anderson Pirms dienas

    Anyone gonna talk about how courtneys crush had sleeves and muscles??

  • Shashank Parthiban
    Shashank Parthiban Pirms 2 dienām

    Courtney's crush was shayne and shayne's crush was courtney

  • Mihalis00
    Mihalis00 Pirms 3 dienām

    I know that Shane said that if you're young not everyone's gonna be the one for you but I'm barely 13 and ik he's not wrong but damn I really hope the girl I'm dating is the one

  • Tu nino Señor meme
    Tu nino Señor meme Pirms 3 dienām

    What ever happened to Ian?

  • yadiel lol 204
    yadiel lol 204 Pirms 3 dienām

    🙁 yea

  • Chandra Garber
    Chandra Garber Pirms 4 dienām

    Like the Spike shirt, Love Cowboy Bepop.
    Anyway, dating is so hard even today, and not just with confronting a crush. Of course I may have done it wrong because I was the one going up to them and asking “do you like me or you just being friendly?”
    But today I feel like as you get older there’s not many people that are looking for a real committed relationship, so when you meet someone it’s hard to tell if they’re being genuine, or playing the nice guy or girl act just to get in your pants.

  • QwAdRa
    QwAdRa Pirms 4 dienām

    Im too scared to even talk to my crushes in not a monotone like "umm do you want a piece of gum or somethin?"

  • Daniel Losier
    Daniel Losier Pirms 4 dienām

    Daniel is my name, oh god!

  • Shari Mountain
    Shari Mountain Pirms 4 dienām +1

    I play alto sax
    If you're ever in Vancouver let me know

  • SʏᴅᴇFX
    SʏᴅᴇFX Pirms 4 dienām

    Me being a Shartney Fan is very very happy with this series. Dun worry The Ship will Sail we just need patience

  • Afterschool Psychology
    Afterschool Psychology Pirms 4 dienām +5

    Shayne: Youre gonna date different types of people over the years
    Me: *Imagines Dont give me hope meme

  • Lola Hur
    Lola Hur Pirms 5 dienām +1

    I bet Beverly has a crush on shayne now

  • Imapunky Lad
    Imapunky Lad Pirms 5 dienām

    30k likes and Shayne has to play Saxophone

  • christian lopez
    christian lopez Pirms 5 dienām +1

    Imagine Beverly watching

  • Alexandra M
    Alexandra M Pirms 5 dienām

    8:36 I play the flute I'm also in fifth grade so they don't allow saxofones yet and I'm an alto 👍

  • Kentzt_ Z
    Kentzt_ Z Pirms 5 dienām +1

    Matt can you let Shayne play the sax pls

  • Sith_ Gaming385
    Sith_ Gaming385 Pirms 5 dienām

    Thank you shane about band i play the trumpet

  • Nivan Sharma
    Nivan Sharma Pirms 6 dienām +1

    Shayne: son of a bit...
    Ad: allow me to introduce myself
    Shayne: itch

  • Potato’s Are great
    Potato’s Are great Pirms 6 dienām +1

    Shane and Beverly had sax 🎷

  • Shylah Glenn
    Shylah Glenn Pirms 6 dienām

    I'm in band and I play a clarinet

  • Lizard 23
    Lizard 23 Pirms 6 dienām

    My “Beverly” is one of my friends and I don’t know what to do

  • Mr. yonnig tin the 1st
    Mr. yonnig tin the 1st Pirms 7 dienām

    Me to I also played alto saxophone

  • Aeron
    Aeron Pirms 7 dienām

    the friendzone isnt reeeaalllll thank you shayne

  • SD Galaxyy
    SD Galaxyy Pirms 7 dienām +6

    I like how Courtney’s was 8 minutes and shaynes was 12 mins but Courtney’s seemed like a longer story lol

  • ElitePlagueArtist/EPA
    ElitePlagueArtist/EPA Pirms 8 dienām

    I guess Shane got some heavy ball(sax)

  • A. C. Marcus
    A. C. Marcus Pirms 8 dienām

    I feel like every girl I've liked has been a Beverly honestly, except for the few people I actually dated. Idk I've always been pretty easy to ignore

    BUNNY OMG1 Pirms 8 dienām


  • Awkward Potato
    Awkward Potato Pirms 8 dienām

    Jerks and pervs tend to find me (a person who wears a massive hoodie constantly, I sleep in the thing sometimes) attractive to the point that I've invented a fake boyfriend that has an entire backstory and a picture of a foreign B level celebrity (Scottish). If they asked for more proof I'd show a Photoshop picture of 'us'. Best $30 I ever paid for that photo to be made.

  • Albert
    Albert Pirms 9 dienām

    I'm very happy that shayne played alto

  • DJ- Damien
    DJ- Damien Pirms 9 dienām

    At his happened to me CURRENTLY

  • I ambiguous
    I ambiguous Pirms 9 dienām

    Man, someone stole Shayne's sax life!

  • Rookie Teenager
    Rookie Teenager Pirms 9 dienām

    I had a crush on a boy in kindergarten and I told one of my friends who ran to the boy and said she likes you and you know what he said “I know”

  • CutieCircleCute66
    CutieCircleCute66 Pirms 10 dienām +1

    why does the picture of Courtney that Courtney drew of her in 2009 look like Anthony when Smosh started

  • Shaniyah Stone
    Shaniyah Stone Pirms 10 dienām

    I was born 2010

  • Tyson Vert
    Tyson Vert Pirms 10 dienām +1

    I was a Beverly while chasing a Beverly.
    Fun times.

  • JaeJae Noodles
    JaeJae Noodles Pirms 10 dienām

    I told my crush I liked him over Snapchat a few weeks ago. He said, and I quote

  • sandy victorin
    sandy victorin Pirms 10 dienām

    15 and never dated anyone before. I had multiple crushes but now that i think if it I never really wanted to "date". If i had a crush i just wanted them to know that I liked them and that was it. Some were just crushes that I admired from afar and never told, but that never bothered me. Now Im in high school and haven't had that attraction to anyone. Like a crush or even someone that just might make me want to start a relationship. At the moment i feel like im just moving forward on everything else but love and sometimes feel like I'll just be single forever. I don't like anyone but i feel like i should.

  • Alec Call 911 For Me Please
    Alec Call 911 For Me Please Pirms 10 dienām

    I also play an alto saxophone :>

  • Last name First name
    Last name First name Pirms 10 dienām

    Shayne this hurt too much

  • QueHechoPedazos!
    QueHechoPedazos! Pirms 11 dienām +6

    I love how Shane acts like he isn’t buff

    • glorious fire101
      glorious fire101 Pirms dienas

      Well, I kind like that, I feel like he's saying that he isn't above everyone else

  • Sarah D'Amico
    Sarah D'Amico Pirms 11 dienām +1

    I played the flute in school and I always wanted to try the saxophone. Band hard let me tell you.
    But seriously though. Y’all are freaking hilarious!

  • Porkchop
    Porkchop Pirms 11 dienām

    Damn I feel for shayne so much, all throughout middle and high school the way I would flirt would be just to make jokes which almost never worked. Luckily in college it worked out though and eventually got married

  • Uchiha_ Murilo
    Uchiha_ Murilo Pirms 11 dienām

    if they are single, dude, i'll die alone

  • Daniel Emery
    Daniel Emery Pirms 11 dienām

    does anyone know about Courtney's eye? looks like she has a coloboma but haven't heard anything about it.

  • Tasnia Choudhury
    Tasnia Choudhury Pirms 11 dienām

    This makes me feel better bc theyre both attractive asf but theyve still been rejected before

  • Big gamer Garcia
    Big gamer Garcia Pirms 12 dienām

    me too

  • Blake Shorke
    Blake Shorke Pirms 12 dienām

    I play sax to

  • Grace Norman
    Grace Norman Pirms 12 dienām

    I’m a Beverly to really weird people. Like bad weird.

  • Zachary Weeks
    Zachary Weeks Pirms 12 dienām

    Shane was in the middle of saying son of a and a Pizza Hut add came on

  • Lumiorace
    Lumiorace Pirms 12 dienām +1

    shayne: son of a- *ad plays*

  • Juliandra Lila
    Juliandra Lila Pirms 12 dienām

    Finding out Shayne was part of the alto sax gang was the best thing I've heard all day.🎷😎👊

  • Arin arin
    Arin arin Pirms 12 dienām

    I have a crush on a girl i have had this crush on this girl since 1 grade (im in 8 grade)

  • Yana Loo
    Yana Loo Pirms 13 dienām

    I play sax

  • Madison Lewe
    Madison Lewe Pirms 13 dienām +1

    Once I, being the awkward bean I was, accidentally friendzoned a guy I actually liked. Since I was an awkward bean I could not for the life of me dig myself out of it.

  • Ali and Mae
    Ali and Mae Pirms 13 dienām

    omg guys just date each other

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa Pirms 13 dienām

    The only Beverly I know is the drink