Microblading My Scalp For Balding

  • Publicēšanas datums 10 jūl 2019
  • Zach gets a tattoo on his scalp to help make his hair look fuller and the transformation is insane! Tune in for Part 2 of Zach's Hair Journey this Saturday, 7/13 @ 8am PT where Zach will undergo FULL hair restoration surgery.

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  • Justina Y.
    Justina Y. Pirms dienas

    7:05 KEITH?!?

    JBILLINGS Pirms 2 dienām

    And some women, especially young pretty ones definitely do discriminate against men who are balding. Being bald in your 20’s is a big deal

  • Talha Mukhtar
    Talha Mukhtar Pirms 2 dienām

    All the men on my father’s side are bald, while no one on my mother’s side is. This is with huge families on both sides. My mother got me so worried about what genes I got, it took me a long time to be able to deal with it in an at all healthy way. Still don’t know for sure whether I’ll bald. I’m 24 with nothing yet, while my father started balding around 20. But this video let me accept that it’s not silly or abnormal to have balding insecurities, and that these insecurities are manageable. You can mitigate, or adapt. Personally, I think I’d adapt: full shave, baby!!

  • androw gadi
    androw gadi Pirms 3 dienām

    Can u texts me the address I want do the same thing I live in florida thank

  • Quinn Bacoka
    Quinn Bacoka Pirms 4 dienām

    I love the movie chappie

  • Quinn Bacoka
    Quinn Bacoka Pirms 4 dienām

    If you go fully bald your head will have weird dots all over it if it was permanent

  • adrenaline
    adrenaline Pirms 6 dienām +2

    Nothing like two money hungry "doctors" with full heads of hair lying to their clients face about their hair. It looked awful all the way through, his only choice is to do scalp micro pigmentation or to shave it.
    I have been bald for 10 years now I know all about it, I went through this phase when I tried to save it just like he did in this video but there came a day when I realized that there was no saving it and I have been shaving it ever since.

    • Sebu
      Sebu Pirms 4 dienām

      It might be a hard pill to swallow but this is a reality for many men. It's like the horror stories of plastic surgery in South Korea. They buy into the dream of attaining something that may be futile, waste of money or downright dangerous.

  • ayokay123
    ayokay123 Pirms 11 dienām

    Where's the follow-up video??

  • Bubbly-and-Cute
    Bubbly-and-Cute Pirms 11 dienām

    Self care is the best care Zack 💖

  • trauri
    trauri Pirms 12 dienām

    Real talk though, did you try finasteride?

  • Joe Dick
    Joe Dick Pirms 14 dienām

    "Maggie doesn't care about it"
    Uh, yeah, clearly she does. Wake up, man, you can do better than that skank.

  • Amelia Nadolska
    Amelia Nadolska Pirms 16 dienām

    I nad an add About hair loss😂

  • Who Dat4262
    Who Dat4262 Pirms 18 dienām

    Imagine when he goes bald LMFAOO

  • Isa Maria Potoker
    Isa Maria Potoker Pirms 18 dienām

    that's basically how I feel like my... everything😂

  • Hunter M
    Hunter M Pirms 20 dienām

    Only problem with this method is normal people cant afford it :/

  • RAY198000
    RAY198000 Pirms 20 dienām

    Instagram @scalps_by_sofia 🙌🙌

  • Adrian Hadârcă
    Adrian Hadârcă Pirms 20 dienām

    If I were him I’d go bald and rock the shrek hair cut

  • Ian Nicely
    Ian Nicely Pirms 21 dienas

    So now when you’re old and gray you’ll have black dots on top??? O_o

  • Slattic
    Slattic Pirms 22 dienām

    Good on you Zach! I'm glad you came to a personal decision you're comfortable with. Men in my life have chosen just shave it, to embrace, and to find a way to fix it. It's good to take control of your emotions, your body, and how you care for yourself and your personal gladness!

  • M T
    M T Pirms 22 dienām +1

    I think he would look amazing rocking a bald head if ends up doing that someday.

  • sean villaflor
    sean villaflor Pirms 23 dienām +2

    Ned - broken knee and nose
    Zack - hairloss
    Eugene - gayness
    Keith - over eating 😂😂😂

  • J K
    J K Pirms 23 dienām

    I bet it hurts to microneedle it right?

  • Arya Dröttningu
    Arya Dröttningu Pirms 24 dienām

    Losing my hair is one of my worst nightmares (when speaking about things that don't kill you and are strictly aesthetic issues). It is very admirable that you openly speak about your struggle.

  • Queenie Qwen
    Queenie Qwen Pirms 24 dienām

    Nitrous oxide didn't work at all for me when I was in the hospital oof

  • sfranklin10
    sfranklin10 Pirms 26 dienām


  • PrincePalm
    PrincePalm Pirms 29 dienām

    get an hair transplant so much better then microblading, just saying!

  • Kylie Lucas
    Kylie Lucas Pirms 29 dienām

    I wanna stress that Zach is perfect the way he is, but if he wants to do something to make himself more confident, he shouldn’t be criticized for that.

  • Jake C.
    Jake C. Pirms 29 dienām

    No before and after? I know they said it'd take up to a year but we'd like to see how it's progressing over the months.

  • Tyler
    Tyler Pirms Mēneša


  • Pretty fish tank Pretty fish tank

    Looks good💋

  • EvanTheOne
    EvanTheOne Pirms Mēneša

    I didn’t notice

  • Ouranor
    Ouranor Pirms Mēneša

    The tattoo guy has the most amazing voice, I'm a little in love ngl

  • Tuffy
    Tuffy Pirms Mēneša

    Zach I love u

    • Tuffy
      Tuffy Pirms Mēneša


  • Raya Mukherjee
    Raya Mukherjee Pirms Mēneša

    The barber sipping tea, looks identical to my maths teachers

  • Mir iam
    Mir iam Pirms Mēneša

    Keith in the plastic surgery video: can you draw a dick on my face?
    Zach here: Can you draw a dick on my head?

  • Caitlin Newey
    Caitlin Newey Pirms Mēneša +8

    The funniest thing to me is the guy performing the procedure is bald

  • Caitlin Newey
    Caitlin Newey Pirms Mēneša

    drinks to mask laughing lmao

  • Mister Raisin
    Mister Raisin Pirms Mēneša +2

    Hair or no hair. You'll always be beautiful! Love you guys.

  • pxlxce
    pxlxce Pirms Mēneša

    Good for you doing it!
    It's essentially the same for women who think their breasts are too small and get bigger breasts.
    If you don't feel well in your body, you need to change it.

    Awesome video again!

  • Scalp Logic
    Scalp Logic Pirms Mēneša

    Big respect for the video!!
    That said, the scalp micropigmentation (hair tattoo) was done terribly. Smh, these “professionals” are ruining the industry because they have no knowledge or talent and GUYS THAT ARE SUFFERING ALREADY pay the price for it with bad results 🤮

  • jonathan gerow
    jonathan gerow Pirms Mēneša

    I have been doing this for 9 years and one of the innovators.Microblading is not a good idea! The correct method is the scalp micropigmentation three point micropigmentation. You need to be careful because if you ever buzz your hair down it will look like shoe polish! Contact me if you need help fixing this!! And it will fade but uneven !

  • odalv316
    odalv316 Pirms Mēneša

    Minoxidil is the only thing that will regrow hair. I am not bald but I've used it on my beard to fill in the patches and it works. Just gotta be consistent.

  • Loraine
    Loraine Pirms Mēneša

    So refreshing to see a man that is upfront about something that makes him feel insecure. Go baby Zach 🙌🏼

  • MrNun
    MrNun Pirms Mēneša

    11:56 Is it just me who knows the movie about a robot called 'Chappie'?

  • DavidFrostbite
    DavidFrostbite Pirms Mēneša +1

    So, is there a Part 2?

  • zamaya c
    zamaya c Pirms Mēneša

    I fucking love Zach tbh

  • UsotheMarshmallow
    UsotheMarshmallow Pirms Mēneša

    the machine he said looked like ROB does look like hiim but i never would have thought that without Zach's insight

  • bob marley
    bob marley Pirms Mēneša

    Dude not the tattoo just get a transplant ffs

  • bob marley
    bob marley Pirms Mēneša

    Wish we all had 6 million subscribers through this shit maaan

  • A Mc
    A Mc Pirms Mēneša

    Hahahahaha " you produce so much testosterone that is blocks the hair from growing" HOOOOLD ON did you group of fucking soy boys take a testosterone test and ironically it was amping some of the lowest levels possible?! These 4 pussies couldn't produce enough testosterone to produce a supnk bubble!!

  • Shaliza Mohammed
    Shaliza Mohammed Pirms Mēneša

    Until he gets totally bald and cant rock a bald head cause of his scalp being micro bladed

    • Shaliza Mohammed
      Shaliza Mohammed Pirms Mēneša

      DavidFrostbite thanks for the info. Always heard people say it was permanent

    • DavidFrostbite
      DavidFrostbite Pirms Mēneša

      That's why it's not permanent and fades out, so you can be bald later w/out tattoo removal

  • kory z
    kory z Pirms Mēneša

    Shave it and grow a beard.

  • Gabby Potter
    Gabby Potter Pirms Mēneša

    Thank you.

  • pablo martinez
    pablo martinez Pirms Mēneša

    Jajaj fucking bald weak nerd

  • wee shaq
    wee shaq Pirms Mēneša

    What’s he supposed to do when he goes more bald

  • Koketso Diana Mothobi
    Koketso Diana Mothobi Pirms Mēneša

    Those baskets behind you in the intro... where did you get those ?

    GRIZZLYTHEHATER Pirms Mēneša +1

    I hate dudes like this who hold on the thought of having hair I swear just let it go man don’t be that guy at 40 with 3 strings of hair and saying don’t touch the top.. I’m a barber not a miracle worker and no I will not be putting a toupee on you go get that somewhere else as you figure out your life which is a midlife crisis

  • nealrutgerskid
    nealrutgerskid Pirms Mēneša

    Tattooing is a bad idea down the line. What happen 20 years from now when you hair really recedes...

    • LittleFuzzyMonster
      LittleFuzzyMonster Pirms Mēneša

      nealrutgerskid the tattoos fade away after w few months as the hairplugs grow in, so they arent permanent

  • Lillian Swaim
    Lillian Swaim Pirms Mēneša

    Zach is my favorite Try Guy, he's soo cute and sincere I can't stand it! I hope he's happy with how this ends up, I know we'll all love him no matter how he looks.

  • Jada Parchment
    Jada Parchment Pirms Mēneša

    Zach no hate but......... to me you're the baby of the group very delicate with a brew of problems..... I love it not all guys can be rough and tough