Can Skittles Become Cotton Candy?

  • Publicēšanas datums 10 nov 2019
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    Today we're taking some more cotton candy requests and putting them to the test. Can skittles or salt water taffy become cotton candy? Does freeze drying them help?
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komentāri • 3 981

  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny Pirms Stundas

    There's this thing called filly folly bubble gum with is bubble gum in a cotton candy consistency so try to recreate it😉

  • ahmari figures
    ahmari figures Pirms 3 Stundām

    Yo did y'all see they clock ⏰?

  • Jessica O'Connor
    Jessica O'Connor Pirms 5 Stundām

    Actually I think Rosanna Pansino did the skittle Cotton candy first

  • Jaden Perkins
    Jaden Perkins Pirms 7 Stundām

    French silk piee

  • Purple Piper
    Purple Piper Pirms dienas

    I’ve eaten the rainbow marshmallow before and it’s something I have always dreamed of like unicorns 🦄

  • Christopher Bare
    Christopher Bare Pirms dienas

    Coal miners get black lung.
    Nate and Calli get cotton candy lung.

  • Shelley Gillis
    Shelley Gillis Pirms dienas

    Make jumping soles

  • SeriousAlmond Gaming
    SeriousAlmond Gaming Pirms dienas

    You didnt grind the rest down that's why it didnt work

  • Ros Weak
    Ros Weak Pirms dienas

    try sour patch

  • Pepperoni Dog Fart
    Pepperoni Dog Fart Pirms dienas

    Do you eat your skittles with or without the shell?

  • Demon Crystal wolf
    Demon Crystal wolf Pirms dienas

    How is it even possible to strip skittles shells! It must have took hours!

  • DitIsRick
    DitIsRick Pirms 2 dienām

    Can nerds become cotton candy

  • lucky tabby slime
    lucky tabby slime Pirms 2 dienām

    What about chips like lays, cheetos, ruffles,cheeto puffs,cheeto balls

  • Austin Hoffner
    Austin Hoffner Pirms 2 dienām

    Try putting Nerds candy in the cotton candy machine in a solid form and powder form.

  • Aedan Lombard
    Aedan Lombard Pirms 2 dienām

    DELICIOUS 😋 😋 🤤 🤤 🤤

  • RãwrÎmāśčärÿdįñö
    RãwrÎmāśčärÿdįñö Pirms 2 dienām

    Im gonna start calling skittles cotton candy ;-;

  • Westley Smith
    Westley Smith Pirms 2 dienām

    You guys started getting disappointed that it wouldn't fluff well put it in the blender again because that's how you got it to fluff before

  • adiya ansari
    adiya ansari Pirms 2 dienām

    try pixie sticks

  • Jeffrey Cruz
    Jeffrey Cruz Pirms 2 dienām

    Im sorry but..........
    Marshmallows are disgusting

  • Taylor Kitteringham
    Taylor Kitteringham Pirms 3 dienām

    Annoying how they only blended the skittles. Im sure if they blended everything else it wouldve worked better

  • All_Of_The_Above
    All_Of_The_Above Pirms 3 dienām

    8:03 what have you done to my favorite gummy?!?!?!?!

  • All_Of_The_Above
    All_Of_The_Above Pirms 3 dienām +1

    skittles cotton candy= edible cobwebs!!!!!!!
    also, where can I get a cotton candy machine???

  • Hemoo berry
    Hemoo berry Pirms 3 dienām

    i honestly ship them both lmao

  • Not. Nightmare
    Not. Nightmare Pirms 4 dienām


    Shows some Cotten candy made of skittlez...


    everyone: no well duh...

  • SILAS Goethe
    SILAS Goethe Pirms 4 dienām

    The little kids with the cotton candy I’ve tried that before

  • Isaiah Saw
    Isaiah Saw Pirms 4 dienām

    Is there anything Cali doesn’t like to eat???

  • CynicalServant 87
    CynicalServant 87 Pirms 4 dienām


  • Racheal Colmenero
    Racheal Colmenero Pirms 5 dienām

    Does anyone see how blue Calli's mouth is???

  • Tøixc Watérmełøn
    Tøixc Watérmełøn Pirms 5 dienām

    I was eating skittles while watching this and I have a cotton candy machine
    *puts skittles in it*

  • rocio ruiz
    rocio ruiz Pirms 5 dienām

    Can ramen noodle make cotton candy

  • Alcase
    Alcase Pirms 5 dienām

    You blended the skittles into a powder but nothing else. okay.

  • amanda dubord
    amanda dubord Pirms 5 dienām

    Are you a cupol

  • dragontraitor 145
    dragontraitor 145 Pirms 5 dienām

    Skittle dust....aight time to get the straw

  • Roblox XTREMES
    Roblox XTREMES Pirms 6 dienām

    Freeze dry doritos

  • Krautzilla Killa
    Krautzilla Killa Pirms 6 dienām

    I think the Skittles would work in the cotton candy machine

  • Amv Verse
    Amv Verse Pirms 6 dienām

    Why does that look delicious 😋

  • crazy creeper63
    crazy creeper63 Pirms 6 dienām

    Why didnt they try blending all of them

  • make a tree house in the tree Dhaliwal

    Crush down candy canes and put then in the candy floss machine

    JENNIFER GOODMAN Pirms 6 dienām

    I had a cotton candy machine when I was younger and I did put Skittles and Smarties in it

  • Krazy Kanuck
    Krazy Kanuck Pirms 7 dienām


  • EOD Reckoning
    EOD Reckoning Pirms 7 dienām

    This is literally just TKOR eats cotton candy

  • Wisey MSP
    Wisey MSP Pirms 7 dienām +1

    M&M cotton candy?

  • Caleb Campbell
    Caleb Campbell Pirms 7 dienām

    Can you turn honeycomb (natural and or cereal) into cotton candy?

  • Hope
    Hope Pirms 8 dienām

    I really hope the camera man got to try it 😂😭

  • Adizzle Sauce'em
    Adizzle Sauce'em Pirms 8 dienām +9

    Nate: “it does have a, graininess”

    Cali: “I DON’T, CARE!!”

  • Floofy Tails
    Floofy Tails Pirms 8 dienām +1

    VAt19 have made a hard cotton candy machine
    The king of random can make hard sugar into cotton candy
    Me:all alone with nothing

  • Toyosochii
    Toyosochii Pirms 8 dienām +5

    6:13 a spider appears twoard the top of the screen, above Calis head

  • Matt Putnam
    Matt Putnam Pirms 8 dienām

    I wonder if something different would have happened if they had powdered the marshmallows and taffy?

  • Mama Cee
    Mama Cee Pirms 8 dienām

    can you pls try to see wat wil happand if you make ice cream in dat thing den evrything is frozen

  • Frostwing Gaming
    Frostwing Gaming Pirms 8 dienām

    Make fun dip cotton candy

  • Aliza A
    Aliza A Pirms 9 dienām

    Just curious do u guys get cavities like whatt?!

  • Bernadette Reilly
    Bernadette Reilly Pirms 9 dienām

    At 2:16 the candyfloss looks like a fish

  • Nicodo123
    Nicodo123 Pirms 9 dienām

    *Ancient China wants to know your location*

  • Matty Devoe
    Matty Devoe Pirms 9 dienām

    Who's whaching this with no socks on

  • Elizabeth Knick
    Elizabeth Knick Pirms 9 dienām

    I got so hungry. I ate gost pepper.

  • Monkey Guy80
    Monkey Guy80 Pirms 9 dienām

    Calli is so beautiful 😊

  • Sixly Tv
    Sixly Tv Pirms 11 dienām

    Nate you should try to make Cotten cabby fun dip

  • Dwyn
    Dwyn Pirms 11 dienām

    None of it worked cause y'all put it in whole

  • Amy H
    Amy H Pirms 11 dienām

    how about millions

  • Isaac Graff
    Isaac Graff Pirms 12 dienām

    Freeze dry/ cotton candy maple syrup