Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!

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  • We relived our first bonding experience of all time...
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  • Michelle Carranza
    Michelle Carranza Pirms dienas

    Is anyone else curious about how they’re gonna be when they have to live separately ?

  • Hailey Carter
    Hailey Carter Pirms dienas +1

    “StOp SmAcKiNg MoM”. -Grayson 2k19

  • Hunter Janasiak
    Hunter Janasiak Pirms dienas

    22:42 😜 and I oop

  • Sam Cunningham
    Sam Cunningham Pirms dienas

    22:42 oh wow

  • Andres Bobobobo
    Andres Bobobobo Pirms dienas

    Most underrated actors 💯

  • monica lynn
    monica lynn Pirms dienas

    I love how, once again, they're learning about babies and pregnancy!

  • Beautiful Beauty
    Beautiful Beauty Pirms dienas

    The doctors face when they're asking him all the awkward questions 😂😂 I'm cringing so hard rn

  • Emma Nicolette
    Emma Nicolette Pirms dienas

    No one:
    Not a single *pregnant* human:
    G and E’s mom: **carries 16 pounds for nine months**

  • Rinesha More
    Rinesha More Pirms dienas

    .... .... I FEEL FREE
    .... remember it from the wisdom teeth removal video😂😂

  • jiselle latigo
    jiselle latigo Pirms dienas

    cAn yOu gEt yOuR sHiT tOgEtHeR
    *Sneeze* trying 😂 made me laugh

  • Esther Kariuki
    Esther Kariuki Pirms dienas

    Anyone else just laughing at the doctors expression????😂😂😂

  • Emily Hagood
    Emily Hagood Pirms dienas

    Eathan:so I was the nicer one
    Grayson:what happened

  • Liz Hunt
    Liz Hunt Pirms dienas

    idk why but i get bad vibes from that docter😒

  • Missy Andrews
    Missy Andrews Pirms dienas +1

    Hey for a change why not try something cool involving zodiac signs?✨

  • Christine Trueh
    Christine Trueh Pirms dienas

    who the freak edited this video??

  • Tracy Stribling
    Tracy Stribling Pirms dienas

    Ethan’s comments - kick Grayson

  • iBoy
    iBoy Pirms dienas

    22:43 y”all see what I see 👀👀

  • Roksana Sztangierska
    Roksana Sztangierska Pirms dienas

    When will you be doing ask Ethan and Grayson 5?

  • Tammy Clark
    Tammy Clark Pirms dienas

    "So we can communicate without talking basically?"
    Dr probs wanted a raise just for this interview

  • Kamille Fenwick
    Kamille Fenwick Pirms dienas +1

    We were 16 pounds in my mom's tummy for 9 months .. lol I am lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love them so much ♥️♥️♥️💗💗

  • brookie cookie
    brookie cookie Pirms dienas

    my sisters are twins and one was 1.11 pounds and the other was 1.01

  • sмσl
    sмσl Pirms dienas

    no one:
    grayson: pEe-cAn

  • Missy Andrews
    Missy Andrews Pirms dienas

    OMG the doctors reactions to the questions 😂. Oh and by the way i was wondering if we could suggest vedio ideas?!

  • Jennifer Castle
    Jennifer Castle Pirms dienas

    grayson: “I came out a pound heavier was I just the superior twin in the womb”
    the doctor: ....
    ethan: i WaS jUsT gEnErOuS

  • ew it's me
    ew it's me Pirms dienas +1

    22:40 y'all see that I saw a ghost standing

  • Mimi Kitsune
    Mimi Kitsune Pirms dienas

    Ummm anyone also see that he had a b*ner???

  • Brianna Weierke
    Brianna Weierke Pirms dienas

    “We’re going to find out what it’s like to be a slimy twin in a womb “😂

  • Erick Lugo
    Erick Lugo Pirms dienas

    U R SO amazing guys!! :3

  • Aaokie yesbwaxh
    Aaokie yesbwaxh Pirms dienas

    “slimy and hot”

  • Amber Curtis
    Amber Curtis Pirms dienas

    His facial expressions are killing me 😂

  • Skyy C
    Skyy C Pirms dienas +1

    22:42 thanks me later

  • Isabel Marin
    Isabel Marin Pirms dienas +1

    You guys should do Twins swap drive thru challenge please can you guys llysm

  • Sister Ivana
    Sister Ivana Pirms dienas +1


  • vitor Manolo
    vitor Manolo Pirms dienas +1

    22:41 y'all saw THAT??????

    YKxJMI4HxYK Pirms dienas

    is it just me or does that doctor look like Tom Cavanagh aka “Harrison (Harry) Wells” from the flash?

  • Sister Ivana
    Sister Ivana Pirms dienas +1

    Of course every intro they starting arguing lol😅😅💘

  • Isabella Harrington
    Isabella Harrington Pirms dienas

    Ethan: my head is somewhere I don't want it to be.😂
    Grayson: my ass

  • Sksksksksk Sksksksksk
    Sksksksksk Sksksksksk Pirms dienas

    Ethan: I slipped right out
    Doc: wow that's fantastic

  • Leandro Ribeiro
    Leandro Ribeiro Pirms dienas +1

    fucking rape me pls ugh

  • anahi vega
    anahi vega Pirms dienas

    grayson:”how are we gonna eat? I definitely stole all ur food”
    ethan: *upset*

  • Katie Davison
    Katie Davison Pirms dienas

    What about nolan 😂😂

  • Sarah Biggs
    Sarah Biggs Pirms dienas

    I’m feeling claustrophobic watching this omg

  • Lisania Tepetate
    Lisania Tepetate Pirms dienas

    Grayson: It's a PEACAN

    Ethan: It's a Pe-CoN

    I'm DEAD😂

  • Jessica Humen
    Jessica Humen Pirms dienas

    They made the ob/gyn so uncomfortable lol he looked very concerned

  • Melissa Robinson
    Melissa Robinson Pirms dienas



  • Emily Hooks
    Emily Hooks Pirms dienas

    This is funny as shit 😂🤣

  • Melissa Robinson
    Melissa Robinson Pirms dienas

    This poor guy they ask him the weirdest things😂😂

  • Vinicius
    Vinicius Pirms dienas

    22:41 omfggg

  • Jay S
    Jay S Pirms dienas

    It’s weird how one is cute and the other one looks deformed 😅

  • Jade
    Jade Pirms dienas

    The dr must have thought the twins were crazy 😂😂

  • Lisi S
    Lisi S Pirms dienas

    It’s funny how they use to start there intros as HEYY WERE BACK but know they just start there videos by arguing 😭🤣😂 lol

  • Featured ASMR
    Featured ASMR Pirms dienas

    I selected y’all for the best comedy web stars for teen choice awards ❤️❤️

  • Trinity Luna
    Trinity Luna Pirms dienas

    lol i never noticed how hairy grayson's arms were

  • Danielle Adzanku
    Danielle Adzanku Pirms dienas


    AYLA PUERINGER Pirms dienas

    U can’t poop in the womb😂😂

  • Zoe Ciluffo
    Zoe Ciluffo Pirms dienas

    what about nolan?!

  • Cade Capricorn
    Cade Capricorn Pirms dienas

    This is literally the definition of bromance😅😂🤣

  • Sister Shauna
    Sister Shauna Pirms dienas

    There gonna be good dads

  • Zesc is here !
    Zesc is here ! Pirms dienas +1

    What happens in the Womb. Stays in the womb

  • wdw_marais37
    wdw_marais37 Pirms dienas +1

    U guys didnt split up from grethan😂 you got your own placentas, two cuz ur twins, in your momma's tummy which make u twins😂
    Grayson weight much more cuz when his momma eats it goes to his placenta more than ethan's

    Educational i know

  • Chloe Rivet
    Chloe Rivet Pirms dienas

    Ethan: My head is by somewhere in dont want it to be my.
    Grayson: My ASS

  • MarionetteDaKing
    MarionetteDaKing Pirms dienas +1

    "half of a two litre bottle" JUST SAY ONE LITRE MATE. IT'S NOT TOO HARD

  • Ex'Zhye' Bronner
    Ex'Zhye' Bronner Pirms dienas

    Where tf is Nolan?

  • Sarah C
    Sarah C Pirms dienas

    You think newborns ever think about being back in the womb and wish they could go back?

  • Ava Boi
    Ava Boi Pirms dienas +1

    Omfg at 24:24 it looks like he is doing you know what✊🏽🍆

  • NRG_Kabaji
    NRG_Kabaji Pirms dienas +1

    I can't be the only one who noticed Grayson's bulge at 22:42 right??

  • Mariah Althans
    Mariah Althans Pirms dienas


  • Mariah Althans
    Mariah Althans Pirms dienas


  • Emma Rusu
    Emma Rusu Pirms dienas +1

    Grayson: stop smacking mom
    Ethan: ...
    Me: literally dead😂

  • Kiran Xx
    Kiran Xx Pirms dienas +2

    22:43 ...