The First Hour of Gears 5 | GameSpot Live

  • Publicēšanas datums 4 sep 2019
  • David and Jean-Luc show off the first hour of Gear 5's campaign on Xbox One X.
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  • The Fat Bastard Productions

    That what bioware should made with andromeda, this looks like a big gameplay advancement of the old ME series.

  • Oh My Gandhi
    Oh My Gandhi Pirms Mēneša +1

    I don't know if it's their play style or their constant talking and that they're not really moving around a lot in this game, but that gameplay was extraordinarily tedious and repetitive. It's a gorgeous-looking game, though.

  • blood_starved_beast 213
    blood_starved_beast 213 Pirms Mēneša +1

    Yeea if you could all just stfu and let me hear the game , that'd be great.

    • Drizzt Do' Urden
      Drizzt Do' Urden Pirms Mēneša +1

      I know damn. Every time the characters start talking these guys have something to say over it. We are here for the gameplay not to hear you hee haw over it lol

  • Jason D. Phoenix
    Jason D. Phoenix Pirms Mēneša +1

    I kinda don't like that highlights hipster hair of her...
    Like, I see more and more characters with these type of hairstyles. this how game devs see their player base and think they'll relate?

    • Hesitant Alpaca
      Hesitant Alpaca Pirms Mēneša

      Jason D. Phoenix basically they view their fan base as ultra extremist leftist gender fluid sissy’s

  • daniel goulding
    daniel goulding Pirms Mēneša

    Thanx for showing off SP

  • T0ki
    T0ki Pirms Mēneša +3

    I dunno… I'd rather spend my cash on the Dying Light 2 pre-order.

  • gtabro1337
    gtabro1337 Pirms Mēneša +7

    Removing “of War” was the most Aspergers decision ever 🤦‍♂️

    • Falconer992
      Falconer992 Pirms Mēneša

      they removed it according to them because the war was over but the gears still move ... Yes something poetic but it makes a little sense

  • TitanPlay's 17
    TitanPlay's 17 Pirms Mēneša

    Wow gears 5, Borderlands 3 , Titanfall 3 what a good year OH WAIT!!!! Thier is bot Titanfall 3 it's just Apex how sad I'll be crying for years

  • frost knight
    frost knight Pirms Mēneša +4

    Nah no thanks
    It looks just like gears 4 and it looks tedious.

  • Sean dinga
    Sean dinga Pirms Mēneša +3

    Why do i feel like this game is going to be filled with a lot of kaits girl power defiant bullsh!+. I really don't like these new characters kait least of all, but i may buy the game.

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss Pirms Mēneša

    Waiting for the release on my PS4..

  • Henry Carmichael
    Henry Carmichael Pirms Mēneša

    Love the look of New Ephyra!

  • Gruagach. Eire
    Gruagach. Eire Pirms Mēneša

    Please be good.

  • Corey Lovell
    Corey Lovell Pirms Mēneša

    I cant wait to play this for a week then borderlands!!

  • BenJive Glancy
    BenJive Glancy Pirms Mēneša +2

    Iv just started playing WoW classic and now I have GoW5 and Iceborne releasing on Friday... Goodbye social life

  • ApexPredator 83
    ApexPredator 83 Pirms Mēneša +1

    Finally a game that uses the Unreal 4 engine properly.Thanks God !

  • Sayf Aofy
    Sayf Aofy Pirms Mēneša +3

    Yo Bro I am in love with this Game guys I finshed 1234.

  • ionicblood666
    ionicblood666 Pirms Mēneša +1

    Epilepsy warning . Flashing lights

  • DIMA X
    DIMA X Pirms Mēneša +8

    Gears of war 2 best game series.

  • Louis Kelemen
    Louis Kelemen Pirms Mēneša +1

    Goddamn, that’s some backstory reveal about the new COG

  • Morgan Freeman
    Morgan Freeman Pirms Mēneša

    Squeakers killed Gears of war.

  • The Macabre Gamer
    The Macabre Gamer Pirms Mēneša +9

    Damn you guys talk too much. Blimey, pipe down already.

  • TheSpoonyBard
    TheSpoonyBard Pirms Mēneša +1

    Looks tedious

  • Calinks
    Calinks Pirms Mēneša

    Please be good pleas be good!

  • Misanthropist
    Misanthropist Pirms Mēneša +3

    Looks sweet, can't wait.. just few hours to go

  • Matt Reed
    Matt Reed Pirms Mēneša +5

    GoW >>>>>>> GoW

    • The Joker
      The Joker Pirms Mēneša +1

      God of war >>>>>>> Gears of war. Yh your right

    • Big Cat
      Big Cat Pirms Mēneša

      I prefer god of war to be honest to me gears of war 3 was the end and the rest are just them milking it instead of making something new.

    • Matt Reed
      Matt Reed Pirms Mēneša +3

      @DOOM SLAYER who knows? You decide 😉

    • Sir. Simon
      Sir. Simon Pirms Mēneša


      DOOM SLAYER Pirms Mēneša +1

      God of war?

  • Joker9G
    Joker9G Pirms Mēneša +1

    I think the story is the best of the game

    • Hesitant Alpaca
      Hesitant Alpaca Pirms Mēneša

      GhoulAC how fat are you and what colour is your hair

  • Understanding 77
    Understanding 77 Pirms Mēneša +10

    These 2 dudes are soft as 💩💩

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas Pirms Mēneša +10

    3 player co-op were one gets to play as a flying robot? Kind of reminds me of Jet Force Gemini.

  • Harry Algar
    Harry Algar Pirms Mēneša +2

    I’ve already decided I hate Fahz

  • hkenneths
    hkenneths Pirms Mēneša

    I had to unfollow Xbox on instagram for the shit the we’re posting about gears of war

  • Your Friendly Yandere
    Your Friendly Yandere Pirms Mēneša +3

    You know, Baird is probably the only one in that universe who got a happy ending.

    • Spartan
      Spartan Pirms Mēneša +1

      Your Friendly Yandere except for him accidentally creating an evil army of robots lmao maybe cole?

    PHXNTXM Pirms Mēneša +3

    When Gears 5 gets less than a 90 on Metacritic, even if it’s just barely (like an 87-89), I can already see the fanboys screaming and blaming the final score on media bias. 🙄

    • Makaveli Dios
      Makaveli Dios Pirms Mēneša

      Ludster 93 no doubt, but 2020 is the year all gamers go broke lmao.

    • Ludster 93
      Ludster 93 Pirms Mēneša

      @Makaveli Dios well I agree with you about the 4k and multiplayer on xbox cause that why I got the x but I think we can all agree it's great to be a gamer this year.

    • Makaveli Dios
      Makaveli Dios Pirms Mēneša

      Ludster 93 no fighting at all😂 just informing this man on why my preference of gaming isn’t as useless as they say💀

    • Ludster 93
      Ludster 93 Pirms Mēneša

      Guys guys we are all grown here no need to fight over machines/games

  • Damian HI MOM
    Damian HI MOM Pirms Mēneša

    Kait:Who Gives a shit He’s a robot

  • themcfaceman
    themcfaceman Pirms Mēneša +5

    meh x24

    • Wardo Melena
      Wardo Melena Pirms Mēneša

      @Oh My Gandhi yeah but i don't had a pc

    • Oh My Gandhi
      Oh My Gandhi Pirms Mēneša

      @Wardo Melena we can just play it on PC

    • themcfaceman
      themcfaceman Pirms Mēneša

      @Wardo Melena 😒

    • Wardo Melena
      Wardo Melena Pirms Mēneša +8

      just because is not a ps 4 exclusive.

  • Mr. Dew
    Mr. Dew Pirms Mēneša +14

    Nothing new, pass

    • MrNobodycares100
      MrNobodycares100 Pirms Mēneša +7

      Says the playstation owner fuck outta here 😂

    • No Name
      No Name Pirms Mēneša

      Mr. Dew Yeah, I don’t know if you watched he whole video.....

      PHXNTXM Pirms Mēneša +2

      Don’t ya mean *”Xbox”* Game Pass?

    • themcfaceman
      themcfaceman Pirms Mēneša +5

      yea, gears needs a God of War style recreation/evolution

  • OZ Garner
    OZ Garner Pirms Mēneša +8

    Hey this is gears 4 gameplay.

    • Mwalker
      Mwalker Pirms Mēneša

      No need to be negative over a videogame. They are created to entertain

    • Chase Richardson
      Chase Richardson Pirms Mēneša +1

      @Fart Tony literally just watch the campaign gameplay. Its potinless to argue with someone who hasn't. If you watch that and think nothing has changed then you obviously aren't a fan. Then move on. Has way more changes then Gears 4 and that's the only game they made. They didn't make gears 1-3. Use your head man.

    • Fart Tony
      Fart Tony Pirms Mēneša +1

      CPTNSHINYSIGHTS just Cause it’s the same franchise doesn’t mean it can’t evolve the gameplay at all. This is just a prettier Gears of War 3 with a semi open world. Batman AA to AC or Uncharted 3 to Uncharted 4 or even Forza Horizon 2 to Forza Horizon 3 is how you should evolve a franchise without resting on your laurels. This franchise has done nothing since Gears of War 2 besides add new enemy types and guns.

    • Chase Richardson
      Chase Richardson Pirms Mēneša +1

      @PHXNTXM This new game took open enviourment inspiration from God of War.

      CPTNSHINYSIGHTS Pirms Mēneša +1

      @PHXNTXM God of war is a soft reboot so that's understandable

  • Rick Garcia
    Rick Garcia Pirms Mēneša +9

    Don't really wanna play as a chick and didn't like 4 so iam good bring back Phoenix back as main tell then iam done

    • Chase Richardson
      Chase Richardson Pirms Mēneša

      @Rick Garcia Makes sense. Voice acting and story is much better this time though.

    • Rick Garcia
      Rick Garcia Pirms Mēneša

      After reading what I wrote it does sound bad or as all you called me sexist but I guess I commented on this vid the wrong way what I was trying to say before is that I want Phoenix, A-Train and the old team back played the fourth game and for myself I didn't like the new team thas all

    • Chase Richardson
      Chase Richardson Pirms Mēneša +4

      @LVclip Channel The funny thing is you don't even play as her the whole time, the story relies on her character. We are getting a much better story because of the ties she has to the locust blood line.

    • YouTube Channel
      YouTube Channel Pirms Mēneša +1

      SpitfirePancakes and if you say it forces you to play as a woman I got some news for you lol

  • NateDawg 1403
    NateDawg 1403 Pirms Mēneša +3

    It’s crazy how they continue to speak like robots

  • Radical Greek 3
    Radical Greek 3 Pirms Mēneša +24

    Starts @ 3:32

  • Rave Shadows
    Rave Shadows Pirms Mēneša +13

    Oh joy I can smell drama already
    *Gears woke edition incoming*

    • Louis Kelemen
      Louis Kelemen Pirms Mēneša

      Rave Shadows This actually looks good, when it was first teased I had some serious doubts (No “of War” which I still don’t like though, James all different and bossy, then Kait all rebel and turns out to be the MC), plus since I already thought GoW 4 was an unnecessary sequel I really wasn’t looking forward to this, but now I hope I was totally wrong about it

    COSBY FRAMED OJ Pirms Mēneša +5

    Can’t wait to play on the 5th add me on Xbox @ COSBY FRAMED OJ

      COSBY FRAMED OJ Pirms Mēneša

      Some Guy thanks man

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy Pirms Mēneša +1

      Love your fucking name

      COSBY FRAMED OJ Pirms Mēneša

      EMC4K 👍

    • EMC4K
      EMC4K Pirms Mēneša +1

      COSBY FRAMED OJ you’re my hero. Friend request sent

    • pieonmymind
      pieonmymind Pirms Mēneša

      COSBY FRAMED OJ nope not true

  • WOODZ76
    WOODZ76 Pirms Mēneša +3

    So the drone is like in killzone shadowfall???

  • Jason Davis
    Jason Davis Pirms Mēneša