Don't Sledgehammer Your Employee's Expensive Items!!


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  • Shahid Ameen
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  • Jonas Peter
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    Only had enough money to buy 1 airpod

    DIRT RIDING Pirms dienas

    I have the speaker they got

  • Zap Graal
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    *air pods*

  • SCP - 682
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    Chris Nuñez is that you???

  • Reeshabh Purohit
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    I don’t know why but I always end up closing my eyes😅😱

  • Nina Sadullo
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    Poor Bobby he save’d
    everyone’s things

  • Chance Jaxson
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    hers didnt break so they smashed it? that's dumb

  • BeastGamer 1901
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    In 3 2 1 As comes?!?!

  • Cerberus 1989
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    Ha Mattflies

  • Alejandro Coronado
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    The iPad still worked after it was smashed, so why did you guys have to permanently break the hairdryer after the first hit?

  • Lll Ll
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    Ipad with case

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    💥💥❤️❤️🌸⚡️🌼 🌟 ⚡️💜💜💜 🌼 🌟 ⚡️🌼 🌟🌸💙💙💥💥 *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.*
    *He also promised to heal your body.*
    (Just ask Him)

  • carlos miguel balagtas
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    can i get a ipad 128GB

  • Fazen107
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    This is the better version of Dude Perfect

  • Sakura Yasuda
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    15:46 I think airpods are better

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  • Issy Jones
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    15:55... so sad

  • Matthew Mckinlay
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    well he didnt do him a solid he shot a liquid tho

  • xdmcthicci
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    weird flex but ok

  • Corn Breadfunguy2000
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    Dk is the best

  • account_name_online online

    What a stunning art piece....I love it the way it is as a finished piece but I wonder if you did any more work to it...if so do you have a link to the finished work?

  • account_name_online online

    What a stunning art piece....I love it the way it is as a finished piece but I wonder if you did any more work to it...if so do you have a link to the finished work?

  • R27 _HND
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    RIP Corey

  • SketchiToons
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    Well there goes my plans for the weekend.

  • Furry Destroyer
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    Well there goes my plans for the weekend :/

  • Lemmes Gaming
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    That airpod tho

  • InoXtiC
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    If i was selected to buy anything below $500, would buy $500 worth of Gold, can't smash that boi.

  • Spergann Yea
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    is that an air pod?

  • Brian Williams
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    Crappy version of Dude Perfect

  • HFDodge
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    That first dude got robbed, "lets show you guys that its actually..." as he reaches over to the right side... haha he even called him out

  • Hadrian Smith
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    Don’t sledgehammer you’re employees expensive items.

    *There goes my weekend.*

  • barryblueballs
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    7:44 claps works with the song

  • Leopoldo Adaoag
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    What are those hand gestures at 7:09?

  • Zaniele's Daily Vlogs
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    I'm broke btw

  • Neko de Gozaru
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    9:48: the generosity of buying 500 dollars worth of devices for employees and buying your own goggles from a dollar store.

  • Jebby Hut
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    JBL boombox

  • DragonStrike
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    That D.K guy was probably the person I liked the most out of all of them he seemed really cool and funny lmao, but I just felt really bad for that Corey guy lmao I've never seen him or most of these Employeet's before so don't judge me for mixing up their names lol..

  • Hello Friend
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    dyson puts a 2 year warranty on everything they sell so you can contact Dyson and get that hair dryer replaced

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  • DragonStrike
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    Really interesting and entertaining idea for a video instead of just overused recycled content what gets pretty boring but you're easily just gonna make all the money back since you only bought one of the 3 items for each of the employee's lol and you got like roughly $5,300 back already and it's only been out for 1 straight week so this video's budget wasn't really anything special towards the money you're making off it lmaoo..

  • catzinArtsic Alpaca
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    i stopped watching the video to look up references for miu cuz i needed to see how she looked for a bit then came back to see 9:41

  • Darthaj_dont _at_me
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    This channel been dead smh

  • Mike Peterson
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    sick air pods joey. what u listening to

  • Not a jojo Fan
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    Guess where I’m not going to try to get hired

  • Romanian 14
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    Get him a iPhone X Not 7 this is 2019. Lmao

    PROTUBES_YT - Pirms dienas

    Man be flexing with his AirPods lmao

  • Hadyn 1234
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    Y do they say Xbox but it’s a ps4

  • Nova The Wolf
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    12:50 Please STAND by

  • Awkward Rosie
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    Anyone realize that only Tanner’s opponents things got smashed?

  • Infinity Blade
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    2:01 scared the sh*t out of me

    MORGAN PFISTER Pirms dienas

    i want kyles' teddy fresh block hoodie.

  • VNM-JAG - Random Gaming Vids

    Wtf, my aunt had the hair blue dryer

  • Savage Boi
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    why is this in my recommended

    SHADRACH HARRIS Pirms dienas

    Cool 😎

  • kid wolf
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    Lollll 12:40 loook went up his nosee

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  • Master Muzduf
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    Joey flexing on us with AirPods

  • Anguteeraq Olsen
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    This makes me sad that im Rich BOOOOIIIIIII

  • BTS iiJinBread
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    my broke heart hurts.

  • Zane Hackim
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    I go to petco so u no just DM me at international_jetspotter_744

  • cooldude420blazin
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    Wow flexing your air pods on us will you

  • Yao Gaui
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    Can you do a don’t smash your own employees with a sledgehammer next time? I would like to see it

  • LordOfSpice16
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    Sees title
    Aw man there goes my weekend plans

  • Vernice Tenerife
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    Rip headphone users

  • Joshua Pradeep
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    JFRED U JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cloud Nine
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    0:57 I want Bose headphones too.
    but $350 is too much for me.

  • Ishaan Shrivastava
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    *READS TITLE* Well, there go my plans for tomorrow.

  • Minder XXX
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    Risk it for the biskit

  • Owen
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    7:47 that was pretty gay (it's on the right)

  • Mr.MeatBeat
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    the radio shack closed down like 3 years ago

  • VinnyPlayz Gamess
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    Y’all have a safe and amazing night!❤️🙏🏻😌🌚

  • ya boiii
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    When rich won the other sledge hammer almost fell on his

  • Ryan Stewart
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    Instead of ketchup they have to put their hand down

  • GR TheAngel224
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    R.I.P ipad

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  • Emma Cookie
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    this hurt. it hurt... so much.

  • Gabriel DE Haro
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    Good choice on the Xbox man now it’s going to get smashed he’ll yea😎😎

  • Music Solution
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    Why didn't any of them just ask for 500 dollars XD

  • Desert rain frog
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    Okay, Ill try not to..

  • Max Garcia
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    The ketchup

  • Bigmac Trump Usa
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    He could just repair the screen on the ipad

  • Max Garcia
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    Damn lol lit

  • Zach West
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    So it’s literally here you get a present just kidding you don’t get a present

  • GNJK
    GNJK Pirms dienas

    such trash content

  • Jay Lonz
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    I forgot this channel existed

  • Bill Tomas
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    There's my weekend ruined

  • Tyler Blenman
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    I’m confused at 12:07 Natalie had to smash her dryer bc it got hit but didint break....while in the beginning the guys tablet got smashed and still worked and got to keep it

  • bitofeverything10
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    Teddy Fresh REPRESENT

  • A.J. Baron
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    SPANGBAB Pirms dienas

    ok this is just stupid

  • SilverSonic21
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    Joey flexin hard with those airpods

    THE PUPPETSHOW Pirms 2 dienām

    Any people watching in 1998

  • Jack Gutfinsky
    Jack Gutfinsky Pirms 2 dienām

    Wierd flex but ok

  • GoL RED_
    GoL RED_ Pirms 2 dienām

    This video is a bait ... idk where Sledge and Lord Tachanka is

  • I was framed
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    That's kina meaan

  • Taha jeffy
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    Why is this on my recommended :|

  • WACey 444
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    I have been here since 500 k