Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW

  • Publicēšanas datums 16 mai 2019
  • Batwoman is coming Sundays this fall to The CW! Stream free next day only on The CW App.
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    Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW
  • IzklaideIzklaide

komentāri • 109 538

  • Super Nerd
    Super Nerd Pirms dienas

    Who the hell is the psychopath who green lit this?

  • Skull Grunt Silver
    Skull Grunt Silver Pirms dienas

    IMMA W O M A N

  • Steve Myers
    Steve Myers Pirms dienas

    You know, it was fine up until the 2 minute mark.

  • Project 2501
    Project 2501 Pirms dienas +1

    Do the makers even realize that all these efforts to portray women as powerful and equal in these roles they actually always make women look super masculine, unsympathetic, ignorant, neurotic, egocentric, narcissistic and full of weird double standards? How exactly does that contribute to seeing women equal to men, when everything about these female characters is detestable?

  • Sensitive_syrup
    Sensitive_syrup Pirms dienas +1

    As a girl myself I hate this. It’s pandering to women all over the world, this is just a huge money grab. I can’t stand the super “edgy” and “woke” shows trying to make shows for television more “controversial”. It’s useless and boring and it does absolutely nothing for the community it is trying to make represent. I’ll pass CW, how about you go back to playing re-runs of The King of Queens.

  • Nonea Yobusiness
    Nonea Yobusiness Pirms dienas

    This show comes on too strong. It's like the main character is declaring war on men.

  • blink alone
    blink alone Pirms dienas +4

    Can we make this the second most disliked video on LVclip?

  • Spunkmire
    Spunkmire Pirms dienas

    This is just crap writing not even touching the gender bullshit

  • Blank Lopez
    Blank Lopez Pirms dienas

    Batman: master of 127 forms of martial arts

    Batma’am: IM A WOOMMMAAANN

  • Creeper Aw man
    Creeper Aw man Pirms dienas

    Batman: world’s greatest detective
    Batwoman: worlds greatest.... um wahmen

  • watermelonDSDX
    watermelonDSDX Pirms dienas +2

    in the future. the justice league will be replaced by, the social justice league

  • NastyCrimeBoy
    NastyCrimeBoy Pirms dienas

    Y I K E S

  • Juicy Smellit
    Juicy Smellit Pirms dienas

    Batman forgot to pin the 'All cousins - F🇺🇨k Off' sign on the front door when he went fishing.

  • GridMAn_667
    GridMAn_667 Pirms dienas

    Why do tough female characters always have to be gay?

    BACHUR Pirms dienas

    Too good.

  • Paweł Andonis Gawralidis Dobrzański herbu Leliwa.

    Its not the hero we need but the one we... have

  • Sofia Marzola
    Sofia Marzola Pirms dienas +2

    I can't wait to see this show, i'm gonna love this so much😍😍

  • Felix Artie
    Felix Artie Pirms dienas

    This is a parody right?...right?? Guys somebody tell me this is a parody

  • Lokallens
    Lokallens Pirms dienas

    can we post comment picture here?

    • Juicy Smellit
      Juicy Smellit Pirms dienas

      I posted an ascii picture of a t🇺rd once.

  • Pew Bros GAMMING
    Pew Bros GAMMING Pirms dienas +1

    it is a really shame that we can only dislike this movie once

  • turtle flippers
    turtle flippers Pirms dienas

    i wouldn't mind a batwoman movie or show, but this clearly have a agenda. like why almost every part of this movie is about her being a woman while leeching off batman instead of her past that made her want to help people?

  • Jerry Martinez
    Jerry Martinez Pirms dienas

    Whenever I'm feeling blue, I come back here and see the dislike ratio and it kills me Everytime 😂

  • Dingalow
    Dingalow Pirms dienas

    *finds a suit tailored fit for a specific man so by definition it is perfect*
    "It will be perfect, when it fits a woman"

  • Narmatonia
    Narmatonia Pirms dienas +1

    The only thing this was missing was a line about the wage gap

  • RU
    RU Pirms dienas

    This is a joke, right?!

  • nom nom
    nom nom Pirms dienas

    Batwoman: I'm not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work!
    Puts on Pink wig and lipstick
    Citizens: Look! it's a drag queen!!

  • Elin Kamberaj
    Elin Kamberaj Pirms dienas

    2:22 does she find her cousin attractive?

  • jeonghoe
    jeonghoe Pirms dienas +1

    hey guys did you know that Batwoman is a woman? just in case you didn't know

  • c-jack30
    c-jack30 Pirms dienas

    It's soooo bad

  • Barone 888
    Barone 888 Pirms dienas

    Did you hear the news? Batwoman will be vegan. Now dont get me wrong. I have nothing against vegans. order to properly fight need strength and energy. And i dont think being a vegan will give you enough strength. And the actress is a bit skinny as it is. If they make her character vegan as will become extremely difficult to suspend disbelief.

  • Sihirbaz_Khan_55
    Sihirbaz_Khan_55 Pirms dienas +1

    This looks like a parody of both modern progressivism and the 2010s super hero genre

  • BananowyDr
    BananowyDr Pirms dienas


  • cocacolawins
    cocacolawins Pirms dienas +1


  • YouDice
    YouDice Pirms dienas +1

    Wow...I hope this tanks....hard!!!

  • Antonio Carniero
    Antonio Carniero Pirms dienas

    I think the reason why they won't give us a batman TV series is that then we would never need to watch anything else and the entire film industry would die.

  • Jonas Strzyz
    Jonas Strzyz Pirms dienas +1

    2008: "Because he is the hero gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now."
    2019: "ThE hErO wE nEeD"
    I do not care if there is a strong female lead, I am actually completly indifferent.
    As long as two simple rules are followed.
    1. Make something original, do NOT take a beloved character and make them female, black, LGBTQ or any of the combination because you are to lazy to create new characters.
    2. You can empower women without having the main character put down men by making them look bad.

  • Kudi 469
    Kudi 469 Pirms dienas +1

    Bring Back Bruce

  • TunaSammich
    TunaSammich Pirms dienas +1


    GRENSHIFT Pirms dienas +1

    If I had a dollar for every cut they made....

  • Exandria Official
    Exandria Official Pirms dienas +2

    To the people who liked this trailer, please move to antarctica because you clearly have lost all common sense. this way everyone is happy: you can be crazy elswere and we can be sane elsewhere!

  • Zebidy
    Zebidy Pirms dienas +1

    Let's get this to the most disliked thing on youtube. We can get there boys and girls!

  • elucid07
    elucid07 Pirms dienas

    Wow, this is garbage.

  • Madeline Harper
    Madeline Harper Pirms dienas

    So when does Batman show up?

  • desmond_craddock _
    desmond_craddock _ Pirms dienas

    I’m a womaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • eternal fire13
    eternal fire13 Pirms dienas

    How can I induce amnesia? This trailer gave me ptsd

  • sufyan mehmood
    sufyan mehmood Pirms dienas


  • Carlos Marquez
    Carlos Marquez Pirms dienas

    Batwoman a lesbian? yuk!

  • Aditya
    Aditya Pirms dienas

    James Charles as batman

  • Edward Pettinger
    Edward Pettinger Pirms dienas +1

    40% of the comments are about batWOMAN stealing all of Bruce Wayne’s work and taking all the credit. I have to agree too, especially since she appears to delusionally think it’s the other way around.

  • Isaac Collazo
    Isaac Collazo Pirms dienas

    I wonder how many feminists were triggered when so many people disliked this feministic eye-sore

  • VishVibe MD
    VishVibe MD Pirms dienas


  • Cool Kidz
    Cool Kidz Pirms dienas

    What kind of trash is this

  • Walker Michaud
    Walker Michaud Pirms dienas

    Bruh atleast have Barbara Gordan as the character and not this weird feminist bullshit

  • Zy Phillips
    Zy Phillips Pirms dienas +1

    This is just trash it tries to make a strong female character but it fails by basically yelling at yelling she is a woman and saying lines like "I'm not going to let a man take credit for a woman's work." even batwoman clearly takes batman identity,gadgets,etc and on that note she lets a man "fix" the bat suit completely contradicting herself then on top of all that she's gay just to appeal to those social justice worriers who would rag on the show not only that, they make her stereoscopicly gay by giving her a short hair cut, that gruff and tuff berly voice so we know she's les, and her just trying to be the identity of a man also I bet her gf is going to get kidnapped and she going to be that damsel in destress that feminist just love to hate but she's gay and its a woman going save her its ok. Any man that says he doesn't like the is without a doubt going to be called sexist and homophobic. Maybe CW make an original female character who doesn't take the identity of man and the credit of that same man and doesn't say thing like "I'm not going to let a man take credit for a woman's work" and the takes credit for a man's work.

  • Christopher Hancock
    Christopher Hancock Pirms dienas

    Making a strong female character doesn't mean your character is flawless. Look at Ripley from Aliens. She was a strong female character and she was scared shitless half the time, but she did what had to be done.

  • MR notdan
    MR notdan Pirms dienas

    Is she gonna have a batboy sidekick

    • MR notdan
      MR notdan Pirms dienas

      @Juicy Smellit oh god

    • Juicy Smellit
      Juicy Smellit Pirms dienas +3

      Yes, Desmond is Amazing will play BatTwink.

  • Joboo Luvs u
    Joboo Luvs u Pirms dienas +1

    Every trailer gets worse, I’m out.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Pirms dienas +1

    What are the job qualfactions to work for show development at the CW? This show is a big reason why alot of people don't watch TV anymore. Mega FAIL.

  • enter a name here
    enter a name here Pirms 2 dienām

    This is what happens when women come out the kitchen. They make this show. Did the belt come with a stove?
    Also, why don’t you SJWs go check out the jokers trailer. 55million views and 1.2m likes against 44k dislikes. You know what that’s called?

    • Bene Why
      Bene Why Pirms dienas

      You won't even tell us?
      Also the kitchen jokes haven't been funny for roughly 10 years. Stop my man

  • PP No Name
    PP No Name Pirms 2 dienām +6

    Paralyzed oracle could fight better than her

  • Archangel Leonhart Gamer
    Archangel Leonhart Gamer Pirms 2 dienām +4

    stop.... Stop........ STOP!!!

  • Landon Brown
    Landon Brown Pirms 2 dienām +2

    I love Batwoman, but this is ridiculous!
    -lesbian for no reason
    -stupid haircut
    -100% a feminist series
    - if I have to I’ll kill someone if this is crisis on infinite earths

  • robert cannaewalk
    robert cannaewalk Pirms 2 dienām


  • David Ghahe
    David Ghahe Pirms 2 dienām +3

    It's mad how she is surprised when the people think it's batman
    I mean you tampered with his suit slightly and expect them to notice in the dark

    • Barone 888
      Barone 888 Pirms dienas +1

      Exactly...all she had to do was wait 3 days at most. The criminals she apprehended would have testified and the news about a female vigilante would spread.

  • David Ghahe
    David Ghahe Pirms 2 dienām +3

    Batwoman: I am not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work
    As she steals a man's identity

  • Jim Halpert
    Jim Halpert Pirms 2 dienām

    Comics: nah shes straight
    CW: Yeah this is big gay time

  • Cooper Fullmer
    Cooper Fullmer Pirms 2 dienām

    Im surprised that this isn't the most disliked video one youtube yet

  • Yick75
    Yick75 Pirms 2 dienām

    Actually surprised they havent deleted this video just to pretend the dislikes never happened

  • Lara Nobody
    Lara Nobody Pirms 2 dienām +1

    424 bin disslike ne orospu dölleri?

  • Yeet my child off a bridge
    Yeet my child off a bridge Pirms 2 dienām +5

    Whoever liked this is mentally insane

  • Nahshon Williams
    Nahshon Williams Pirms 2 dienām

    Who is she batgirl

  • Sharad Majumdar
    Sharad Majumdar Pirms 2 dienām +5

    I want to thank the CW for uniting the country in hating the Batwoman trailer...

  • David De Leon
    David De Leon Pirms 2 dienām +4

    Cancel this show, use that money to bring back Swamp Thing!

  • Free Tommy
    Free Tommy Pirms 2 dienām +2

    85K likes to 424K dislikes
    Major O O F

    SHANE Pirms 2 dienām +5

    The hero we need is here? Bruh we dont need her! We need batman!!