Machine Gun Kelly - Candy feat. Trippie Redd (Official Music Video)

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  • Machine Gun Kelly - Candy feat. Trippie Redd (Official Music Video)
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    Directed by: Miles & AJ
    Produced by: SixTwentySix Productions (
    Executive Producer: Austin Barbera, Jake Krask and Jen Herrera
    Line Producer: Kai Yuricich
    DP: Geoffrey Taylor
    Commissioner: Vincenza Conticchio
    #Candy #HotelDiablo #MachineGunKelly #TrippieRedd #MGK
    Music video by Machine Gun Kelly, Trippie Redd performing Candy. © 2019 Bad Boy/Interscope Records
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  • TheRealSlimShady
    TheRealSlimShady Pirms 11 Stundām

    Damn this is shit

  • Faskomilos 420
    Faskomilos 420 Pirms 11 Stundām

    Nice autotune mumble rapers Eminem will be your boss for ever

  • huff family constrictors
    huff family constrictors Pirms 11 Stundām

    Another song promoting drugs to kids, beautiful

  • MzJinYa
    MzJinYa Pirms 11 Stundām


  • Thomas Rey
    Thomas Rey Pirms 11 Stundām


  • MIKS 28
    MIKS 28 Pirms 11 Stundām

    Playing with death like billy and mandy

  • Free Dom
    Free Dom Pirms 11 Stundām

    Worst song I ever heard.

  • Tyrique
    Tyrique Pirms 11 Stundām


  • Victoria Miranda
    Victoria Miranda Pirms 11 Stundām


  • Johnny B
    Johnny B Pirms 11 Stundām

    My ears are blessed

  • opp block yh
    opp block yh Pirms 11 Stundām

    Both looking like crackheads tho

  • Ace Games
    Ace Games Pirms 11 Stundām


  • lanielane19
    lanielane19 Pirms 11 Stundām

    Fucking love mgk

  • Greg 24T
    Greg 24T Pirms 11 Stundām

    Trippie is the most annoying MFer to look and listen too!

  • Aspen Ramirez
    Aspen Ramirez Pirms 11 Stundām

    Why was this app just a corus n

  • Ayooo X
    Ayooo X Pirms 12 Stundām

    pete at : 0:41
    also pete at : 1:52

  • Tomas Official
    Tomas Official Pirms 12 Stundām +1

    These 10m views should have been on other tracks of the album

  • Paradoks Mistrz
    Paradoks Mistrz Pirms 12 Stundām

    Dobre to kurwa jest

  • Ayooo X
    Ayooo X Pirms 12 Stundām

    only 1 week
    10 million viewer

  • Nena Chula
    Nena Chula Pirms 12 Stundām

    Trippie looks so disgusting with those grillz he has so much shit going on that he looks so freaking ridiculous you can use that nigga as a scarecrow

  • Pdaddy Fresh
    Pdaddy Fresh Pirms 12 Stundām

    I wish this song was just trippie

  • Brad Campeau
    Brad Campeau Pirms 12 Stundām


  • Tortiss
    Tortiss Pirms 12 Stundām

    I love the dealer in the background at 2:39 - 2:40 lmao

  • BrokeBrothers Studios
    BrokeBrothers Studios Pirms 12 Stundām

    Is mgk turning into lil peep

  • Elfo Da Kid
    Elfo Da Kid Pirms 12 Stundām


  • totodile trial
    totodile trial Pirms 12 Stundām

    Bruh is it jus me or does kelly seem like a good actor?

  • Branden Lorusso
    Branden Lorusso Pirms 12 Stundām

    Love this song. Watched the music video, love it even more now

  • abraham nores
    abraham nores Pirms 12 Stundām

    Straight wackness

  • Mammoth James
    Mammoth James Pirms 12 Stundām

    🐘Hey I'm a rapper🎵 from Jacksonville, NC💎Just trying to get my music out there. Lemme know if it's trash or not

  • Denis Cutler
    Denis Cutler Pirms 12 Stundām +1

    intro was cool af . good job pete

  • Joey Krebs
    Joey Krebs Pirms 12 Stundām

    This is trash

  • Timothy Biggers Jr
    Timothy Biggers Jr Pirms 12 Stundām

    I don't get it

  • the Person
    the Person Pirms 13 Stundām

    This good

  • Michael Hitt
    Michael Hitt Pirms 13 Stundām

    This song is proof ppl will hit like on anything

  • Courtney Lockhart
    Courtney Lockhart Pirms 13 Stundām

    So dis is what hip hop is like dis shit garbage bruh!!!

  • Red Roots
    Red Roots Pirms 13 Stundām

    Nah...not kids.

  • Transcendent HD
    Transcendent HD Pirms 13 Stundām

    Mgk is aii but who the fuck is that mumbly jumbly satanic goblin in red LOLL

  • Josh Rodas
    Josh Rodas Pirms 13 Stundām

    We all know Eminem jamming this shit low key 😂

  • YetiVision Gaming
    YetiVision Gaming Pirms 13 Stundām

    This is doodoo

  • Cristopher Romero
    Cristopher Romero Pirms 13 Stundām +1

    10 Millones 😮 Wow MGK, Is the best, Respect From México 🇲🇽

  • Damon Morgan
    Damon Morgan Pirms 13 Stundām

    Trippie dead ass raps for 20 seconds

  • Matthew-molla 07 2.0
    Matthew-molla 07 2.0 Pirms 13 Stundām


  • Jason Chambers
    Jason Chambers Pirms 13 Stundām

    Like that like that like that zzzz

  • PG LT Rafterman
    PG LT Rafterman Pirms 13 Stundām

    Mumble rappers aaahhhh fucking garbage

  • Lucas Branco
    Lucas Branco Pirms 13 Stundām


  • Prod. SlapHappy
    Prod. SlapHappy Pirms 14 Stundām

    Mgks makin moves, never listened to him before but this new style growin on me

  • Sam Giles
    Sam Giles Pirms 14 Stundām

    Damn trippier short

  • yaboy dubs
    yaboy dubs Pirms 14 Stundām

    I thouht mgk got murderd by Eminem lol

  • 357Kev
    357Kev Pirms 14 Stundām +1

    damn trippie redd look like bowser off mario

  • stone cold
    stone cold Pirms 14 Stundām


  • CommonCentzzz
    CommonCentzzz Pirms 14 Stundām +1

    My ears hurt

  • CommonCentzzz
    CommonCentzzz Pirms 14 Stundām +1

    Its so bad

  • CommonCentzzz
    CommonCentzzz Pirms 14 Stundām +1

    Em destroyed you

  • CommonCentzzz
    CommonCentzzz Pirms 14 Stundām +1

    Literally the bottom of rap

  • CommonCentzzz
    CommonCentzzz Pirms 14 Stundām +1


  • CommonCentzzz
    CommonCentzzz Pirms 14 Stundām +1


  • CommonCentzzz
    CommonCentzzz Pirms 14 Stundām +1

    Mgk is trash

  • CommonCentzzz
    CommonCentzzz Pirms 14 Stundām +1

    Em is WAY better

  • CommonCentzzz
    CommonCentzzz Pirms 14 Stundām +1


  • CommonCentzzz
    CommonCentzzz Pirms 14 Stundām +1


  • CommonCentzzz
    CommonCentzzz Pirms 14 Stundām +1


  • CommonCentzzz
    CommonCentzzz Pirms 14 Stundām +1

    This is GaY

  • henrique souza
    henrique souza Pirms 14 Stundām

    Fuck nigga

  • Xxxzzz Jhvyhb
    Xxxzzz Jhvyhb Pirms 14 Stundām

    “Have you ever tried buying drugs” 😂

  • Rashizzle
    Rashizzle Pirms 14 Stundām

    he look like alex from 13 reasons no cap
    update: just saw the scene of him in the pharmacy and yeah he definitely lookin like alex lol

  • stylus mccracken
    stylus mccracken Pirms 14 Stundām

    Well I guess he made from friends, from the movie the dirt😂

  • Carlos Vega
    Carlos Vega Pirms 14 Stundām

    2:51 he can just 👀 through it

  • Scott Kennedy
    Scott Kennedy Pirms 14 Stundām

    The trippy red dork ruined a cool song. Mgk don't need anyone else on his songs but him and maybe a girl

  • Abigail Kate
    Abigail Kate Pirms 14 Stundām

    At 1:57 Colson looks like such a dad. Like he doesn’t know how the hell he is handing a blunt to a bunch of kids 😂😂

  • Abigail Kate
    Abigail Kate Pirms 14 Stundām +1

    Colson has the thousand yard stare look in his eyes. It’s sad to know how much pain you have to go through to get that look and to know it.
    He made it.

  • Eshan Fernando
    Eshan Fernando Pirms 14 Stundām

    How I address my lizard: trippie redd (in today's voice)

  • Iil Just
    Iil Just Pirms 14 Stundām

    It almost end songs

  • Iil Just
    Iil Just Pirms 15 Stundām

    Why trippie get a little part

  • Airyan Cochran
    Airyan Cochran Pirms 15 Stundām

    Mgk ruined this fucking song

  • Riley Woodford
    Riley Woodford Pirms 15 Stundām

    Why is Trippie Redd looking like a road cone

  • Sermiyan Sancar
    Sermiyan Sancar Pirms 15 Stundām

    Ok tell me why they have like a 10 yr old smoking in this vid

  • Ashish Nath
    Ashish Nath Pirms 15 Stundām

    Why does Trippie remind me of Lil Wayne?! This colab is dope though!

  • stephen penev
    stephen penev Pirms 15 Stundām

    mgk is tooooo lanky

  • ZonikK
    ZonikK Pirms 15 Stundām

    What a fucking ugly wannabe this redd is

  • Logic On Replays
    Logic On Replays Pirms 15 Stundām

    Favorite song of 2019 but loved the album tho was fire asf!!!

  • MrScare94
    MrScare94 Pirms 15 Stundām

    2:27 - 2:47 best 20 seconds on this

  • King Vert
    King Vert Pirms 15 Stundām

    LOL this shit is wack.

  • ツMegalodon
    ツMegalodon Pirms 15 Stundām


    KYLERKILLICK Pirms 15 Stundām

    trippie makes this a whole ass vibe but if mgk is trying to speak on straight up issues, I don’t think the message is clear

  • KieranR 24
    KieranR 24 Pirms 15 Stundām

    I liked the Pete Davidson part more than the song

  • Austin Gormally
    Austin Gormally Pirms 15 Stundām

    Fuck this song . It killed me fuck

  • Tiffany Coffey
    Tiffany Coffey Pirms 15 Stundām


  • xxslayerpro420mlg360xx
    xxslayerpro420mlg360xx Pirms 15 Stundām

    hes ugly

  • Lisa Shelton
    Lisa Shelton Pirms 15 Stundām


  • Abdullah Ali
    Abdullah Ali Pirms 16 Stundām

    I don't know about you all but i've been focusing on Trippie Redd's teeth 🤔

  • KGT 017
    KGT 017 Pirms 16 Stundām +1

    This deserves the hotbillboard 100

  • death新 ドラゴン
    death新 ドラゴン Pirms 16 Stundām

    Trippie looks like an ape mid evolution.

  • jay vince
    jay vince Pirms 16 Stundām

    i felt MGK on a spiritual level.
    it hit DEEP...wish yawl success and good health.

  • Norbit Rice
    Norbit Rice Pirms 16 Stundām

    They sound more computer then human

  • LUCKY Blue
    LUCKY Blue Pirms 16 Stundām

    The beginning is Comedy. But the two rappers sucks!!! I'll b**** slap both of them. Like my hoes

  • Aidan Rodriguez
    Aidan Rodriguez Pirms 16 Stundām +1

    Who else thought that was jake paul?

  • jay vince
    jay vince Pirms 16 Stundām

    i felt MGK on a spiritual level.
    it hit DEEP...wish yawl success and good health.

  • jay vince
    jay vince Pirms 16 Stundām

    i felt MGK on a spiritual level.
    it hit DEEP...wish yawl success and good health.

  • cormac ruane
    cormac ruane Pirms 16 Stundām

    "He called me a mumble rapper"

  • Matthew Gagnon
    Matthew Gagnon Pirms 16 Stundām +1

    Horrible music