I Want To Marry My Boyfriend, But There Is A Problem

  • Publicēšanas datums 7 feb 2019
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    This girl’s called Amy, and her story doesn’t have a happy ending. Nevertheless, she still hopes that things will work out one day.
    Amy met her boyfriend Alex when they were both just 14. They took piano lessons with the same teacher, so they met at her house several times a month, when his class was finishing and her was about to start. They didn’t even get to know each others’ names for the first two months. But then they chatted once or twice, then they started texting each other, and quite soon she realized that she was in love!
    She felt that he really liked her too, so they started dating, and they both soon became convinced that they were made for each other. Amy knows there are a lot of teenagers who say that after two weeks together and often it’s not really the case. But after a couple of weeks of their relationship they didn’t even have to speak to understand how the other one felt. Amy was really sure that she had found her soulmate, and she still is.
    Months passed, and they spent more and more time together. Alex’s birthday is in March, and Amy’s is in April, with the dates being really close, so they turned 15 together, then 16, and…their love did not diminish. It still gets stronger and stronger every day.
    So about three months ago Alex...proposed to her! First she was shocked because, even though she knew that they would be together for a long long time, she’d still never expected it at that moment. But…she said yes. She knew she wanted a family with him, she just didn’t think it would be that soon.
    But okay, they’re both sixteen, and they’re not allowed to get married by law…so that was the first thing she said to him, still in tears of happiness. He said that now they were engaged, they’d just wait for a year and a half, prepare everything and get married the following April - the day she turned eighteen. It all sounded so beautiful.
    So now she’s getting closer to the problem. Amy’s parents were always totally fine with her relationship. Her mom and dad loved Alex, and they were always happy to see him in their house. The same thing was true with his parents. They’re both artists and Amy thinks they’re amazing people, and it seems that they liked her from the very beginning too. And Alex said they supported his decision to propose.
    But for some reason she was a bit scared to tell her parents. It took her several days to find the courage to talk to her mom about it, because, you know…she had no idea how she would react.
    Her mom was quite surprised of course, but she wasn’t negative. At first she thought they wanted to get married right away, but then she explained the plan to her. Deep down Amy felt that her mom was quite happy to hear all of this. She doesn’t reveal how she’s feeling very often, so she couldn’t imagine her jumping around the room, screaming with joy. But she was quite positive, and she started talking about responsibility and that she had to be certain about her true feelings…and at that moment Amy didn’t like the way she was being so rational, but now she understands that these are just the kind of things mothers say.
    Now Amy is sure that her Mom understands and supports her. After all, she was only twenty when she married her dad, and he was just twenty one.
    But they both knew he might have a hard time with the news. Her mom suggested that she talk to him about it first - you know, to get him ready. But Amy said that it was her decision and that she should talk to her dad herself.
    For the next week she was too scared to start the conversation. Meanwhile, she and Alex were already thinking about their guests, about the location and the ceremony, the dress…she knows that they still have a lot of time, but they want everything to be unforgettable!
    So one day she and her parents were having dinner, when she finally decided to reveal all. She tried to be bold and confident as she said: “Alex and I want to get married”. And then…after a long pause… her dad just laughed. He thought it was a joke!
    He laughed for a while, but then he looked at her mom, and realized everything was for real. He was silent for about ten seconds, but then… he just exploded. She doesn’t really want to think about it, but in short, his point was that she first ought to graduate from college, which was at least 4 years away, and over time they would see what kind of guy Alex was... she’d thought they got on really well, but obviously that had just been an illusion. “And even after college”, he shouted, “it would still be way too early!”
    Amy felt so bad she started crying...
    If you want to know what will happen next, watch the video to the end!
    Music by Epidemic Sound: www.epidemicsound.com
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    If you have any advice for Alex, please leave it in the comments! She believes love always wins, so she’s sure that everything’s going to be fine one day!
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    • Simon Gichuhi
      Simon Gichuhi Pirms Stundas

      Just let them get married its true love

    • Billy Bob
      Billy Bob Pirms 11 dienām

      ACTUALLY HAPPENED I think Alex should show how responsible and intelligent she and her fiancé is so she could prove she is a smart and responsible young lady for her problems so they could have jobs and good careers and show her dad she’s is ready to get married

    • scottiana horne
      scottiana horne Pirms 16 dienām

      @KanoBano yep😡

    • scottiana horne
      scottiana horne Pirms 16 dienām

      @KanoBano true😅

    • viki valov
      viki valov Pirms 25 dienām

      go follow you're heard if you love him merrid him don't weit

  • lLauren Lav
    lLauren Lav Pirms 11 Stundām

    Part 2 please

  • vahid bastami
    vahid bastami Pirms 2 dienām

    I dont want to be negetive but as they say time changes our interests . "be carful about marriage , because the person that you are marrying with is someone you are gone live with in all of your life ." , this is what my mother had told me so i think maybe at the first place you should ask your self : "Is the person that i want to live with forever ?".

  • Abe Syparrado
    Abe Syparrado Pirms 3 dienām

    maybe you just need to prove to your father you're not kids anymore.. how about earn enough to support a yourself and a family (financially), have a house.. think of your decision to marry as a business proposal..

  • Genesis Smith
    Genesis Smith Pirms 3 dienām

    meanwhile 23 and single

  • Shinta Pratiwi
    Shinta Pratiwi Pirms 4 dienām

    Girl, I’m 26 yo and I ended up divorced two months ago. Think about it again, you guys still too young for such a huge steps.

  • Cory Boissonneault
    Cory Boissonneault Pirms 4 dienām

    I think that the day you turn eighteen, you and your boyfriend just elope. Go somewhere we’re you too can live together and marry. If you’re Father doesn’t approve or ask you that you should get an annulment. But, important that love will conquer all in the end. Your father will hate you and your boyfriend for marrying young but, it time he’ll come to his senses. Just give him some room to think and breathed.

  • Erika Antonio
    Erika Antonio Pirms 5 dienām

    I thought you both tangled in a castle

  • Arianna Brett
    Arianna Brett Pirms 5 dienām

    My husband and I began dating at 15 years old, married at 19 and we just celebrated his 23rd birthday together. Our 4th wedding anniversary is this coming March. We recieved lots of criticism for marrying so young despite both sides of our family loving both of us dearly. They knew it was coming but, didn't expect it so soon. If I have any advice for you, it's to make your own life path and not make decisions based on what others think is right. Just don't get pregnant right away. Grow together as a couple before settling down with kids. Travel the world. Enjoy dating. Enjoy each other's company. Above all, enjoy and appreciate each other and your shared love. I wish the best of luck to you both. 🥰🥰🥰

  • Briggetta Baker
    Briggetta Baker Pirms 5 dienām

    in think that if you really love him you should get married because its your wedding and your decision

  • music lover
    music lover Pirms 6 dienām

    I think your dad is right I mean if you really love each other, you can wait. And yeah times were actually different before sometimes people were forced to marry when they were young even when they didn't want to... 2 years are still less i think maybe you should wait.. Real love wins so later you both will get married 16 is still young when I was 15 I also dreamed to marry my bf but now we are not together so you never know what future holds... Your dad only wants the best because early decisions are not always right..

  • sophie Andrea Summers
    sophie Andrea Summers Pirms 6 dienām

    true love waits

  • sophie Andrea Summers
    sophie Andrea Summers Pirms 6 dienām

    my advice is listen
    to ur father

  • Amy Rosanova
    Amy Rosanova Pirms 7 dienām

    TeeNs: wE juSt mEt YeSteRDaY, wE tExtEd, hOLy pOOp, thiS iS tHe oNe, I aM iN tHe LoVe, wE cAn hAs mArriAge.

    (This is a joke, but a lot of us have been there, and a lot of these kinds of relationships really do work out, though, which can be nice. 😋 Age doesn't mean that love is not genuine or that someone shouldn't be taken seriously, but a lot of times - not always - you might [MIGHT] realize that it was superficial / not that serious when you get older.)

  • •collayn•
    •collayn• Pirms 8 dienām

    If i were you, i will enjoy my single life.

  • Aubrey Vlog's 101
    Aubrey Vlog's 101 Pirms 8 dienām

    All of you need to chill your father you and your fiance... for starters 16 is such a young age to be planning about a future together and marrying each other... If you guys really love each other it won't be a Problem if you guys just wait... wait until you guys graduate, wait until you guys have a stable job and career, wait until you earn enough money to buy your own place and house, wait until you guys won't depend on your parents for your expenses... I understand why your father acts the way he is... not to mention you're his little girl, his princess and it actually saddens him that you're moving and growing too fast and making big decisions that you should still not be making because for one your not an adult yet and second you still depend on your parents for money and other stuff... If you want your father to warm uo to the idea of you getting married early... why not prove to him first that you can be responsible enough to hold yourself on your own without depending on you family... Show him that everything is gonna be okay that you could take care and handle it... which means, You should probably be well off without the asistance of your parents for the things you need in life like money.

  • Meli Bajramovič
    Meli Bajramovič Pirms 8 dienām

    sorry what happened to you but i am also very happy for you that you found someone who loves you it is really nice that he asked you. Your dad certainly didn't want anything bad to protect you, and he wanted you to. Your mom is great😉

  • Style_Icon
    Style_Icon Pirms 9 dienām

    First of all, you two should finish college, have careers and make sure you two make enough money for your own place and to raise a family (since you mentioned wanting kids with him). I know you might feel like you want to marry him right now but you need to remind yourself why you have to wait and why it's the best thing! I can feel the same way when it comes to me and my college sweetheart. We're both adults, we love each other so much and have talked about getting married but we both want to get our degrees and our careers first, even before he proposes to me. Nothing wrong with talking about what you two would like to have for your wedding but save the actual date for the future when you both have your lives settled!

    LAURA JONES Pirms 10 dienām

    3:43 to 3:50 to 3:53 what about Alex? What did he do when that was going on?

  • Sinda lahouar
    Sinda lahouar Pirms 11 dienām

    Girl take a chill pill-_- you're only 16 and when you get married you'll be only 18 so it's not much of a difference if you delayed the wedding a year and a half. What you're going through is simply a typical teenagers behavior, you think you're old enough to decide, you think you're in love with the one, you think your parents are rational and ruin ur life blah blah blah. But in reality you're just acting your age and once you reach your 20s and remember how you used to behave you'll laugh at ur stupidity because everything changes when u grow up. You two didn't even think about how tf u two will survive after marriage. Are u going to drop college to work? Can u find a good job with a good salary for both of u to survive the rent and life expenses? Can u manage studying, working and being a married lady ? If you're answer is "my parents will support us" than just don't get married if they'll help u. Marriage is supposed to be indepence.

  • Somali Das
    Somali Das Pirms 11 dienām

    When i was 14 i used to watch sinchan and doraemon all the time........ When i was 15 i fall in love.... When i was 16 he proposed me..... Now i am 20.... Suffer from depression and regret for accepting his proposal....

  • Ammon Jones
    Ammon Jones Pirms 11 dienām

    Your life and your choice deary. If you love him and he loves you and you have a good plan for your life then your dad is in the wrong. Perhaps he's having a hard time with the fact you're growing up. Some fathers are like that.

  • Gwyneth Catane
    Gwyneth Catane Pirms 11 dienām

    Them: got engaged at the age of 16
    Me: wtheck? I'm 16 and still playing 'Pou'.

  • Motionlessinbrides
    Motionlessinbrides Pirms 12 dienām

    Sorry but I agree with the father in this, honey you're still a baby! A life full ahead for you to explore.. get to know your boyfriend more than you already do, dig deeper and travel, have a career and a good education, and most importantly, make sure the love is still there :) of course, your dad will allow you to marry him, just not right now.

  • arigatasa
    arigatasa Pirms 12 dienām

    just kill your parents

  • MessiMessiah
    MessiMessiah Pirms 13 dienām +1

    Married aged 18? I don’t think she ready for things such as money for the baby and everything...

  • Daniel Day
    Daniel Day Pirms 13 dienām

    my advice: don't worry about that every dad goes through that it's the old classic "I don't want to lose my little girl" routine. You can pretty sure. Your dad has Pride so it makes it harder him to actually to admit it. Just try to talk to him I just helped him feel more at ease try to explain to him even though you're growing up you always going to be his child to him.

    INDRAJEET MILWAR Pirms 13 dienām

    get pregnant first then talk to your dad
    this channel have many stories of teen pregnancy.and mostly it's work

  • rocksolidblad omar
    rocksolidblad omar Pirms 14 dienām

    see all you gave to do is get good grades draduate and give your dad a reason to say yes

  • Ragan Crider
    Ragan Crider Pirms 15 dienām

    just do it anyway!!

  • Klub Trik 1984
    Klub Trik 1984 Pirms 15 dienām +1

    But when you turn 18 your dad can't do anything about it

  • Sarai Lopez!
    Sarai Lopez! Pirms 15 dienām

    Oh no i got married 3 days after my 18th bday and im now 21 almost 22 seperated with my kid... So umhh yeah u should waitttttt my marriage didnt even last 5 years lol LIVE UR LIFE

  • Ar'reiona Green
    Ar'reiona Green Pirms 17 dienām

    Romeo and juliet

  • Melissa Wiley
    Melissa Wiley Pirms 17 dienām

    you two are both young, wait until you graduate from college, date the next few years, if you two are still together, then get married, if you really love each other, you will be patient and wait, because fools rush in, trust me on this, also wait until your married before sex, that is important, so that's my advice.

  • Shany Babe
    Shany Babe Pirms 17 dienām

    Dad is right if he love's you 4 years is no big deal.. You guys dont know Who u are yet 😣

  • Steffers
    Steffers Pirms 17 dienām

    Your dad is right, sorry.

  • ii Melanie
    ii Melanie Pirms 17 dienām

    If Alexs parents are okay with it, then maybe you could move in with them, but you could still always stay in touch with your parents!

  • Bernard Townsend
    Bernard Townsend Pirms 17 dienām

    Don’t get married

  • red temptress
    red temptress Pirms 18 dienām

    Once you turn 18 they legally cant stop you from getting married, blessing or not if you feel its right, do it.

  • Mona's words
    Mona's words Pirms 18 dienām

    Honey, my advice for you: Wait until you are at least 25. Do you really wanna get hitched to a guy at that age? You will be missing a lot of freedom.

  • •Itz Gaston & Shiotori•
    •Itz Gaston & Shiotori• Pirms 18 dienām

    when ur dad said times were diffrent ,he means it was popular to get married when u were wrong but not now

  • Ann todd
    Ann todd Pirms 19 dienām

    Write a letter together with your bf about how your plans are for for the future like college jobs the works and why being married will help you achieve those golds and after you do that then have all your parents sit down at a dinner in plublic so there is less chance of a scene and talk to them using reason and logic and I'm sure they will understand p.s. freebee married college students are more likely to get financial assistance and campus housing

  • Kalalau Ah Loo
    Kalalau Ah Loo Pirms 19 dienām


  • sav3d•
    sav3d• Pirms 19 dienām

    Why in a rush? You have all the time. Atleast finish your studies first, be independent and see how you two will feel about it. And if he truly loves you, he will wait for the right time. God's perfect time.

  • John Burnham
    John Burnham Pirms 19 dienām

    You seem very mature for your age and for this young generation that says a lot but I could understand what your dad‘s going through are used to have a best friend when I was your age he wanted to marry this girl after two weeks just like you wanted to marry Alex he figured out after a year and a half actually three yearsThat they really didn’t know each other so make sure you really do know each other well instead of just what you have in common that way you know it’s the right thing

  • Katarina S
    Katarina S Pirms 19 dienām

    Your brain isn’t even fully developed until 25. You are a child.

  • Danielle Mckee
    Danielle Mckee Pirms 19 dienām

    Your dad is right you’re moving a little too fast you guys should finish college and be a couple as just boyfriend and girlfriend then during your last two years of college get a house or an apartment together Lived together for six months and that will make you legally married so you don’t have to have your fathers approval and then when you are finished with college start to think about how your relationship is and think is it really worth it then if you are sure getting married in five months then your dad will be satisfied

  • Fugikendesu
    Fugikendesu Pirms 19 dienām

    After 5 mouths they broke up

    The end.

  • Lynnette Carbajal
    Lynnette Carbajal Pirms 19 dienām

    Girl, you haven't even seen the world yet nor have a job for something serious.

  • slowalie acacha
    slowalie acacha Pirms 19 dienām

    show who you are

  • Daniela Rivera
    Daniela Rivera Pirms 19 dienām

    Dear God! Please reconsider!

  • ANONYMOUS Gorgon
    ANONYMOUS Gorgon Pirms 19 dienām

    i want to marry my Minecraft girlfriend, and i'm 12

  • 9 LizaDay
    9 LizaDay Pirms 19 dienām

    As a parent myself, I can promise you: NO parent wants their kid to marry at 18.

  • Mary Maurene Maun
    Mary Maurene Maun Pirms 20 dienām +1

    Yes, Love always wins, dear. But marriage doesn't always win. Love isnt all about marriage. When you get married, you need to bear the responsibilities like legalities, housing, bills, work, money and other adulting duties. Ask yourself if you are ready for that. Maybe you'd say you are ready for it but once you get into that it's tough life , my dear. I'm 26 soon and I'm still figuring out "adulting" and what life is. When your dad says, you are still too young, I guess he is trying to say that you are not mature enough to deal with the real world. You might say you are mature already. Sorry dear if you think that way, it shows that you are not yet. Yes, maturity isnt about age. There are old ppl who arent matured enough.. I guess maturity is when you learn as much as you can and gain wisdom. Wisdom is something you learn from experience. So what I'm trying to say, learn as much as you can by pursuing your passion, learning about people and culture, going to different places and see the world in another perspective. There are so many things in life, my dear. Marriage is a society responsibility. It's not only about you and your partner. It's also about your family, the responsibilities you have under the law and society. Marriage may tie you down and bound you to do things you haven't even know that you'd love. That's why getting married is similar to settling down. It's like anchoring yourself where you feel secured and enjoy. I'm not married yet. I am single but I saw how marriage changed the lives of my colleagues. In a good way of course but it has lots of responsibilities. So my dear, you can love your bf as much as you can while you chase where your passion is. Your passion isn't in something or somewhere or someone else, it's within you. Find it and you'll find love. And love always wins. :)

  • Sarah Agan
    Sarah Agan Pirms 20 dienām

    Your birthday is on april fools day... pffttt

  • X Man
    X Man Pirms 20 dienām

    Ask your mom about why he kept saying “THE TIMES WERE DIFFERENT “

  • GD Landon Second Channel
    GD Landon Second Channel Pirms 20 dienām

    Wow she has never hit puberty

  • MorningDaisyy
    MorningDaisyy Pirms 20 dienām

    idk whats the problem she will get married and after a few hours she will be like april fools!

  • Inspo E
    Inspo E Pirms 20 dienām +3

    When your 18 you could do what you want💀

  • Jetzarely Ramirez
    Jetzarely Ramirez Pirms 21 dienas +1

    Why do they have the same birthday as ne and my crush

  • Alexia Tr
    Alexia Tr Pirms 21 dienas

    You don't want advice. You want people to tell you you are doing the right thing but you're not. If your love is real it wilk wait for you to have an education. Getting married is not only about having sex, it comes with jobs, rent, bills, groceries. Or what? you are going to live with your parents?

  • Rowan Dunne
    Rowan Dunne Pirms 21 dienas

    Its a 3 v 1 because Alex's mum and dad said yes and so do the girls mum do it under there athoty

  • パンダ ;Dハニー
    パンダ ;Dハニー Pirms 21 dienas

    He meant the law wasn’t the same back in day the you could get married at 15 and other ages other ages back in the day

    AMAZING WORLD Pirms 21 dienas

    First graduate and find some decent job. Then serve ur parent and then think of settling down with the one u love.

  • antibug
    antibug Pirms 22 dienām +1

    Why did this story sound like the song rude I’m dead🤣

  • Kirsell Spencer
    Kirsell Spencer Pirms 22 dienām +1

    In my opinion the father did what was required...she is really young only 16🤷🏽‍♀️ you got your whole life ahead of you .

  • MacLinz Universal Channel
    MacLinz Universal Channel Pirms 22 dienām

    Go to college little girl, I would've killed yah if I were your dad when you talk about marriage at that age

  • Crystina Budde
    Crystina Budde Pirms 22 dienām

    Go to college for to at least 2 or 3 years and then do what you want

  • Seiran Aguilar
    Seiran Aguilar Pirms 23 dienām

    You'll need to think 100x before marrying you have a lot to do in your life.....im 29 still single 🤣

  • Sead Mevmedoski
    Sead Mevmedoski Pirms 23 dienām

    Ran avej from jot ded

  • princessyyy
    princessyyy Pirms 23 dienām

    amy, you’re 16 girl, calm down. finish school, get a job, make money, and then get married. you don’t know what life actually is right now.

  • Sufal Chhabra
    Sufal Chhabra Pirms 23 dienām

    Your dad is right it's too early for you to marry. Maybe he is your soulmate but imagine you marry her at 18 and and get a child at say 21 and relaise things aren't great anymore. What then? You should focus on making a career and let alex make his career. If he truly loves you he would nit find it difficult to wait for you.

  • Tolulope Ekwe
    Tolulope Ekwe Pirms 23 dienām

    I think Alex should talk to her father and force him to listen

  • Trisha Anne Gasal
    Trisha Anne Gasal Pirms 24 dienām

    For me girl you are waaaayyy to young to get married. If you and alex want to be together, you should wait for the right time. You should have stable jobs, a house, and stable money to do that. I'm also 18 but I still wanna finish college before anything else. Somehow, the main problem of the early marriage is money. So please finish your school first before that. Before you decide because marriage requires commitment and stable life.