Surviving 24 Hours Straight In A Rain Forest

  • Publicēšanas datums 21 sep 2019
  • This was a lot of fun!
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    Subscribe or I’ll kick you.. no joke

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      Uno revengerr

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      I have already subbed!

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      @BluTofu actally MrBeast was first lol

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    Oh no chandler!

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    Chandler at 0:36 😂

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    12:26 literally empty red bull cans in the back

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    Chancellor is such a little bitch because he wouldn’t stay there I would’ve stayed there

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    I’ll help

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    “If the water’s moving really fast, you can drink it” lol no fam you still have boil it

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    Ok I did and I have planted 5,000 trees to save the earth.

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    Why these dudes playing Shang ra la

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    There was a bridge by the river

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    Help me PLZ

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    Chandler you suckkkk LMFAO

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    So were finally planting all those trees I see

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    You need a PO box where viewers can send you things. It's awesome you give so much to random people. Really enjoy your videos.

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    Ill do it I love nature and I am a youtuber

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    Hope you get 25m subs

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    Guy's did you see when jake was touching chris's belly

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    Mr.beast: We have food
    Mr.beast: this is serious

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    I want to make an impact

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    Thank you for letting me know how to make stuff in a rainforest because I need to write a research paper on rainforests!

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    ok bet lmaoo hmu lets do this

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    Down to plant trees man

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    Poor chanler :(

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    Mr beast and Chandler need to get married in a swimming pool of g fuel

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    Whatever he was bit by wasn’t poisonous poisonous is if ingested Venezia is when injected

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    Does Chandler ever finish a challenge?🤣🤣

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    "It was a millepied bro"

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    Can I get some subscribers at brother-guns 321

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    1:19 IS THAT A FOX

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    Brah why is Chandler the only one that gets hurt in these videos

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    Chandler can’t even beat Mother Nature

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    I love you outdo it goes “mr beast oh MR BEAST *explosion go off while I’m saying mr beast yea.

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    ‘I’m itching my buttsack off’

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    'we need go draw our anti-sea bear circle' Good to know you watch spongebob😂😂

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    Butt Sack

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    I think all of them were on acid , poor Chandler OD'd

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    so uh i’m ok with being kicked

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    Mr. Beast 2020

  • I’m hot, You’re not UwU

    MrBeast: “So me and the boys are going to spend 24 hours in a rainforest.”
    Brain: “Am I a joke to you?”

  • Luna Quil
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    If this was a TV show Chandler would be my favorite character ngl

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    If you need another youtuber I'm willing. I am a atom sized channel but I wanna make a difference

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    Chandler 😂😂

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    “Alright boys I’ll grab oak, you get cobble”

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    MR.BEAST is so cool my mom even likes his vids to

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    “ i saw someone do this: -Mrbeast 2019”
    - i saw someone do this 2019

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    "Me and the boys"😂😂😂

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    My shelter is a few leafs

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    I hope Chandler gets well soon. Lots of love to Chandler.

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    Plz let me help plant trees

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    i tried crying

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