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  • Publicēšanas datums 10 jūn 2019
    Stories from our Future is in partnership with Netflix inspired by fan homages to the Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones’ anthology series “Black Mirror.”
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  • Lele Pons
    Lele Pons  Pirms 5 dienām +2906

    Thanks for watching! Watch more stories from our future here

  • AKim 424
    AKim 424 Pirms dienas

    kinda reminds me of Unfriended:Dark Web ending

  • Sara Zakaria
    Sara Zakaria Pirms dienas

    Music is just so sensational 💞

  • Atena Hosseini
    Atena Hosseini Pirms dienas

    Very interesting video 👍👍

  • SWEET jj lee
    SWEET jj lee Pirms dienas

    Best video game or what?

  • Malek The king
    Malek The king Pirms dienas

    I don't anderstand

    ŁAURƏN'S PLAYZ Pirms dienas

    *lele was a little girl afraid of a big wide world. She grew up with in her 14m subs*
    *ALLAN WALKER: •0•*

  • Kai Xuan Ong
    Kai Xuan Ong Pirms dienas

    Is it real

  • good guy
    good guy Pirms dienas

    Anwer is on the subjects

  • Xara
    Xara Pirms dienas

    0:34 that face tho

  • Eleanna G.Unicorn
    Eleanna G.Unicorn Pirms dienas

    This is a little bit scary 😬

  • Eleanna G.Unicorn
    Eleanna G.Unicorn Pirms dienas +2

    I thought it was a song 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • nazzl mahmoodh
    nazzl mahmoodh Pirms dienas

    This is downright scary.but genius

  • Sikandar Nawaz
    Sikandar Nawaz Pirms dienas

    So basically a discount black mirror episode ?

  • Farida Ashraf
    Farida Ashraf Pirms dienas

    🤣🤣 you sneaky little .....

  • thesaltywhale
    thesaltywhale Pirms dienas

    Also can anyone eggsplain what happens in the end? I’m sooo naive and confused rn

  • alienated
    alienated Pirms dienas

    I aM lAtInA

  • Farrukh Aqil
    Farrukh Aqil Pirms dienas

    OMG! This is incredible. That's how you deliver a meaningful story without saying a single word. Stellar acting by Lele and the male lead... Way to go!

  • monica jaye
    monica jaye Pirms dienas

    i love the beginning composition oof

  • Mavis Chimeura
    Mavis Chimeura Pirms dienas

    This is epic❤️❤️❤️!!!!!!!

  • sallyroesen
    sallyroesen Pirms dienas

    this remind me so much about blackmirror! i love it

  • Mariam Nosseir
    Mariam Nosseir Pirms dienas

    this is exactly like that one episode of black mirror

  • CarlitosWay277
    CarlitosWay277 Pirms dienas

    Entrapment VR Edition, got it.

  • DP studios
    DP studios Pirms dienas

    Did anyone notice at 4:12 it showed Rudy's video

  • Cloud Princess
    Cloud Princess Pirms dienas

    These vids are scary

  • Asitio Jubaka
    Asitio Jubaka Pirms dienas

    *Sword Art Online* 😃

  • Can i get 1000 subscribers for no reason :/

    I hope this ends up on Netflix

    Me:watching this on Netflix
    Mom:son what are u watching this is amazing move out the way and get some popcorn so we can watch this over and over
    Me:dang okay mom chill
    Me:so much brainwash

  • Sydney Ivy
    Sydney Ivy Pirms dienas +2

    Who else noticed Rudy and Anwar were one of the cheaters😂 6:28

  • bear and sven
    bear and sven Pirms dienas +2

    0:21 wait a second that is the crush of James Charles

  • Rose Desroches
    Rose Desroches Pirms dienas

    This is so interesting but so freak at the same time...

  • Lil oof
    Lil oof Pirms dienas

    Definition of shit

  • Sarah Goodman
    Sarah Goodman Pirms dienas


  • Rose Tyme
    Rose Tyme Pirms dienas

    Did anyone else notice what the books read? 'The Lioness Catches Her Prey'!!! So clever!

  • Can i be pretty To
    Can i be pretty To Pirms dienas

    It this a movie cause at the end it said Netflix

  • Miriam Ruth
    Miriam Ruth Pirms dienas

    I'm confused by this

  • chuchongo06
    chuchongo06 Pirms dienas

    Siempre si salió la porqueria ? Jajajajaja kiasco

  • lαυяєи αяму
    lαυяєи αяму Pirms dienas

    This video remind me of roblox.....

  • Jordan Flores
    Jordan Flores Pirms dienas

    Do a part 2

  • Nibitanga Claude
    Nibitanga Claude Pirms dienas

    What about another amigos

  • Cesar Paulino
    Cesar Paulino Pirms dienas

    You are getting along

  • Amy Birs
    Amy Birs Pirms dienas

    I’m happy lele pons is not making videos about Latino and making videos about cool and interesting stuff 😱🙌🏻

  • The Sarians
    The Sarians Pirms dienas

    I wish you could actually do this

  • Shannon Holly
    Shannon Holly Pirms dienas

    You didn’t by any chance get this idea from the first episode of the new season of Black Mirror, did you? Lol absolutely pathetic.

  • dayris ortega
    dayris ortega Pirms dienas

    Soy la única que habla español pero no entiendo

  • Mist Wolf
    Mist Wolf Pirms dienas


  • Not so Noticed
    Not so Noticed Pirms dienas

    I love how it tells a story without speaking a single word.. I love how lele and Rudy are so creative with their videos!! I can’t wait for more videos!! ❤️🤣😍

  • Isaac morales
    Isaac morales Pirms dienas

    I’m really sorry but I still don’t get it

  • Lilia Sanchez
    Lilia Sanchez Pirms dienas

    I love lele but this vieo is bood can i be in a vieo with you lele🎥🤷🏼‍♀️👭

  • Dalaejah Thomas
    Dalaejah Thomas Pirms dienas

    I wonder how many times she got "NGAGED" to someone 🤔

  • Carlos :V
    Carlos :V Pirms dienas

    Little Black Mirror :v

  • Emily Lucas
    Emily Lucas Pirms dienas

    Oh my gosh, that’s terrifying

  • acarrenoc
    acarrenoc Pirms dienas


  • pinchis vcb
    pinchis vcb Pirms dienas

    Hi i like the video but i dont understand enithyng

  • Isabel Sophia Pinto Leon

    Don’t u think that this is like an episode of “Black mirror “ ??

  • Jiruberuto
    Jiruberuto Pirms dienas

    This is literally the first episode of season 5

  • Little_Miss_ Maniac
    Little_Miss_ Maniac Pirms dienas +1


  • Amairan Villafuerte
    Amairan Villafuerte Pirms dienas +1

    Best sing

  • Caterina Williamson
    Caterina Williamson Pirms dienas

    Well that is a way to catfish people

  • Yasmin Farzan
    Yasmin Farzan Pirms dienas

    The only thing unbelievable about this is that kids are still playing with physical toys

  • Sama Fayez
    Sama Fayez Pirms dienas +2

    Is it a series or a movie ?? And when is it coming out ?!!!! I NEED AN ANSWER !!

  • Tierra Jones
    Tierra Jones Pirms dienas

    Cool video other than lele flirting with James she gonna get herself in trouble

  • Vaibhav Kaushal
    Vaibhav Kaushal Pirms dienas

    Piano by Rudy ❤❤

  • Tierra Jones
    Tierra Jones Pirms dienas

    James know better

  • Tierra Jones
    Tierra Jones Pirms dienas

    Wowwwww crazy

  • Asna Ahmad
    Asna Ahmad Pirms dienas

    Ok that’s impressive

  • Ava Reyes
    Ava Reyes Pirms dienas

    OMG wow Lele love it

  • Amber van Delft
    Amber van Delft Pirms dienas


  • Lara Lawton
    Lara Lawton Pirms dienas

    I rode it under every video but really the videos could be a black mirror episode

  • lu' gnr
    lu' gnr Pirms dienas

    This is very cool, i love it !!

  • De LaMar
    De LaMar Pirms dienas

    That's a quite good short film actually!

  • Héli Its Me
    Héli Its Me Pirms dienas

    Woah it’s afraid me a little bit because maybe one day ! This will append 😱

  • Azaan Chodre
    Azaan Chodre Pirms dienas

    Hi you sock

  • Neko Jay
    Neko Jay Pirms dienas

    Do u know @ola on TikTok???

  • Sofie Løfaldli
    Sofie Løfaldli Pirms dienas

    Loooove you Lele❤️❤️❤️

  • Bluejay-playz roblox
    Bluejay-playz roblox Pirms dienas

    Did anyone think Lele would be a all star for escape the night o was triggered when she was not

  • agent hard
    agent hard Pirms dienas

    Эхх на английском все но вроде суть уловил)

  • Anthony Susu
    Anthony Susu Pirms dienas

    I whished you were in the all stars escape the night

  • Cheeto c_a_t
    Cheeto c_a_t Pirms dienas

    Is this ment to be kind of like the future ?

  • Maede Jahani
    Maede Jahani Pirms dienas

    Sooo svary 😱👻

    BLESSED 1 Pirms dienas

    Omg so cute

  • Adylene Gomez
    Adylene Gomez Pirms dienas

    Hi aaaI can’t believe I’ meeting you at

  • Barkha Tomar
    Barkha Tomar Pirms dienas

    I have brases on my teeth bt I loughed very loud and it's too much paining in gums and teeth bt I can not control myself .. you are doing great job .. keap going love from INDIA

  • julie bouteau
    julie bouteau Pirms dienas

    On dirait Blackmiror 😱

  • Bestie Vloggers
    Bestie Vloggers Pirms dienas

    I love how you two were watching Rudy's Magic music video

  • opblock
    opblock Pirms dienas +3

    The last part just got me shook ! PERIODTT !!

  • Morgan Sauls
    Morgan Sauls Pirms dienas +1

    I dont get it

  • Elyse's Wack World
    Elyse's Wack World Pirms dienas

    You and Rudy!

  • gachalife270 4life Celeste

    Like if u agree

  • Olivia Crossley
    Olivia Crossley Pirms dienas +4

    Who else clicked this because of Jeff? 😂👏🏼

  • Ahmed Shaltout
    Ahmed Shaltout Pirms dienas

    This legit made my stomach hurt

  • Lucy Harris
    Lucy Harris Pirms dienas

    This was so interesting to watch x

  • kaelyn hancock
    kaelyn hancock Pirms dienas

    read some comments nobody has said anything about everytime he gets homme he plays with the kids literaly never talks to his wife she stands watchin him play w them

  • Muzamil Abdelrahman
    Muzamil Abdelrahman Pirms dienas

    LOve Is Peace

  • Memes with Isabella
    Memes with Isabella Pirms dienas

    Hey guys Jeff admit it in David Dobriks vlogs that he would cheat on his girlfriend so he’s really explaining himself now TEA TIME HAS BEEN SPILT TEHE

  • Memes with Isabella
    Memes with Isabella Pirms dienas


  • Xavier Ocasio
    Xavier Ocasio Pirms dienas

    Your'e videos are awesome Lele.

  • Mrs Seavey
    Mrs Seavey Pirms dienas


  • Carlos Blanch Vergara
    Carlos Blanch Vergara Pirms dienas

    Nah men the music gives me creeps

  • Marry a cheesecake
    Marry a cheesecake Pirms dienas

    OMG, this is so well made!!! Really good acting

  • Jzl 21
    Jzl 21 Pirms dienas

    I love it ♡