The Vanishing of Flight 370

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  • On the 8th of March, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished during a routine flight between Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Beijing, China. The case has since grown into one of the most puzzling mysteries in aviation history. In this video, I examine the findings of the official investigation and explore some of the leading theories.
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    Spoiler: they don't find it. There saved ya 24 minutes and 53 seconds.

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    So, a plane just went missing for no reason? What if they never landed? ._.

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    The asian pilot wanted this plane for some reason, but didn’t have lot of experience in that particular plane so he recruited that other pilot to Help him fuck up the GPS thing, then they landed/crashed the plane at some secret hideout
    The asian guy probably promised the other pilot alot of money for faking his death.

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    6:35 That's one hell of a detour though...

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    okay is there a secret to understanding radio better? cant hear the stuff even though I am reading it

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    Extremely well made.

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    This was absolutely amazing. Thank you.

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    Your videos are so good i even watch the whole outro

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    He was trying to see if the earth was flat

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    There was someone on that aircraft....

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    Country A guys helped to dev some high tech chips, Country B claimed that they owns these chips, Country A guys went to airport and took MH370, but Country B guys planned the hijack of the flight earlier, then Country B guys accidentally on purpose destroyed/killed them all, some days after some Country B professor register a patent for a high tech chip, some Country C embassador wanna let the world know then he got assassinated, Country B guys not wanna these information get out, MH370 vanished. END
    sry for my stupid Eng
    Malaysia ≠ A or B or C

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    See you all in 2020

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    this is so good. good job!

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    i remember the "interviews" of families on the news the weeks after this happened


    14:22 - Just because the so called experts SAY something is impossible doesn't mean it CANT be done. Here is the answer to what happened. The diagram is the answer to how the people on the plane were dealt with....

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    Let's take a moment to appreciate the color of the intro matching perfectly with the dark theme

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    Im gonna believe that it was hijacked and the hijackers crashed the plane. Its the only thing that makes logical sense with the available information.

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    Great video. I honestly was waiting for the "maybe it was aliens" conspiracy theories but I was pleasantly surprised.

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    Why did they not send jets when the plane went missing ?

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    Why is the sound quality of radio communications used for air traffic so fucking terrible? You'd think this would have been improved by now given how important the communications are.

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    I’m 16 right now. I feel like when I reach about 26 that’s when I’ll see they found the plane on the news ... idk why lol

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    I'm surprised that no one said aliens did it XD

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    Make a video about the Chernobyl accident!

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    What about the cabin crew they where never researched and also the 237 passengers

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    Sucks i wont be alive for the mars living community

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    Brilliant video. A great documentary piece, truly. Thanks for all the research in putting this together!

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    Maybe it was remotely hijacked by the CIA because it flown into private airspace (and I mean like a top secret island in the middle of the Indian Ocean)

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    Thanks for making a documentary about one of my country's biggest mystery, now it'll not be forgotten again.

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    Here is an idea for a video. The hum. The unexplained phenomena of People hearing a mysterious hum. Some only for a few minutes or hours... Some weeks, years, or Even their entire life

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    With all this info and technology at our disposal, its shocking that this kind of things still happen and it also interesting to think that even with the globalization happening right that there are still remote places like this...

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    My name at 24:31

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    Malaysian military / airforce = incompetent.

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    where've u been dude...we all waiting so long for this resourceful studied...thanks a lot btw..

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    tony stark could find it in 10 min

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    wow this is the best documentry on mh370 i've seen! the way i think the captain did it. If im basing it on this docu.

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    What if it didn't crash? The turns, equipment being turned off, the pilots flight simulations. All of it points towards the plane being deliberately taken off course, but not by one rogue pilot. Others on board would have noticed, especially the copilot. There would also be no guarantee someone didn't have a satellite phone or something as well, plus the pilot didn't seem like someone who would go through all that effort just to fly to they crashed without any kind of demands. Doesn't sound like a hijacking. However, if they didn't crash, either was able to get more fuel and keep going, or perhaps change their call sign and land. Sprinkle some wreckage into the water to wash up, but no full plane. Then you have to ask yourself who could have been on that plane that was so important to fake all of this? Most all of the reports are about where it crashed when it could not have, then about who took over the plane instead of who was on the plane in the first place. I'd like to have a full list of the passengers, then see who would be the biggest target. May lead to more answers. Then look at all planes that landed in the time frame to see any call sign changes. Maybe it just landed.

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    Fucking dam? its been 5 years since this happened??? unbelievable its crazy how time goes fast as hell. I really do hope they find out what happened to give all those affected families closure

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    It is not only about the quality of your videos but the huge amount of research that you do to approach a subject. I do admire you Lemmy.

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    And also, how do you get all of this information( I know internet has everything, but not everything)

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    i am willing to put a dollar into a fund which resumes this search. Its seems like a closure is needed for all of us

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    It had to have veen zahid and the plane mechanic.

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    Why tf did I think at first this was about gta 5?

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    Plane was never found because it hit the water at such speed that it disintegrated on impact. The debris were too small and widely dispersed to be detected.

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    I was hoping I’d enjoy this video, but this dude says Boeing Seven Seventy-Seven....

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    And here’s the story of how I lost my pilot’s license...

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    Video about the JFK assassination? And the similarities it has with Abraham Lincoln?

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    alright, let me now go and see what i missed

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    Whenever I see a Lemmino video I never second guess

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    what if the one of the cabin member opened a toxic gas and hijacked the plane with antipilot?

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    By the time they find itll have disintegrated, by now the bodies probably are already nothing but particles scattered and floating accross the ocean being consumed by plankton, which in turn will then turn into plankton shit. Nature constantly reminds us how insignificant we truly are, once we die we literally become an organisms shit.

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    "but for now, this mystery will remain UNSOLVED"

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    Waldo: You can't find me.
    MH370: Hold my beer!

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    it triggers the fuck out of me when possible evidence of something is dismissed as "probably just geologic activity" or some bullshit like that. classic "sw4mp gas" excuse. and why is landing in antartica not even considered as a theory

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    What if someone broke into the Captain’s house, created a simulation to almost be a replica of the path to raise the theory he somehow planned it, to put them, the police and the investigation off path of what actually happened?

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    talk about kyshtym my good friend.

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    It's the new bermuda. Malaysia, Thailand and Ho Chi Minh.

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    I think when the connection of the SATCOM is turn off or disconnected if it was the pilot who did this then i think he did something when the SATCOM is offline. Is there a chance that the pilot call someone when he first turn??
    Well i have 1 more theory about this. Maybe before they depart someone maybe an engineer get in the airplane and cut the wire for the transponder or he might be in the airplane when its mid way or even maybe someone is working/threaten the pilot to ditch the plane into the ocean. it is only a theory don't think something it is real...

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    I find it hard to believe that it was just an "accident".

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    why don't they put floaties on black boxes

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    As a fellow Malaysian, I truly feel sorry for this.

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    My takes on the causes:
    1. The pilot was suicidal, and managed to keep it under the radar. He either took out the co pilot, or did what the Ethiopian pilot did.
    2. It was shot down by Russia as a mistake.
    3. It could have been an extrerrestrial force, which would make parallel universes a real thing.

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    Aviation Community: *deep breath* sfaffsfafsfsrfgerggstghggsdgsdgsgfgdsgfdg

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