I Want To Marry My Boyfriend, But There Is A Problem

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    This girl’s called Amy, and her story doesn’t have a happy ending. Nevertheless, she still hopes that things will work out one day.
    Amy met her boyfriend Alex when they were both just 14. They took piano lessons with the same teacher, so they met at her house several times a month, when his class was finishing and her was about to start. They didn’t even get to know each others’ names for the first two months. But then they chatted once or twice, then they started texting each other, and quite soon she realized that she was in love!
    She felt that he really liked her too, so they started dating, and they both soon became convinced that they were made for each other. Amy knows there are a lot of teenagers who say that after two weeks together and often it’s not really the case. But after a couple of weeks of their relationship they didn’t even have to speak to understand how the other one felt. Amy was really sure that she had found her soulmate, and she still is.
    Months passed, and they spent more and more time together. Alex’s birthday is in March, and Amy’s is in April, with the dates being really close, so they turned 15 together, then 16, and…their love did not diminish. It still gets stronger and stronger every day.
    So about three months ago Alex...proposed to her! First she was shocked because, even though she knew that they would be together for a long long time, she’d still never expected it at that moment. But…she said yes. She knew she wanted a family with him, she just didn’t think it would be that soon.
    But okay, they’re both sixteen, and they’re not allowed to get married by law…so that was the first thing she said to him, still in tears of happiness. He said that now they were engaged, they’d just wait for a year and a half, prepare everything and get married the following April - the day she turned eighteen. It all sounded so beautiful.
    So now she’s getting closer to the problem. Amy’s parents were always totally fine with her relationship. Her mom and dad loved Alex, and they were always happy to see him in their house. The same thing was true with his parents. They’re both artists and Amy thinks they’re amazing people, and it seems that they liked her from the very beginning too. And Alex said they supported his decision to propose.
    But for some reason she was a bit scared to tell her parents. It took her several days to find the courage to talk to her mom about it, because, you know…she had no idea how she would react.
    Her mom was quite surprised of course, but she wasn’t negative. At first she thought they wanted to get married right away, but then she explained the plan to her. Deep down Amy felt that her mom was quite happy to hear all of this. She doesn’t reveal how she’s feeling very often, so she couldn’t imagine her jumping around the room, screaming with joy. But she was quite positive, and she started talking about responsibility and that she had to be certain about her true feelings…and at that moment Amy didn’t like the way she was being so rational, but now she understands that these are just the kind of things mothers say.
    Now Amy is sure that her Mom understands and supports her. After all, she was only twenty when she married her dad, and he was just twenty one.
    But they both knew he might have a hard time with the news. Her mom suggested that she talk to him about it first - you know, to get him ready. But Amy said that it was her decision and that she should talk to her dad herself.
    For the next week she was too scared to start the conversation. Meanwhile, she and Alex were already thinking about their guests, about the location and the ceremony, the dress…she knows that they still have a lot of time, but they want everything to be unforgettable!
    So one day she and her parents were having dinner, when she finally decided to reveal all. She tried to be bold and confident as she said: “Alex and I want to get married”. And then…after a long pause… her dad just laughed. He thought it was a joke!
    He laughed for a while, but then he looked at her mom, and realized everything was for real. He was silent for about ten seconds, but then… he just exploded. She doesn’t really want to think about it, but in short, his point was that she first ought to graduate from college, which was at least 4 years away, and over time they would see what kind of guy Alex was... she’d thought they got on really well, but obviously that had just been an illusion. “And even after college”, he shouted, “it would still be way too early!”
    Amy felt so bad she started crying...
    If you want to know what will happen next, watch the video to the end!
    Music by Epidemic Sound: www.epidemicsound.com
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    If you have any advice for Alex, please leave it in the comments! She believes love always wins, so she’s sure that everything’s going to be fine one day!
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      +Dorka Eszter Becsjanszki you can read the description

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      You have amazing storys 😇😇😇

    • Thepotato Thatisme
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      ACTUALLY HAPPENED she should get married to him and not have her dad there and if she must than make sure he won’t make a mess of it

    • Anshu Seepal
      Anshu Seepal Pirms Mēneša

      Why are you people so interested in getting married so early 😂😂?
      It seems like your father regret getting married , not getting married to your mother. He may have regretted getting married as it was a really big step full of responsibilty and sacrifice , and had to sacrifice many thing to make things , ofcourse he did cause he loved your mother . He just want you to be chill and relax , and have an easier life .
      Just let thing happen with their own speed of time .
      Enjoy Alex and Amy , live your life to the extremes . He just wants you to not limit yourself and the other person .

    • LordBrady Boo
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      Don’t listen to him

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    Ada podi.. Naan kooda periya prachanayo nu nenachen... Inga naanga religion vittu religion pannitu irukom.. Poviya🤨😏

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    Happy April fools on you B day
    HBD at AF

  • Corey Shelton
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    You are a full grown woman you should do what makes you happy don't make the same mistake I made my grandma told me I am not allowed to see the love of my life again I was so scared of her but then I moved out and tried to get back with the love of my life but she found someone else so my grandma is not family anymore

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    This is prolly Donna Pinciotti talking bout lil scrawny neighbor boy (please tell me someone understands)

  • Ye Heun Song
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    Hi, I think that even though she likes that boy, she should wait and even though the marriage will be far away because of college. I think that the love can last forever and her dad said that so he must know something that she didn’t. And I think she should respect her father’s advice and wait until then. I hope this helped a little. Please tell me if it did.

  • Nellie Blackwing
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    He's just being a dad, worrying about his little girl. I understand his reasons, but it is rude of him not to consider Alex's and your feelings. The most likely case is that he doesn't want you two making the same mistakes, I'm not saying that he married to early but he probably thinks he could have made better choices. So just give him time, and he might not change his mind even after the wedding; but he will come around at one point. So just do what you think feels right in your heart, I am rooting for the both of you. 😁

  • BBG Kalani
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    18 tho?? Like don't u wanna have ur job n have ur money first?? Ok y'all lets just be honest... Love doesn't provide for our basic needs

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    My cousins birthday is on April Fools

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    You're his little girl no one's good enough for you you could be 40 and he probably still be saying too young

  • Alex’s vlog channel Alex’s vlog channel

    1:slow down when ur are least 20 2: gain his trust and hang out with him 3:have a life

  • Lama Alharbi
    Lama Alharbi Pirms 13 Stundām

    Alex, I know love is very important to life, but your making a mistake!
    I mean, as you're young and in love, you can be blinded by it. Listen to your dad, you and you 'fiance' Are taking your plans to quickly. Wait a bit, graduate from college to get skills for a job and then get a job to support and take care of you family. And remember, family is loads more important that boyfriends!

  • famzy xoxo
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    I'm 18 and my dad won't let me marry my boyfriend
    It's not age because he's trying to get me married to some other guy in his home country

  • juudraws
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    I think it’s fine to get married at a young age IF you’re stable. I know a few of my friends who are 17 with jobs living on their own. If you guys are stable and you do have time to gather the money then I say go for it. But just don’t rely on everything to come from your parents

  • Tamuna Bagashvili
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  • Gracie Greene
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    Why would her mom be ok with this

  • Elaiza Anthony
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    i think that you should try and wait for your dad to come along, forever is a long time and so why should it be rushed? in even 2 years (if it takes your dad that long to come along) you guys should love each other, Plus you guys would have the best wedding! please make another video here so we can find out what happened, I just hope you two will have a nice relationship

  • TheRealHyper 0_0
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    Why you are a joke because u were born on April’s fools day

  • ARSTARR Smith
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    Be patient and nobody is always perfect.👍👍

  • charlie deMaagd
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    When your 18 your Dad can't legally stop you. If you want to get married, get married.

  • Hansel Enriquez
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    Get married damnit every movie i see they run away and get married

  • Fluffydrangons
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    It can't control you when you 18

  • Kate with Books
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    Y’all are being so heartless all of you have problems it is her choice and you should respect that I think she should confront her dad and say to him we will what till after high school and then we make our own decisions we are adults now and you have a say in nothing I do

  • Julian Sparks
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    I have advice for this channel: Don’t use a little girl to narrate a story about getting married. It makes this story even more uncomfortable, even if it isn’t real.

  • Magical Creatures
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    That is soooo sad 😭😭😢😱

  • Avakin Genna
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    Who cares what your dad thinks go for it girl you deserve this

  • Its_ Leah
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    Really? ??????????????????

  • Natali Dominguez
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    Still get married

  • Bubble Kitty14
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    I would say look dad I'm getting married because I think it is the right desishon and if u cat respect me decision then......
    Or I'm getting married like it or not

  • Lilly Ivanova
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    (this is a joke pls dont be offended)Well if you want advice then make your mother divorce your father.Tell your boyfriend that you love him wait for 18 and go get married!

  • V I
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    What the heck..
    Advise?? Dude you should listen to your father. This aint no romeo juliet, why the rush tho? THE HEECCKKK.

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    Well your dad is right

  • Insert Name
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    Why does she sound like an 8 year old girl?

  • Emma Buckley
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    I no how it feels I have 4 broken ribs I have a boyfriend and he liked me back

  • Dounia Kahlouche
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    Listen to your dad !!!!!!!

  • fi mo
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    Say to your dad if you gets married head back when you're so young and you could just the stern walk away and you don't need you don't need to see us getting married or you can kill them

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    Let wedding bells ring for these lovers

  • Abinash Gunanayagam
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    At fucking 16 are u insane

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    Realy Dad

  • Ahmad Taqiyuddin
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    In marriage we need mature and responsible person , even you are 20 or 30 years old but doesn't responsible for their family will not make a great family

  • Aphmaufan 161977
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    Do what your heart says

  • kriss
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    most likely your dad realized he'll have to pay

  • Cotten Candy Unicorn
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    Her birthday is on April 1 (April fools day) her life is a joke jk I’m not that mean

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      Cotten Candy Unicorn hahahahah! This so made me laugh

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    It’s your life! You decide what you do.

  • Mya XoX
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    The voice sounds like a 10 year old

  • Mira May
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    Marriage is not a love affair, it's a job. See that as a job cause both of the sides have to work really hard for that. And sometimes even with lots of work it doesn't end happily.
    But the positive part is that Alex did not have any bad intentions with you and he actually loves you. The fact is all the boys under 18 like to get married! But when they grow older, when they see how a man should support his family no matter what, they change their mind about marriage. Cause they see the real side of marriage. When my cousin was 18, he loved his girlfriend so much. He wanted to marry her but in our country marriage is much more complicated than it is in Europe and America. He should have convinced both of his parents before proposing the girl. But they didn't improve.
    This happened again when he was 22, he wanted to mary another girlfriend of his, but that failed too.
    Now? He's 26 and he's working his ass of to get a PHD and he doesn't even talk to girls neither in real life nor social media cause he finally grow up and realized how it is difficult to make a family these days.
    So take your time. Don't rush for marrige. It's never late to marry someone even if you're 50. But it may be late to live your life and enjoy it.

  • Zander Ellis
    Zander Ellis Pirms 2 dienām

    Try to ask him his reasoning and tell him your reasons

  • Ha eun Kim
    Ha eun Kim Pirms 2 dienām

    Girl UK the more you wait the better the love fruit is so it's ok to wait a bit more .. get more matured....and then get married .... Family planning is not a joke like how many of our parents took it very lightly ... U both still need to plan Ur career and everything... The more u both know each other and understand each other before marriage the better it is... And Ur dad isn't against the guy .. he is against early marriage so calm down ..... You both should be confident in Ur relationship and first complete Ur studies and get Ur jobs... Ur dad is more worried about Ur identity in Ur family ok and that's really important....

  • Jojo ThePopo
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    Take it slow and say " way dont we talk about the wedding and why we want to get married" so then let him explain why not to get marry but take it at his speed

  • Nexus Vløgs
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    I got married in kindergarten with a ring pop on the playground
    I’ll never forget that😢

  • Jackanasaurus
    Jackanasaurus Pirms 3 dienām

    I suggest you have your dad think about it more and he’ll realize that he used to like her boyfriend, and was acting crazy to try and stop them from being together too early

  • Kayandra Whyte
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    For my advice that would say that you have to wait there's a whole life ahead of you and you have a lot to think about you have light bills to pay water bills you have when you get pregnant to have babies to feed clothes to wash and thoes stuff

  • May May
    May May Pirms 3 dienām +1

    Wait if your mom is 20 and your 16 how would she be pregnant at age 4 what?? Your mom is only older then u by 4 years. If you were adopted that's a different story

    • May May
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      Kiyaara Dalvi reallyyyy

    • Kiyaara Dalvi
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      May May she meant her mum got married at 20 the had her a couple years later her mum is probably in her late thirties when she made this video

  • Melvin Lyngdoh
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    Are u Dani Cohn?

  • The Blue Knight 345
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    She met her boyfriend when she was 14 she sounds like she’s 12

  • Sauroboi
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    16!?! More like 9💀💀💀

  • Ducklan
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    These r not very good stories. Actually Happened, make believable stories with age appropriate voices. No one believes this bull crap

  • يزيد الشهري
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    I think you should kill your father then feed his meat to the dogs
    This is best way to get married by the way

    • Nathaniel Lindroos
      Nathaniel Lindroos Pirms 16 Stundām +1

      I mean... he is not THAT bad! I know
      It’s a little wierd but, maybe he just wants his daughter to live so!
      My mother was married at age 19!
      I don’t know...

  • cherry Blossom
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    When I saw the title I thought of romoe and Juilet

  • it’s. KimSugi
    it’s. KimSugi Pirms 3 dienām

    Ok so I believe you must never let go of Alex since he is your soulmate and you shouldn’t lose him but you must just go up to your father and say
    You are marring Alex and your fathers opinion will not change yours but you do hope he will learn and see that you were meant for each other

  • Kaylin A
    Kaylin A Pirms 3 dienām

    I don't see an issue with being married so young if you're mature enough to an extent. You can still live your life and go to college. The only thing that compromises that are children. You do you :) all the best.

  • Nawshin Tabassum
    Nawshin Tabassum Pirms 3 dienām

    Marry him when you turn 20

  • Fun Stff
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    Just kill your dad and burry him so no eveidence 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Matt Long
    Matt Long Pirms 4 dienām

    Your dads a dick

  • Baby alive‘s and super Mario toys are my thing Lake

    I have a crush and his name is taege

  • A Girly Otaku
    A Girly Otaku Pirms 4 dienām

    I read some of the comments and I have to say I disagree. Yeah you’re 16, but you are not getting married at 16. You will still be able to be a kid and have fun before the big day! When it comes to your father, give him time to think. Realize it’s really hard for a father to give up his little girl, my own father says I can’t get married until I’m in my 80’s! You’re just leaving a lot sooner then he expected and he’s scared and hurt. You need to go slowly with him. I wish you luck!

  • Bu Bulle
    Bu Bulle Pirms 4 dienām

    But you know the wedding is not important if your dad do not agree that’s okay you can just wait the time he’s ready, the important is that you love each over and that’s a healthy relationship

  • Carissa Jenkins
    Carissa Jenkins Pirms 4 dienām +1

    her dad’s just gonna have to suck it up and let her get married 🤷🏾‍♀️. Because it sounds like he’s just scared of her growing up and moving on. Parents like that are toxic, because they make their kids feel confined and like they have no control over their life.

    • Carissa Jenkins
      Carissa Jenkins Pirms 2 dienām

      stop now Yeah I understand what you’re saying. It’s very early and they know it’s early, but they know they’re ready. Nowadays, most 16 year olds are more mature and educated. Times are different from how they were back then...in the sense that today, teens are more educated and experienced and aware of things that teens back in the day were not aware of or never even thought about. Times have changed and parents have to adapt to it. Based on the story, it seems as though they are ready to get married, and they have thought about everything that will happen, and how things will change in the future if they get married. So, they are prepared. The only thing stopping them is the fact that the dad can’t accept the fact that she is ready to move on and start a family. Of course, they’re not going to marry now because they still have to finish school and they have to wait until they’re 18 anyway. It’s not like they’re getting married at 16.

    • stop now
      stop now Pirms 2 dienām +1

      Carissa Jenkins i actually agree with the dad. they’re just 16. you never know what happens. and if they’re so sure that this will last forever then whats the rush. alex can prove it to her parents that he’s worth it. its way too early to be even thinking about it

  • lyainne charme
    lyainne charme Pirms 4 dienām

    all i will say is do not rush u sort of asked your dad in a wrong way but try keeping Ur grades high and then on the best day of your life that u know ur parents will be happy especially ur dad tell him then and lets see. if it works happy wedding

  • Navy Gacha
    Navy Gacha Pirms 4 dienām

    You old enough!your dad can’t tell you what to do

  • Andreea Boldeanu
    Andreea Boldeanu Pirms 4 dienām

    They are 17 now :)))

  • snow man
    snow man Pirms 4 dienām

    Bruh slow down your sixteen and still in school not to mention you don’t have the money to support yourselves get stabilized then you can start planning weddings

  • Katie Vloggs
    Katie Vloggs Pirms 4 dienām

    Lol 1 april APRIL FOOLS

  • Mae Mangaba
    Mae Mangaba Pirms 4 dienām

    Tbh i think u need to graduate first....show your father youd do what he wants just for your boyfriend show him that you treasure him so much that youll graduate so that you can be with him and if he still cant take it just wait you have a whole lot of years ahead of you cant rush things because it wont be easy and you might regret some stuff

  • jason bell
    jason bell Pirms 5 dienām

    He is just concerned for your future. Just continue with your plans and things will fall into place. He will understand one day.

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez Pirms 5 dienām

    In a way it does sound like a good idea, because weddings takes a long time to prep and it's very expensive. So waiting two years until your both legal isn't that bad of an idea.

  • Kookies Lil Cookie
    Kookies Lil Cookie Pirms 5 dienām

    Ok here is some advice h tell your dad COWM DOWNo

  • Atalie Booth
    Atalie Booth Pirms 5 dienām

    You should secretly marry him

  • cutesushi china
    cutesushi china Pirms 5 dienām

    First of all your were 16 and your father should respect your decisions no matter what

  • Nobody Else
    Nobody Else Pirms 5 dienām

    I will love you till the end of time I would wait a million years

  • Vasile Sandu
    Vasile Sandu Pirms 5 dienām

    Do wath your hearts want

  • Dominosters Ehku Lah
    Dominosters Ehku Lah Pirms 5 dienām

    Wedding....... nope

  • Jen Berryhill
    Jen Berryhill Pirms 5 dienām

    say no to your dad

  • frandz call me Ahmed
    frandz call me Ahmed Pirms 5 dienām

    ya, i have 1, go fak urself!!

  • Belle Boudreaux
    Belle Boudreaux Pirms 5 dienām

    My advice, who cares bout wut dad says. If u love each other then it's meant to be.

  • Thomas Van Lamoen
    Thomas Van Lamoen Pirms 5 dienām

    Just don't talk about it with your dad.. I mean your mom is okay with it so yeah just... Only talk about it with ur mom and bf

  • Sean Scarlet
    Sean Scarlet Pirms 5 dienām

    Okay here's my opinion. First, finished school and then you can decide on your future. Sure, you love each other so much, but trust me, responsibilities are hard. And if your boy friend really loves you, then he will respect whatever choice you'll make and will wait how long until you both get married.
    Edit: also get a job, because expenses are hard. Money is hard to get these days. Listen to your parents because they know better than you. Have you ever thought that Your dad was struggling with expenses and doesn't want you to feel the same?

  • Giana Paulino
    Giana Paulino Pirms 5 dienām

    I am so sorry for you Amy

  • arisha afra
    arisha afra Pirms 5 dienām

    Attention everyone
    Burn in fire
    Boyfriend or best friend
    Which one
    Pick and comment

  • Lps Moonlight
    Lps Moonlight Pirms 5 dienām

    I think you should sit down with him and discuss what his wedding was like and then tell him what your wedding would be like and try to relate to him

  • Priscilla Almeida
    Priscilla Almeida Pirms 5 dienām

    Tell him I am no different to you and I want to be married at a young age too so I Have MADE MY DISSISION

  • toughgirl 1511
    toughgirl 1511 Pirms 5 dienām

    Tell your dad how much you love the guy you like and if he sess no betend to cry 😭 and say please please please please

  • Ariki Thomas
    Ariki Thomas Pirms 6 dienām +2

    I have a idea

    Invite me 😂

  • MinYoongi InFiresMe
    MinYoongi InFiresMe Pirms 6 dienām

    *plot twist*

    They were second cousins.

  • Amaya Hernandez
    Amaya Hernandez Pirms 6 dienām

    I think you guys should wait I mean Ik you guys love each other but it’s still to early, listen to your dad bc he’s right, I’m sorry for not being supportive but it’s true you guys are too young I think it was dump of him to purpose to early listen to your dad you don’t know what love is

  • shreya katiyar
    shreya katiyar Pirms 6 dienām

    Why are these stories so addictive

  • Gacha._.loser Kim
    Gacha._.loser Kim Pirms 6 dienām

    Don't you just love that a ten year old is telling this story

  • North WR400
    North WR400 Pirms 6 dienām

    I want marry my girlfriend
    But we are lesbians and gay marriage in country where I live are not legal.

  • super saiya god super saiyan 3

    Wait am i the only one who sees an subscribe button

  • Deijaliz Rivera
    Deijaliz Rivera Pirms 6 dienām

    You should just say to your dad that it your choice